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Topic Gourmet Candy Apples
Posted 09 Jul 2014 11:51


Maybe it's just my dirty mind, but this apple kinda turns me on.

Topic How many sexual partners does it make a girl a slut..?
Posted 09 Jul 2014 07:46

I've heard even pretty liberal and promiscuous guys use the term 'slut' when the girl has casually fucked an alarming number of his own friends and acquaintances. They tend to be less judgmental as far as relationships go if you're not getting passed around his own social group and most of your 'numbers' happened on vacation, spring break, college and/or among people he doesn't associate with. I think you're allowed 1-2 of his closer friends and up to three of his casual acquaintances/coworkers. After that, things can get a little more dicey, assuming he has a 'moderate/average' sexual outlook and cares about such things in the first place. Plenty of guys don't, and slut is just a fun 'dirty talk' word. :)

Topic Gourmet Candy Apples
Posted 09 Jul 2014 07:30

I would love one of these. I'm one of those people that loves cinnamon.... cinnamon v-day hearts, cinnamon toast, I even have cinnamon toothpaste when I want to switch it up. This looks yummy.

And this Apple Pie Caramel Apple - so delish!

Topic Avoiding the Friendzone
Posted 09 Jul 2014 07:18

Guys - play your cards up front. Make it obvious what your intentions are. Don't go, "oh, I'll be friends with her first and then figure it out later because by then she will be lovestruck based on what a great guy I am." Wrong. This is called being a friend-faker and a sketchy-schemer. Don't blame the girl for not wanting to fuck you just because she thinks you're a nice guy and a good friend to her. The worst thing you can do is fake being a friend to someone for the sole purpose of getting into her pants and then self-righteously ex-communicating her when she finally tells you for the twentieth time that she's not interested in you and doesn't see you that way.

Don't look for 'Do's' and 'Dont's' involving withholding friendship like it's some prize she'll be desperate to win. Chances are the girl that inspires this friend-zoning behaviour has plenty of friends already. What does suck is getting to know someone and wasting your time establishing a friendship (which is relevant too, because it IS a form of a genuine relationship) only to have the guy ditch out of it totally because he's decided to become permanently-sulky that you didn't have sex with him or want to be his girlfriend. Also - ignore advice that creates stereotypes like "her douchebag boyfriend"... it's quite possible he's a solid guy and you just see him as a douchebag because he has what you want.

If a guy sees a girl he wants - let it be known early-on. Flirt, ask her out, establish the chemistry. If she says you're a great guy but she's not into you because she has a boyfriend, isn't attracted to you, there's no chemistry, and she doesn't feel like you're a fit as a couple etc, take these things as facts. If you proceed from there, trying to win her over with the only intention of your friendship being sex/relationships, you have only yourself to blame... and really, like I said. It's a creepy thing to do, in my opinion. If she was up front with you, the least you can do is be honest in return, cause at that point, it's you that's playing 'The Game' on her and wasting her time - not the other way around. She's just being your friend - like she said she was going to be.

Topic Gourmet Candy Apples
Posted 08 Jul 2014 06:13

DD, you're such a girl! (Says the girl who also fusses over turquoise stains Embarassed)

I know. shhh... lol

But really... although turquoise is totally impractical, I still looked at this and wanted it - even though I'd never eat it. drunken

I'm pretty sure I would eat these though... they're purple... but it tricks my brain into thinking 'berries', which are still edible. I'm not sure there are any edible naturally turquoise food groups. Sighs. Even though there really should be. Mother nature totally messed up on that one. :)

Topic Gourmet Candy Apples
Posted 08 Jul 2014 04:38

Topic Gourmet Candy Apples
Posted 08 Jul 2014 04:33

Topic Gourmet Candy Apples
Posted 08 Jul 2014 04:23

So pretty! But non-food for thought: could those have been painted with OPI's Mermaid's Tears? evil4

Good call - and honestly, I also considered it might be a polish/ad for Essie's "Mint Candy Apple"... cause that would be pretty perfect actually.

But... I reverse searched it and apparently it's a company that claims they can make candy apples in any colour you could want or imagine. This was their attempt at 'Tiffany Blue'... They are so pretty though.... *sighs*

Or you can just be a posh girl named Mia who gets them for her Sweet Sixteen Party .... (and yep, I'm jelly!)

I guess these are the DIY versions. Not sure how nicely these would play with your teeth and tongue though.

Topic Gourmet Candy Apples
Posted 07 Jul 2014 19:48

Black Liquorice Candy Apples... I'll bet these would actually taste really good!

Topic Gourmet Candy Apples
Posted 07 Jul 2014 19:44

Omg. Candy Apples in my favourite colour. With pretty stems! I'm having hard fantasies about these. *swoons*

Topic Gourmet Candy Apples
Posted 07 Jul 2014 17:01

I'm a total purist when it comes to Candy Apples... they have to be shiny and red.

Oh, and p.s. this lip gloss called "Candy Apple" by Lime Crime is awesome too... It gives you legit candy-apple lips. drunken

Posted 07 Jul 2014 11:54

This thread is funny.

Usually I rule my characters because... I'm a bitchy writer that way - "You'll do what I want!"

But... once I get out of short-story territory (under 10K) and into novella and series territory, the characters totally take over and no longer obey.

I actually had the final two sex scenes in West Coast Games written in a far more dirty/kinky way, and then during edits, my main character forced me to rewrite them and change everything. I actually couldn't believe I was letting him do that to me. I had to sleep on it, to make sure.

Him: "Ash, nope.. you know I just wouldn't do that ."

Me: "Well can't you just do it in this one scene... for me?? Will it help if I make you drink more vodka in the scene preceding it?"

Him: "Come on, look what you've done to my life over three chapters of this story! Can't I catch a break here?"

Me: "Fine, grrrr...I'll rewrite it. And for the record - Roxy was right - you are uptight!" cussing

We made up by the final scene though, and he's still one of my favourite characters that I've ever created. :)

Topic London Grammar - Lana Del Rey fans, a heads up if you've not heard of them
Posted 04 Jul 2014 12:47

Cool voice. She reminds me a bit of Florence and the Machine too!

Topic Elliot Rodger kills 6, injures 13 others. Is it rape culture, guns or something else?
Posted 02 Jul 2014 14:38

Speaking of Rape Culture... has anyone been following the George Will debacle? This guy makes me sick. I get the freedom of speech bit, but giving this guy's views a platform via major publications is ridiculous to me.

Link ]

In a new syndicated op-ed published in the Washington Post and the New York Post, columnist George Will argues that more college rape victims are now coming forward because victimhood has become “a coveted status that confers privileges.”

According to Will, the campus sexual assault crisis is overblown, based on misleading statistics about the drunken hookups of “especially privileged young adults.” He’s particularly concerned that the federal government’s recent attention to the issue will put more young men at risk of being charged with rape.

Will is the most recent example in a long line of writers who have used their prominent media platforms to suggest that sexual assault victims aren’t completely blameless. College rape is an area that’s particularly ripe for these type of pieces, thanks to the assumption that students are simply drinking too much. Last spring, Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto argued that rape victims and their rapists should share equal blame if they were both drunk. And Slate contributor Emily Yoffe has written several pieces arguing that it’s college women’s responsibility to avoid rape by drinking less alcohol.

Although sexual assault prevention activists are heartened that the Obama administration is turning its attention to rape on campus, they say we’re still a long way away from a society that “confers privilege” to victims.

It's been in the media recently because rape survivor Lisa Sendrow has spoken out about it after George Will used her as an example of why her assault "didn't count" as rape.

Link ]

The young woman whose experience of college sexual assault was recounted in a controversial column written by George Will — a piece that sparked massive outrage and led at least one newspaper to drop Will’s byline — is now telling her side of the story. And Lisa Sendrow has a few things to explain to the Washington Post columnist about rape culture.

In order to make the argument that college students are falsely reporting rape after engaging in consensual sex, Will retold the story of Sendrow’s assault, which occurred while she was a student at Swarthmore College. In his column, he implied that her experience didn’t necessarily “count” as rape because Sendrow had previous sexual experience with her attacker, didn’t resist strongly enough, and didn’t immediately report the incident.

In an interview that aired on CNN on Wednesday, Sendrow said that she was “outraged” to read Will’s syndicated column “dismissing not only my claims, but essentially using that as a way to dismiss all sexual assault claims.” When the CNN anchor asked what needs to change to ensure that people like George Will don’t downplay the issue of sexual assault, Sendrow made the case for dismantling society’s victim-blaming approach to rape survivors:

SENDROW: Rape culture needs to change. There’s this one idea that always comes to mind, that people need to avoid being sexually assaulted. But really, the conversation needs to turn to how we can teach people not to sexually assault. If you’re saying no, you mean no. If you’re not saying yes, you don’t mean yes. I don’t understand why that’s so hard for people to conceive, or why it’s so hard to understand that sexual assault doesn’t need to be in a back alley where you’re raped by some sort of stranger. Sexual assault can happen to anybody, it can happen at any point. It can happen by friends, family members, boyfriends, girlfriends — anybody can sexually assault or be sexually assaulted. The way that framed it made it seem like it’s only women who are crying and don’t have any reason to be crying. That’s not the way it is.

It's sad that it's necessary to see signs like this at universities in order to bring attention to the situation. Again - the quotes from columnists show that the onus is always on the female to 'not drink so much' and to 'fight harder' and if you've already hooked up with the guy once before then, 'whoops, too bad for you, it doesn't count'. It meshes with the "get a gun" philosophy too - finding bandaid solutions rather than looking at the underlying problem, which is changing assumptions and beliefs, standing behind victims, not doing the 'boys will be boys' thing with campus assaults and blaming the alcohol, and yes, looking at ways to change rape culture too. :(

Topic how long did your first time last?
Posted 01 Jul 2014 13:49

3-4 pumps. I felt like that probably still qualified me as a half-virgin. Worst sex ever.

Unfortunately with that particular guy, it never got much better. One time he came before he was even able to get it in. And he was far from inexperienced.

I feel like I didn't experience 'proper sex' until I was with my second partner.

Topic Happy Canada Day!!
Posted 01 Jul 2014 11:02

Happy Birthday, Canada! I'm celebrating! drunken

Topic What would you do if...
Posted 01 Jul 2014 06:51

Depends... how hot is his buddy? L16

ps. If you haven't already read them, here are some great stories on this topic. :)

Topic Watching your man with another woman?
Posted 01 Jul 2014 06:42

I've never actually had a cuckquean experience but I've always had hot fantasies. Not the filthy kind where I'm tossed aside and/or verbally attacked but the simplistic kind like coming home and unexpectedly seeing him pounding another woman on our bed and secretly watching. Or maybe it's a threesome but he's paying special attention to her needs.

I posted an anonymous confession about this today and a random girl sent me a nude picture, saying "imagine me stroking his cock while he eats you out. I'm caressing his thighs, sucking one ball at a time as he licks faster and faster." Is that fucking hot or what?

I'm curious to hear your thoughts/experiences!

I've had these fantasies as well. I'm not sure I would be able to handle it in real life (not the threesome bit, but the catching him cheating bit). Inevitably - if I wasn't involved and it actually was cheating - I would freak. As a pure fantasy though, I agree it's hot and wrong and quite a bit of a turn-on.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 01 Jul 2014 06:16

Topic Announcing the Winners of our "Supernatural / Sci-Fi" Stories Competition
Posted 01 Jul 2014 06:11

Congrats to the winners of this one - I am always amazed by the stacked talent on this site! I need to catch up on my reading for this comp but all the stories I read were fantastic. Kudos to all those that entered and placed in the top ten as well! drunken

Topic so much more M/f genre, so little F/m and femme domme
Posted 30 Jun 2014 13:46

I think people often prefer to write to a wider audience, so femdom as a topic gets neglected, which I also agree is unfortunate.

Even my first foray into femdom in my story 'Fade to Black' was kept purposely light so that it would appeal to more readers who may not be into the hardcore variety, strap-on or fetish aspect of it. I'll admit that was a consideration of mine before writing it. Other authors might think similarly or they may just not be into it or turned on by it, so they don't want to invest time in writing about it.

Have you tried Bunny12's stories. I think she writes the kind of thing you're looking for and is a genuine female domme in real life as well.

Topic Business Trips with sex dates or just normal dates?
Posted 30 Jun 2014 05:54

If I was single and by 'a' you meant an old fuckbuddy or a hot acquaintance I once had sex with, then game on!

If not, then b or c would be fine.

Topic Girls, how was your first blowjob experice?
Posted 30 Jun 2014 05:40

Mainly I was just worried about when he would cum (and how would I know this to be prepared) and ensuring I didn't spill a drop. Sadly he didn't last very long anyway, so the above was more like a fleeting thought before I was swallowing.

Topic Flirting with other guys?
Posted 30 Jun 2014 05:37

1lushfan wrote:
Reading the bold part threw me off. Can you explain why you think a little jealousy is a turn on? I don't get it..

I believe what DD meant is that perceiving that the other partner 'reacts' to these casual flirts shows that they care about them. A guy that would simply go "Go on, flirt all you want, I don't honestly give a fuck about you" would be a turn off to most girls. Jealousy can be somewhat healthy, romantic and cute that way.

Thank you - this sums it up perfectly.

If some guy pulls me onto his lap in the bar and I start laughing about something with him and flirting right in front of my BF and he has no reaction to it, it would annoy me. A little jealousy is healthy - with the emphases on 'a little' .

Topic What is an 'alpha male'
Posted 28 Jun 2014 20:12

Subject to interpretation but basically the leader, not the follower. For 'character-purposes' - he usually exhibits traits that make him stand out from the pack - confident, masculine, charismatic, intelligent, dominant to some degree, the guy that sets things in motion, and is seen as 'powerful' whether by status, looks, chemistry-vibe or a combination of these. Basically the guy that other guys want to be and that girls want to be with.

Attributing things like "he's an asshole, or manipulative, or unfeeling or a hero or a white knight" are all wrong because theoretically there can be alpha males who are villains and those that are heroes. The most intriguing ones, in my opinion, are a combination of both.

Topic Flirting with other guys?
Posted 27 Jun 2014 08:34

It really depends on the relationship and the guy. In general I don't do anything intentional or obvious because I think it can be disrespectful and things can escalate if you're with a guy that gets jealous easily. At the same time I'm not totally introverted and asexual when we're out and around other people. For the most part it's pretty innocent on my part, however I've had guys take things out of context in the past if I get too chatty with certain guy friends (either mine or theirs). If the guy has unreasonable expectations with this (like he's reading too much into everything), it has to be addressed. A little jealous can be a turn on, but psycho jealous is a dealbreaker.

I've also been in a dysfunctional relationship or two where we were both pretty bad at this as part of the ongoing mind-games - we would wind each other up on purpose or to get back at each other - not so good for long-term relationship longevity.

I don't think casual flirting has to carry any intentions behind it. I don't think it's necessarily harmful but at the same time, if I'm in a good relationship, I wouldn't want to be tacky or make him feel uncomfortable.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 27 Jun 2014 04:56


Topic Question about copyright and Amazon KDP select
Posted 26 Jun 2014 14:55

Amazon is fine with it, as long as there is new content in your book that is previously unpublished online. They will sometimes do checks for this and will call you up on it. As long as it's one or two chapter, you should be fine. Many authors take the opportunity to do this as a teaser to draw readers into buying the complete book.

As for copyright - to be safe, you actually need permission to use the citation unless it's in the public domain, so I would avoid it if you can.

"Permissions is all about seeking permission to quote or excerpt other people’s copyrighted work within your own. This means contacting the copyright owner of the work (or their publisher or agent), and requesting permission to use the work. Most publishers have a formal process that requires a signed contract. Often, you are charged a fee for the use, anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars."

Have a read through this article - it goes into more detail about when you need permission and when you don't and what is considered "fair use."

Link to Article

Topic Gay For Pay! "Straight" men in gay porn.
Posted 26 Jun 2014 08:09

I guess one of the benefits of being a bottom means that they don't have to be hard, so they can just get it done without worrying about not getting turned on by being with another guy. As well, it's less 'proactive', so maybe they can zone out and disassociate more if they're just taking it?

This was an interesting interview with porn star James Deen. In the interview, he sees the physical act of sex and actual attraction as two separate things that don't have to be aligned, even when it comes to orientation. I guess it's a little more extreme but not totally different in principle to what any porn star does if they're not into their costar and just going through the motions.

Interview with James Deen ]

Were you uncomfortable having to kiss another guy in this movie?

Not really. I've kissed other dudes in my life, so it's not really a big deal. I have this conversation a lot because there is still a lot of homophobia in the world and in adult films, when you're sharing a scene with another dude and a lady, sometimes certain things come up: gay this, gay that. The way I define gay or homosexuals is a sexual attraction to a member of the same sex. I fully believe that people can engage in any sort of activity. Like I hate basketball, but I've played basketball before and it doesn't make me a professional basketball player. That scene was a very important part of the movie, because it kind of represents the power switch. I think Bret was really worried I wouldn't want to do it. It's part of the script. It's not like it's real life. I'm not shooting a porno where I have to get physically erect and have sex with a dude. I think it was kind of a weight off of everyone's shoulders that I wasn't going to create an issue with it.

Feel free to tell me to mind my own fucking business, but have you had sexual contact with a guy off screen?

Yeah, I feel like there is that college period in the majority of people's lives where they are getting to know themselves and they are experimenting with their sexuality and trying different things and having different thoughts and stuff like that. When I was younger, I would have a moment where I was like, I don't know, maybe I like guys, maybe I like girls, what is life? I experimented and I never really… I'm not attracted to dudes. I kinda sometimes feel bad about that, I feel like I'm supposed to be because I hang out in San Francisco so much and people make me feel really bad for being a straight, white dude and I feel like I'm doing something wrong for being a straight white dude.

No, you're fine. You know, I'm gay, and I have to confess to not being entirely familiar with your porn work, so I don’t know if you’ll have an opinion about this or not: I think that double penetration, especially like two dicks in one hole is a real gay thing to do. You know, I mean you're using a hole basically to rub your dick against another guy's.

I think if you're using hole to rub your dicks against another guy's, then yeah, it's a pretty homosexual activity but if you and another dude together are having sex with a girl. The difference between a homosexual D.P. and a straight D.P. is when I go up to a girl and I'm like, “Oh my god, I want to see you just be a dirty little slut and do all these filthy things, I would love you to fuck two cocks at the same time, that would be so fucking hot, I want to be in that fucking hole,” that's kind of a straight D.P. A gay D.P. is me going up to you and being like, “Hey bro, know what we should do? We should go find a girl and wrap her around our penises and rub our penises together. Let's go find a girl to D.P.” I feel like it’s the motivation.

Topic music what not to play at a funeral
Posted 25 Jun 2014 17:38