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28 Sep 2013 03:04

Pay day!

25 Aug 2013 03:12

Scared of what the future may hold

23 Aug 2013 16:52

You know the phrase "You don't know what you have before you lose it"? It's a load of crap... I knew what I had. But anyway I feel sick and have a hole in my neck, and I have a flying lesson tomorrow so I'm going to bed.

11 Aug 2013 05:16

09 Aug 2013 11:49

Why can't anything go the way I fucking plan it too, one fucking time!

04 Aug 2013 09:04

I need a hug

04 Aug 2013 02:45

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=MwpMEbgC7DA If this works... I love this song.

28 Jul 2013 14:15

20 Jul 2013 02:50

Right I'm off to the Airport so I will see you all in 8 days! Have fun Bye! x

17 Jul 2013 11:00

You two know who you are

12 Jul 2013 13:45

Jinxy makes me her dirty slut boy, and Poppet makes me her little whore. Can't get better than this. X

09 Jul 2013 11:22

It's too hot to be doing this work It's hitting 30 degrees C here and I'm working my ass off in a Two man team that is meant to be Four strimming a 85 mile long canal. And wearing heavy boots and thick chainsaw protective gear is killing me.... And I'm doing this stretch at the moment.... >>>>

07 Jul 2013 03:06

Well last night was fun. Went out clubbing and saw several people from college or who I haven't seen since school, bought lots of drinks for them. Lost my friend Jonny at about 2am sat with a random ass group of people drinking and chatting, decided I should probably look for him. Looked for him then next thing I know or remember is I'm being woken up by a security guard after passing out against a car on the floor in some gravel parking area near the Q-club, so he helps me up and walks me down the street.

I managed to stumble home and have just woken up. And I still haven't seen Jonny. This is the hangover all over again. I think I'll give my flying lesson a miss today....

05 Jul 2013 14:43

It feels like I've waited so long for a Weekend!... I made sure that I had plans as well so I could have some fun but now that's not happening anymore so I have nothing to do... Why are Weekends so short...

01 Jul 2013 10:07

Hell yeah! Life is finally starting for me, I've got my drivers license, I'm finally doing my training to become a pilot, I've got a well paying fun ass job and I'm going to Gran Canaries for 8 days in a 5 start hotel with everyone I love! And I met a girl at the beach today Nuff said... P.S There is nothing like seeing where you live from 3000ft, really puts it in prospective.