Little Sis Gets Her Revenge

Jessica's sisters are home from college and she's fed up with her mom thinking that they are perfect

Ava had always been a no nonsense person and now that she had just picked up her two oldest daughters from college everything had to be perfect. She would cook dinner, they would all eat as a family and then they would have family bonding with board games in the living room. Everything was going to be perfect. “Where is that girl? She better not be late. I told her to be back from the mall...Read On


Sarah, Sean and his wife

Sarah learns that her one night stand has a dominant wife.

He was tall, handsome and older, a lot older. She had met Sean in a bar where they started flirting and then he took her home with him. They had steaming hot sex. Sean had fucked her hard from behind, missionary and from an angle only a flexible 21 year old could pull off. When they finally fell asleep they were both exhausted. Sarah woke up around noon and noticed that she was alone in...Read On


The Stepmother Part II

It was spring 1856 and Amelia’s father was gone once again. The first months this frightened Amelia, because she knew that once he was gone her stepmother Penelope would get a lot stricter than she was when he was around. When Magnus was home she was lenient. She never yelled or punished, because she knew how much Magnus cared for his spoiled daughter, but once he was gone she continued her...Read On


The Stepmother part I

Amelia is left alone with her very strict stepmother.

Amelia had to call her mother, but she really wasn’t. Her widowed father Magnus had married Penelope not so much out of love; it was more a desire for his daughter to have a mother. He was away all the time and it would be such a shame to leave the poor girl with only servants to talk to. It all began a lovely autumn afternoon in 1855. Every corner of the estate was being cleaned out...Read On


Sophie goes bratty

Sophie is rebelling against Veronicas strict rules and gets her cousin in trouble too.

Alice had always had a very unsecure future, but after only living with Veronica for a month things were looking a lot better. At 20 years old he was back in school and getting good grades. If she kept this up she would graduate with all A’s. Veronica was a 42 year old rich and childless widow who used to be a teacher at a very good private school, which Alice and Sophie were now attending....Read On


Alice meets Veronica

Alice goes to a house to get her cousin Sophie and gets in trouble with the strict owner.

Alice came home one evening after two weeks in Cabo really excited to see her cousin Sophie. Sophie lived with Alice seeing both of their parents had died in a car accident together. Alice was 20 and had been her 18 year old cousin’s guardian since then. But now that Sophie was 18 she didn’t think it would be a problem leaving her at home alone for two weeks while she was in Cabo partying. ...Read On


Sophie's First Spanking

Sophie walks in on her friend Josh getting a spanking from an older woman.

Sophie was on the phone with her friend Josh. They were going to have a movie night together, but they hadn’t decided when because Sophie had to stop by her friend Lauren who was going on a hot date. She desperately needed Sophie’s help. ‘Josh. Lauren really needs my help, so I’m just going over there for a little while. Give me an hour and I’ll be right over.’ ‘Okay, but I might be in...Read On