Love Poems(3)


Am I Lost Or Found?

In my lonely search in the darkness what will I find?

I am lost in the darkness, I have found my self alone in the darkness, I feel nothing in the darkness, I do not know how to find my way out of the darkness, I feel abandoned and unwanted, I miss the feel, The touch, Of anything other than cold air, I feel like I am in the darkness alone, No one to hold or to be with in the place, I walk around in a seemingly pointless...Read On


A Lover's Tale Of Lust

Love's long road to your final destination.

It's where we all start. It's the start of the long road. The start of our journey. This journey can begin when you least expect it. But it's not when we start. Or how we start. But who we start it with. That one person who you step into the unknown with. Love is something no one can hide from. No one can predict. It's like life its self. It just happens. No one is quite sure how....Read On


With In Love We Trust, With In Love We Fall

Love, Mans most perilous mission... Please vote and Comment :)

Love, Why is it we are so obsessed, Why does love have to inflict upon our lives so strongly, We see it all around us, When we go to work, when we turn on our televisions, It's hard to go about our various concerns when love is one of our concerns.... When we are single, When we are alone, We think to ourselves, why? Am I unlovable? Why have I not found my one and...Read On

Love Stories(2)


My Princess Goes Away Concludes

My Princess has been away for 7 days, 7 more to go, But is my love for her still strong?

It was Tuesday morning and I was lying awake in bed. My girlfriend was due home in 6 days time I have missed her less and less each day. I looked over at the empty space in our bed and I asked myself - did I really miss her? I can't tell you how long I lay there, Just thinking, It made me sick in the stomach to think that I could have stopped loving her. What worried me more was could it have...Read On


My Princess Goes Away

My princess goes away on a special vacation leaving me alone wanting her back in my arms for 14 days

At first I was just happy to have someone to love, and to be loved back. We grew closer each day; soon enough we were lost in each others love. We had been together for nearly a year and already lived together. Life was perfect, going to sleep each night with her in my arms and with a kiss. Waking up every morning with her clinging on to me was pure bliss, I couldn't have been happier. I...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


The Game Was Up - Part Two

I have a job, I have that someone, But could I have comprehended what lay before me?

It’s Monday morning and I wake to the sound of my alarm going off. I have it set early to make sure I’m up on time. I know today is an important day. I make haste and get ready. The morning always comes too quickly and 6:30 am comes even more so then usual. I’m showered, dressed ready to go. I leave my apartment going to the lobby where my car is. I do a once over to make sure I have everything...Read On


The Game Was Up - Part One

In my ambition to find a job, have I found someone instead?

My name is Jackson Dawn. I’m 26 years old; I have brown hair, stand at six foot two inches tall. I weigh 184 pounds;I'vealways been the keep in shape type kind of guy. I’m originally from the United Kingdom but I moved out to Atlantic City to study international security. I did work with computers back home, but I felt it wasn't going anywhere so I decided to move on with something new....Read On