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I enjoy writing and reading Erotic stories.

I've recently started recording audio stories. They are a lot of fun to write and record. It also appeals to the actress in me. I would love it if you check them out and give some feedback.

I am only interested in messaging and chatting about stories, writing, tips and advice, or general chat.

I may sometime be invisible, but if you message me and I am online I will respond. If I am offline, I will get back to you asap.

I WILL NOT CYBER CHAT!!! - This isn't a challenge. I simply put this on here, so people don't waste their own time, or mine.

I will not accept chat request if your not my friend, or if we haven't spoken and you friend request me, at least write a small message :-)

Jayne Writer
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In a Relationship
Obviously Writing! - My English skills can let me down and my spelling can be really bad, but I'm working on it. The only way to get better is to keep trying.

Other than that I love music. Check out the list below to see what sort of stuff I like. Check for updates of my most recent favourite tunes in my video section. If you ever wanna swap tips on new music, give me a message.

I like going to the theatre, or any live show really. Exercise is another big interest and I love going to the gym; you can't beat that post workout buzz.

Apart from that I could be called an over thinker. I enjoy pondering about the universe and well just generally day dreaming about the most random things.
Favorite Books:
I read that many that its hard to pick.
Favorite Authors:
Favorite Lush Author - Jaymal - He is amazing. If you have never read his work, I highly recommend you give some of his work a read.

I also highly rate Lush Authors; Milik_Redman and Sitting.

I am rubbish at remembering authors names and titles of books. I just enjoy being transported at the time of reading them.
Favorite Movies:
To many to list all, but main type being Action, Comedy and Romance.
Like: Lock Stock, Human Traffic, Due Date, Transporter, Friday, Next Friday, The Friday after next. Grandma Boy, to name a few.
TV:Any comedy show. Family Guy, American dad, Dexter, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Top Gear, QI, Wonders of the Universe... to name a few.
Favorite Music:
I like a range of different things, but my fav style is D&B like Chase & Status & Nero, but then I like more chilled out stuff like Massive Attack and Leftfield. Classical to Dance, a little bit of everything in between including Swing, Soul, commercial rock . My new favorites is a track called Fade by an artist called Jakwob.
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05 Jun 2012
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Stories Published By Jayne33
Audio Story Thinking of You

I’m alone, but in my mind you’re with me. My fingers are lightly grazing across my naked skin, and I sigh with wistful thoughts of you. (Sighs) I want you. You know I want you. (Giggle) Is it because I know I can’t have you that my mind torments me? Soft moans reveal my arousal at the mere prospect of getting hold of you. (Moans) My hand is trailing south; the slight caress...

Added 16 Jun 2014 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 73 | Avg Score 4.99 | Views 7,154 | 56 Comments

Recommended Read Freeing Samir

I’d waited so long because I knew it was the last time. We were in the special place I had created. The sea lapped against the shore and the sun was setting on the horizon. It was casting beautiful warm colours across the sky. His hot, naked and toned body pressed against mine beneath the white cotton sheets. On our four-poster bed, surrounded by sheer drapes, my paradise island was around...

Added 14 May 2014 | Category Supernatural | Votes 53 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,418 | 56 Comments

Audio Story Recommended Read Taken to the Edge

My phone rang. My heart pounded like the fast beats of my ringtone, which would have been playing had it not been on silent. I answered the call, “Hello.” “Where is he?” his deep strong voice said. “I can see him in the next room. He’s asleep on the sofa." “Touch your cunt for me.” “What!? I can’t. He might wake up.” “Do it.” I slid my hand down and under my panties. I could...

Added 28 Apr 2014 | Category Cheating | Votes 104 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 19,370 | 75 Comments

Recommended Read The Game

We go about our days absorbed in our own lives; getting on with our business in our own little bubbles. We pass each other with fleeting glances and are mostly unaware of our instinctual habit of subconsciously assessing the people and world around us. We also have our own pleasures in life. It’s usually something that takes the focus away from the daily grind; for some girls its shoes,...

Added 18 Apr 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 42 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 4,439 | 35 Comments

Recommended Read Unexpected

Totally unexpected, that’s the only way to describe it. I hadn’t been prepared for him taking part of my heart. I hadn’t even realised there was a part of my heart left to take. I know him from work. He’s my boss of sorts, his position in management. I see him in meetings and read his memos; they always make me smile, he has such a way with words. I say work, but my time’s given on a...

Added 06 Apr 2014 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 67 | Avg Score 5 | Views 11,559 | 56 Comments

Recommended Read For My Art

There’d been pacing, self-doubt, and the usual butterflies in her stomach. She had painted on her bright, fiery red lipstick, applying the last of her mask that was Miss Carmine. She regarded herself in the mirror. The new club owner was going to be in the audience tonight and she needed to perform her best. With that thought spiralling, the battle commenced. “You can get that new...

Added 09 Mar 2014 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 55 | Avg Score 4.96 | Views 1,882 | 47 Comments

Audio Story I Remember

I loved the way you treated me last night, with your raw and powerful energy. You were so consumed with desire that your usual restrained ways could no longer be maintained. As I run my fingers through my hair, I feel the bruising from your eagle’s grip on my scalp; I remember. My head was mercilessly held firm. Your hips pushed up and forced your rock hard manliness deep into...

Added 03 Mar 2014 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 53 | Avg Score 4.96 | Views 7,479 | 40 Comments

Amelia's Seduction

Wednesday: Eight Fifty-Nine p.m. She stood at his door. In one hand a single red rose, her other poised and ready to knock. Her heart beat wildly and her head spun with a heady mixture of fear and pure excitement. Her mind was full with the expectation of what was about to happen to her body; her insides ached from her high state of arousal. Like a ripe peach her womanhood was bursting...

Added 30 Jan 2014 | Category Seduction | Votes 59 | Avg Score 4.95 | Views 19,832 | 46 Comments

Recommended Read Between Courses

Pre-Dinner Drinks Marcus Taylor could tell she wasn’t enjoying herself. He’d seen enough genuine smiles at these corporate Christmas events that he could spot a fake one a mile off. It was a shame, he was sure if someone could pull a real smile to her lips she would be the most gorgeous woman in the room. Perhaps he’d have to give her a reason to smile. Thoughts of him slamming his cock...

Added 12 Dec 2013 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 77 | Avg Score 4.99 | Views 22,074 | 57 Comments

Recommended Read The Notes - Part Four

I watched her out of the corner of my eye. My hand in my pocket with the feel of her damp, cum soaked panties scrunched in my palm. I watched as she opened the envelope. She read my words. I thought about what those words meant. I was going to fuck her. I was going to make her body feel things she didn’t know possible and all whilst I looked her firmly in the eyes. There would be no need for...

Added 07 Dec 2013 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 64 | Avg Score 4.72 | Views 4,260 | 37 Comments

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