A Workout with Ciara

I went to the gym, but got a different kind of workout.

This is my 100th story on Lush Stories and its semi-autobiographical...enjoy. ;) It was noon on a brisk Saturday in autumn. I stood in my bedroom doing a double check of my gym bag as I was about to go out for my weekly weekend workout. I rummaged through and scanned the contents of my bag with my brown eyes. Shirt, sweat pants, deodorant, etcetera. Yeah, I was all set to go. Making my...Read On



Jamal and Malik's Very Sexual Saturday

My best friend was bisexual and hanging out turns into my introduction to bisexual realm.

"Yeah, keep sucking it, man." I moaned as my best friend, Malik gave me a blowjob. My hand found the back of his head, grabbing a handful of his dark haired braids. It was my second time receiving head from him in twenty-four hours. What we wrong (by Hood law), but damn did it feel oh so good. Malik was taking his sweet time trying to get me to pop my cork. "Damn! You want me to nut...Read On



A Love Affair between Friends

Two wrongs don't make a right even if the wrong feels so right. . .

Best-selling author, André Brown sat alone in an almost empty Starbucks in Chestnut hill, Philadelphia enjoying some cookies and a cup of hot chocolate on a cold Monday evening. It was around six-thirty and after the day he'd just had, the twenty-three year old needed this time to himself. He relished it for all it was worth. André was the author of the Angel Realms  book series.  Now...Read On

College Sex(1)


Work-Study Sex

Vicki and I fuck in the campus library’s supply room during my break

Author’s Note : Now this encounter…I still can’t believe Vicki got me to go along with it. Cocokisses (a friend of mine here on Lush) was right on the money when she told me that I had a seductress on my hands. Monday; December 5 th , 2011 I was sat the front desk at the campus library doing my Psych homework since the librarian didn’t have anything for me to do at the moment. I...Read On

Erotic Poems(2)


Dripping, Sweet, and Empty

An erotic ode to loving and passionate, but empty lover

The twisting of flesh her body contorting  Back arched Breasts firm and heaving  Moans dripping off her lips  Feel the thirst of my lapping No stopping, no pausing; just lust. Hot and burning lust Bodies ablaze like hell fire. . . Melting, melding, molding into each other This is the hunger the desperate desire  The ache and the need like binding with wire  Draws me again back to her,...Read On


Lovers Dance

An ode of two lovers in a carnal embrace

Glistening bodies entwined in an ageless erotic dance Seeking pleasures from each other, seeking wonder and romance She touches his face with tenderness He draws her body near Aching, needing hunger will make their destiny clear Their lips meet in soft kisses, their tongues begin passion's war Forgotten now, the outside world All is here, behind this door He strokes her...Read On

First Time(4)


The Crown Prince's Beloved

The prince of Egypt finally makes love and takes his beloved Roxana's virginity.

It was a calm day as almighty Ra shined high at His apex in the clear blue sky . . . looking down on the people of Egypt. His light illuminated the world, but among the people, His light shone brightest on Karim; Egypt's crown prince and next in line to rule as Pharaoh. The weight of someday ruling a nation would be a central thought on a prince's mind and for Karim, the thought was ever...Read On


Mine and Melissa’s Secret

Melissa loses her virginity to her best friend instead of her boyfriend

Ever since high school, my best friend Jason, his girlfriend Melissa, and I have been thick as thieves, in and out of school we were always together. So it was no surprise that two years later during senior year, we all decided to apply to the same college, Gwynedd Mercy and by some crazy miracle…we all got in. My name is Andre Brown by the way and this is my story. Now even though Jason...Read On


Taking Jamal's Cherry

I sat in my living room on a sizzling hot Saturday in a low-cut pink shirt and a pair of blue jeans waiting for my friend Jamal to come over. Well, actually I was waiting for him to sneak over. Now…before you all start thing you’re dealing with a naughty girl here…don’t. I’ll admit I’m naughty in the bedroom, but everywhere else I’m a straight-laced good girl. My name’s Natasha, by the way...Read On


Sex With A Poet

My name's Denise and I'm a high school Creative Writing teacher. I started teaching a year ago and it was throughout last year that I had a sexual encounter with a senior in my class named Michael. I remember when I first walked into class. All the boys began whispering amongst themselves about the 5 ft. 5in., 32-year-old beauty they'd have to call, Ms. Patrick all year. I couldn't tell what...Read On

Gay Male(8)


Home Alone with Malik

Jerrell's boring night becomes steamy and hot when he gets a late night visitor.

For my best friend, Malik Jerrell was home alone chilling in his bedroom and watching TV around ten 'o clock. This was his idea of a relaxing evening after all the stress of working and going to college. It was the Easter break and he had the place to himself since his Grandma had gone out of town to see some relatives he quite frankly, could go without talking to. The house was...Read On


Turned Out by My Best Friends

Sean turns to his best friends after his break-up and they introduce him to homosexuality.

It all started when I graduated college. Now, what should've been one of the happiest times of my life quickly became one of the worst (with my relationship) and then one of the weirdest (with my sexuality). I was ready to face the world. I had my degree, a good paying job and a beautiful live-in girlfriend named Sasha. She didn't go to the same college as me because she had different plans...Read On


Fresh Out

Tyree's fresh out of jail and sets his sexual sights on his bisexual best friend.

"Ah," I groaned lightly as the brightness of the sun stung my brown eyes at one 'o clock in the afternoon. The shining orb stung me so bad that it brought tears to my eyes. Geez was the sun always so bright or were my tears caused by the great joy I felt at the moment? Taking a glance behind me, I gathered it was combination of both as I peered at the Philadelphia House of Corrections ...Read On


Young Ebony Lovers

After today Keanu and Jason were more than teammates on basketball team. . .

Keanu Davis walked down the halls of Hope Charter High School after school in his basketball uniform, headed towards the gymnasium for practice. He was an eleventh grader and starting center on the team, standing at 6'1" with black hair styled in short dreads, brown eyes, a mocha skin tone, and through basketball had a well built physique at 175lbs. Among the girls in school, he was...Read On


The Day Derrick and I Fucked

Drinking leads to secrets and sexual desires being revealed between Derrick and I.

I sat in church on a warm Sunday morning fighting with myself to pay attention to the reverend's sermon. Only thing was...I'd already heard it a million times from my parents. Looking at my watch, the reverend had now spent nearly fifteen minutes preaching about how homosexuality and people in the LGBT community were Hell bound. As bored as I was by the reverend's words, I was just as...Read On


Naughtiness with My Boy Nate

Nathan comes out to CJ, who has a secret of his own

Author’s Note : Hey everybody. Not my usual story section, I wanted to try something different. So tell me what you all think and I hope you enjoy it. “I really got to shake this gay shit off,” I said aloud stepping out of the shower early in the afternoon. “I like pussy,” I truly couldn’t understand what was up with my brain. Eighteen years of craving coochie and all of the sudden...Read On


A Naughty Weekend Between Friends

I went to Alex's to get away and got more than I ever expected

“Aw, fuck you Angela!” I heard my dad scream at my mom from downstairs. “Fuck you too, Marcus!” My mom yelled back. After about an hour of listening to my parents curse each other out, I couldn’t take it anymore. Grabbing a gym bag from my closet, I began loading it with three days worth of clothes. Finished packing my bag, I shoved my toothbrush in my pocket and quietly headed out the...Read On


Me and My Best Friend, Jalen

I sat in my dimly lit dorm room the my hand in my pants. My eyes focused on my laptop's screen and the porn I was watching, the gay porn I was watching. It was my dirty little secret. I'm gay...and I couldn't tell anyone. Looking at the screen, I enjoyed the sight of two guys in the sixty-nine position. I felt my dick get harder as I stroked faster. Suddenly, there was a knock at my door. ...Read On


Recommended Read

The Night Ms. Tina Stayed Over

Young Jason lusts for his mom's white friend from work.

When I was about sixteen, my dick was just hard all the time. No matter how much I masturbated, it never seemed to want to get soft. It's pretty normal for a kid at that age to be full of raging hormones, but it's safe to say that I was obsessed with pussy. I thought about it all day, but it wasn't girls of my age that I lusted after. I wanted older women and the ones that got my dick...Read On

Recommended Read

Cleaning Ms. Laura's Closet

Ms. Laura teaches young Cameron a lesson after catching him being naughty.

It's hard when you're a teenager. You go through puberty and you start feeling things that are completely foreign to you. Now imagine if you had to deal with these changes while dealing with racist people making jokes all around. All of you are lucky because you're just imagining it. I had to live it.  I grew up in Philadelphia, but moved to South Carolina at sixteen when my dad's job forced...Read On


The Study Session

Curiosity heats up Kristen's kitty-cat during a study session with Tyree.

Kristen yawned and stretched her long, slender legs. It was a little after seven 'o clock and she was getting tired. The nineteen year old college freshman sat on her dorm room sofa alone with her friend Tyree as they studied for an upcoming Psychology exam. Kristen smiled to herself remembering how she was at the start of the semester. In her Psychology class, Tyree was a psychology...Read On


Tiana: My Brazilian Beauty

A young black man finds love with older Brazilian classmate.

I'd never noticed her before in any of my classes. I don't know how I missed her as she was stunning to say the least, but now that I'd finally noticed her - I was stuck on her. I couldn't decide whether it was love or lust at first sight. I wanted to get to know her, but was too shy to approach the woman. I was twenty-one and she appeared to be about in her mid-twenties. Damn, she...Read On


Jerrell and Jasmine: Jerrell Gets Some Latina Lovin'

Daily I'd stare at Jasmine. I didn't know she was staring back though.....

I felt my dick brick up as through my glasses my brown eyes roamed over her entire figure as she sat mere inches away from me. She was a Puerto Rican beauty with a sandy brown skin tone, dark brown hair in long curls, and lovely light brown eyes. Her body was that of a Spanish goddess; a curvaceous cutie with D cup titties, a slim waist leading to wide hips, and a juicy apple shaped backside....Read On

Love Poems(75)


Right There

An ode about worshiping my wife's body with my lips. . .

That spot right there It just don't matter whether you're clothed or naked My lips want to tattoo you Right there on the back of your thigh Vicki, all mine for all time A masterful work of art  Monet must have taken part in the design of this one of a kind Where do I start? Perhaps that gentle folding of flesh  A preface to the roundness outlined by bold yet "blurred" lines ...Read On


My Tongue

Just an ode about pleasing my wifey with my tongue

My tongue , it longs to please you, to taste your hidden treasure It yearns to dance along your flesh and bring orgasmic pleasure My eyes bore deeply into your soul as I look at your beautiful face My lips touch yours, so plump and full, our tongues hungrily embrace I kiss you on the nape of your neck, the taste there is warm and sweet I breathe deeply from the cup on your...Read On


Oh, Beautiful One

An ancient Egyptian prince's song to his beloved.

Oh, Nefertari. . .beautiful one  Brings joy to my heart  When we worship the sun  I never knew emotions like this  You came into my life  And you started this bliss When I look into your eyes  I get a taste of paradise You pass me by, I lose control  You leave me desiring so much more Oh, Nefertari. . .beautiful thing  Brings joy to my heart  And my soul begins to sing  I never knew...Read On

Recommended Read

The Taste of Us

An erotic ode to my wife and I's love making

Warm breath grazing Swollen pink lips Opened flower petals Dripping luscious nectar Tongue tip exploring Stirring inner fires Body trembling wildly Sweet juices flowing Thirst drinking deeply The taste of you *****  Softly teeth brushing Twitching ebony shaft Rock hard sculpture Chiseled from desire Silken lips accepting Coaxing forth eruption Hips thrusting quickly...Read On


Sweet Sweat Dripping

An ode to hot and sweaty love making.

Sweet sweat dripping Liquid gold cascading down Like a river from a wellspring Between mounds of flesh heaving A valley of Eden, soft and supple Across a flat fertile plain Before ending at a delta of desire Humid and sopping tangle The juices; a sweet nectar A flower in full blossom A ripened peach bursting Open to the kiss of a soft tongue Exploring the depths of lust ...Read On


Mating of Souls

She lies in front of me smiling Her eyes warm with welcome Her lips full and inviting Temptation in its most human form She is naked but for a single sheet It covers all but hides nothing I can see her soft curves beneath And hear her gentle sigh of desire A thrill fills me as she lifts the blanket Inviting me to join her Showing me my hearts desire Promising me joys beyond imagination ...Read On


A Cherokee Rose: Dream Catch-her

An ode to my beloved and my heritage

Indian summer in a babbling brook's trickle Light fingers trail; a pool's surface they ripple Paint brushes flower by the blue bonnets' pose Bare, in pure waters cleansing ~ A Cherokee Rose Noisy chatter from ducks that came a quacking From the bank to the water they came a splashing A few waddled across the widest part of the river On the other side they shed wetness all a shiver ...Read On


O, Precious One

O, Precious One How I long to love you so With all my heart and being O, my Precious Dear I pray that I learn more deeply 'Bout your love and feeling Often, I've found it so hard to share with the "friendship stuff" So difficult to love when on my own Many times in solitude my love seems not enough O, Precious One Teach me to love more deeply than I've ever known ...Read On



"Those who choose not to follow their dreams live but only half a life......if at all."  I open my book of sketches I reflect upon you; such a beautiful view The allure and the longing in those deep brown eyes The deep thoughts shared between me and you How deeply I need you now I hurt. . .and I miss you so bad But in your confusion, you've lost the illusion of a love that...Read On

Recommended Read

Chance For Our Love

It's been a longlong time since we went our separate ways Said Goodbye, the tears I cried as you turned and walked away We've moved on; I've got a good life now And the past, thought we put behind some how Now I look in your eyes and I'm feeling there might be a chance. . . To find our love (Chance For Our Love) Oh yes there's a chance (Chance For Our Love) Please give me...Read On


Lagos Lady

Brown Lagos Lady, the beautiful one My wandering eyes capture your movement your body undulates like waves on the ocean Your sensual waters quench my thirst Fluid, liquid, flowing and wet Your image oscillates within my mind I stare longingly at your sensual, alluring behind. . . . . .I want to taste you. Oh Eko, forget thy past no longer captive by war My soul is free...Read On


French Kiss

". ..Something that you told me stayed in my head All night long You wanted me to love you When you said softly Reach out and touch me My love is in your hands. . ." Felt deeply between all measure of space and time Racing, pulsing, tongues dancing dangerously Embraced wetly between soft lips, pressure gently applied Now connected skin to skin, thigh upon my...Read On


Soul Lotion. . .(A Morning Spent Making Love)

Oh, my God. . . In an endless moment, I've stepped from my body once again  My soul takes flight  Infinite relativity. . .no beginning, no end Sexy lady, guide me over the expanse of your ocean  Pour yourself over me. . .for you are my "Soul's Healing Lotion" Slow and warm, you make me wet with your precious elixir  Some say "Wine is fine, but liquor is quicker."  So my erotic goddess,...Read On


Erotic Is. . . . .

Erotic Is. . . . . . . .Waking this morning with you on my mind  Being pleasantly surprised that your warm, supple body is right here by my side You are my fantasy. . . . . .Wrapped up in deliciously twisted sheets, remnants of a sultry night  In a place where two ceased to be, becoming one you see. . . Erotic is. . . . . .Artistry. I look at your body and see the shape of...Read On


Love Chair

An ode to an intimate between my wife and I on our honeymoon

Night shirts and boxers Cuddles and sensual kisses A mediterranean breakfast I finish the dishes We share a few stolen moments I carress and play with you hair Your hand brushes my thigh I dare you to go there Ahhh, but you take the lead, baby, moving up my thigh Stimulated by your slender fingers my sleeping monster begins to slowly rise The sensation of your leg...Read On


In The Blink of an Eye

For Vicki: my bride, my beautiful new bride. . .

"In and out Out and in you go I feel your fire Then I lose my self control. . ." See, I must confess that I do obsess about the way you lose control at my touch, my caress I sigh. . .and in the blink of an eye you and I become. . . one This kiss. . .those tender lips I feel your body tremble against my flesh, a feeling so sublime Our eyes meet and my fingers gently brush...Read On


Touch It

Let me. . .touch it Can you feel that? Wait. . .wait. . .hmm Slowly, slowy There it is. . .you know you felt that I felt her move As the tempest of the evening past wakes up to our dawn (at last) Legs draped, bodies tangled Bed covers strawn about, clothing on the floor twisted and mangled . . .As we lay I feel your waking fire and I. . . . . .want to. . . ...Read On


My Desire

For my wifey Vicki. . .who lights the fire of my desire

Mmmmmmm. . .my desire Oh yes, I feel a fire deep between my thighs It's intensity matches the flame I see in your wanton eyes enchanted by the words that form upon your lips. . . ". . .Just know you are the one I wanna make love to" Vicki. . .soft and sensual Your words hath sealed the deal You have ignited my raging, erotic fire My long, dark candle melts It's...Read On


For The Moment

For the moment, my hands are now your hands rubbing my body all over. . .up and down I feel you pinching my nipples, rubbing my chest Give me pleasure woman and I shall do the rest Touching me in places that for the moment only your mind has seen Thoughts of you make my insides tingle Your body on top of mine and my soul wants to scream Please, stroke my carnal nature firm,...Read On



For my pulchritudinous love, Vicki. . .whose spirit lights my world.

To fall back into your softness to feel the security of your breast, nipples hard and aroused Hyper sensitive and touching my flesh. Enveloping my body Protect and caress me for just a little while from the hardness of a cruel world so unkind I fall back and feel the gentle warmth from your breath on my neck  "Baby, I'm so glad that you're finally here."   I turn to your face and...Read On


Dangling and Wet

I wonder, when was the spell first cast Was it the day I crossed into your threshold Donning nothing more than my firm, round ass... Chest broad and wide Six pack chiseled and well defined Big arms and locomotive thighs... Was that the turn-on for you, baby, or was it the other muscle dangling long and low between my thighs? Its head wet and shimmering honey dripping from...Read On


After a Full Day of Work

We lay in bed after a full day of working Hoping to be asleep in the mist of talking Our bodies entwine as usual under covers Hands move around in search to discover Finding erect nipples and cock risen firmly Can be a while before our eyes close sleepily As exploration continues playfully at first Moans and vocals sound the need to quench a thirst Shedding clothes slowly to...Read On


Slideshow. . .(Reflections of My Heart)

For my beloved fiancé, Vicki. . .who holds the key to my heart.

"She looks at me and alters reality There's nothing more to see but what is right before my eyes Something happens and I don't know why I begin to fall...." Like a lazy day, Saturday matinee The pictures cascade across the silver screen A magnificent segue to my deep, smokey reflections of you Why do I want you so badly? "Isn't it funny how we see the same thing...Read On


I Crave You

I try to keep busy when you are far away My thoughts are invaded with our adult play You are entwined in my heart to beat as one Longing for your return so we can have fun When I hear your voice I just want to be naughty But your busy schedule keeps hormones steady Alone in beds separated by hundreds of miles Sleep wouldn’t come faster when I sense your smile Memories replay...Read On


An Intense Ride

I stop and ask you if you have had enough Ready to slide my cock deep in your pussy to fuck Flip you swiftly over on all fours Into the position that I know you adore Allowing just my mushroom head to barely sliding in Teasing your pussy by cock rubbing its brim You beg for it to go deeper in a sexy moan But I am in control so you will wait for my meat bone Little by little,...Read On


Invasion of My Dreams

"Just call my name, and I'll come running Just call my name, and I'll come running. . ."  Mmmmmm...the key to the mind and dreams of a madman Yes, such magic exist and it lies in your possession. The invasion of my dreams, I am but a gatekeeper I stand at the door, please enter my obsession At my threshold, I loosen each button upon your dark trench coat Brushing it from...Read On


The Bed

In it, there lies solace a place holding your innermost secrets Where your mind wanders and wonders wanting a touch of love There, I will caress your sensuality... ...I will be your bed that place where the magic unfolds There, finding my touch; my love, my lust Lay down upon me and feel my caress Cool and soft against your skin As your body moves against me you...Read On


Ambitious Pussy

A poem about a man's fantasy to sex his wife at work.

A knock on my office door, my naughty wife is here The passion burning inside her is too difficult to bear Risks in performing her sexual duties here without fear Soon to devour my cock in her mouth without any care She will obey my commands because it gives her joy Using my rigid shaft to pleasure; it's her love toy My diva can go all day, giving and receiving pleasure We have...Read On


Erotic Overdose

My hands in your hair, I pull and kiss you deep And my devouring mouth says I am yours to keep Taking control making you bend to my will Reaching deep within you and taking my fill I watch as your lustful eyes catch fire When I push your skirt up higher Running my firm hand over your wanting need You are dripping and ready for me to feed My tongue licks your swollen breast ...Read On


The Touch (Stroke You The Right Way)

(Can you feel the magic in my hands When I touch and rub you the right way Stroke applied with tenderness When I hold and rub you the right way...) Our bedroom... steamy and full of heat Two bodies wrapped in white plush towels This isn't just some chance meeting. It's our destiny An air of the tantric... romantic and very sensual Private communications in a most intimate way...Read On


Legs Over My Shoulders

An ode to orally pleasing my wifey Vicki, whose nectar, is the sweetest.....

Making you happy, Vicki...that keeps Jerrell happy too. Watching you play with your pussy has stirred me into some exotic, erotic passion filled stew I'm ravenously hungry now so let me tell you what we're going do..... I've lost track of where my boxers are, Somewhere in the hallway floor. Out there where I was standing, Peering through parted door. Stood there waiting for...Read On



Crush my head between your thighs My tongue let your juice levels rise I push my face deeper and deeper No other pussy honey can be sweeter Bent forward on your knees Gives me great access to please My lips inching up a little higher To graze the button of carnal desire While I am tonguing your ass sensually Erotic squeals escape your mouth freely My finger slowly slips...Read On


Dreams When You Are Far

I sit up in our bed with all lights out My heads spins with longing for your mouths I am horny; my throbbing forms a tent with the sheets Without you to hold or to soothe, I soon fall asleep My manly need will have to wait until you return I constantly think of you with erotic concerns But in my dreams so real you come alive wantonly I begun undressing you my sexy wifey very...Read On


Flooding Ecstasy

Kissing tongues tangle, making you ache Invitingly, you wait willingly for me to take Lying back, you plead without words From clenched lips "Mmmm," was heard Raising your hips high to greet my stare The erotic desire in you flows out so clear Beckoning please enter with no hesitation I stand erect and throbbing without reservation My teasing evokes lust on our face I’ve...Read On


Soft and Wet

Sweet and sticky yeah that turns me on As you feel the flow going in you strong Your thighs caressed then parted Lips wet and very tender As I slide slowly in Who will be the first to surrender With that first thrust I hear you moaning Tells me that the sensation is very good My erection may be sturdy But a splinter won't be found in this wood It's a delivery...Read On


I Had To Tell You

An old gem I wrote for my wifey...when I first started feeling her.

I think you're beautiful I wish I could show you It's just so difficult When I don't really know you You're pretty in pink At least that's what I think My private out in the ink... Not that I love you or you're my dream come true Just that I see something special in you I would like to know you and maybe find out The secrets of your world...what you're about Can...Read On


Phone Sex with Wifey

Lying here...I can feel you look to me With those precious, loving brown eyes Even through this veil of chat I can feel your sweet lips on mine, but you know that You tell me how you're hot and dripping wet I yearn to see it true... I can almost hear the vibrator stirring you And we really haven't started yet Girl, your body needs me I'm craving to please it and make you...Read On


Any Room

When our bodies burn with sexual fire Lust and passion becomes our desire Clouding our minds to be fully erotic Finding a place to enjoy fucking with No room or furniture is exempted from trust They bear graphic evidence of our naked lust At dusk, noon or dawn the bedroom consumes us My tongue, lips, fingers and cock makes you nervous You spread wide in new angles and positions ...Read On


Longing To Get Home

At work I have had a very long day... My only thoughts are of your pussy, in which I long to play Driving home with erotic thoughts racing through my mind Of making love to you, that beautiful wifey of mine Tonight you're my sexy little angel But you won't return to Heaven, you'll stay where you fell Walking into the house, I head straight for our bedroom My text message informed...Read On


Hands Touch

You feel my warm hand as it touches your face Your body vibrates as it’s engulfed in my embrace My lips atop yours, sultry tongue deeply probe One more minute and you’re going to lose control Smoothly my caress slides up and down your thighs The intensity like raging fire burns in your eyes I need to touch you there; you need me deep inside Your burning desire for me you can...Read On


Pinkish-Brown and Creamy

An ode to my wifey's vajayjay

Pinkish-Brown and creamy is the color and state of your pussy Every time I peel down your soaked sexy panties When ever my hand slides between your slender legs Your liquid drips down just like my precum cock head I have concluded that you are wet and ready all the time At home, office, shopping, car, or beach you’re moistly fine That is the way I love to find your hidden...Read On


My Wants

I want you to lie here before me Spread your firm, smooth legs wide Open your womanhood for me to see The pinkness of your warm, wet inside Let me nuzzle my nose between your moist lips Caress the shapely form of your warm hips My beard brushes your smooth inner thighs My tongue licks its way around your honey pie My fingers have found your nipples up there Tweak and...Read On


Your Sweet Juices

I love the taste of your sweet juices Anticipating a flood from my caresses I quiver with need for your sweetness Before I devour your overflowing wetness I need every drop of nectar there Your honey drips without care I cannot wait longer; enough visualizing Your skin shaved pussy is compelling First brush of cunt lips to mouth lips ‘Cause your wide firm hips to dip ...Read On


We Do It Well

The energy that arises when our naked bodies meet Is an erotic overdose of two lustful people in heat With stamina to continue on after multiple orgasms Gifted with talents to pleasure each other into spasms I am always amazed to watch you perform unselfishly Focus and concentration are keys to our fucking freely   Especially when we have all the time to romp and play Each taking our...Read On


Treasure Between Your Thighs

Knowledge of all lying deep between your thighs Thankful for the privilege to share Your treasure hidden from the clear There fingers, toys and my cock disappears Coco, chocolate rich deep and very able You bring your King down to my knees To indulge in just a little taste of cuisine Between thighs so sexy, flexible and lean I crave it. I want it. I love it. I dream it and I...Read On


Ecstasy of the Moment

In the pure ecstasy of the moment All is forgotten As my hands explore her body Moans escape the lips Words of lust "Oh fuck"and "more please" She begs for release My lips leave hers and follow the paths left by my fingers moments ago across her caramel skin From her neck to her beautiful breasts I leave marks of my love And down her stomach too her valley And I partake...Read On


Clocked Passion

Satisfaction is just a word, Love is just a game, Won't you please step forward, There's no need for names. Heartbreak is for lovers, But darling don't distress, You won't ever gain that status, Please continue to undress. Tomorrow I won't be here, Yes thats right I'll be gone, I'll make sure your well pleasured, How can that be wrong? So as I now take...Read On


Making Love to Her

As I unleash her thong, Her twat sings a song, The silky petals throbbing in delight. My lips tugging slow, Her juicy petals glow, My meaty monster ready for the night. As she moans sweet and sweeter, I hear her horny twitter, My tongue tasting all the honey-dew. The swollen bulge I feel, A naughty little hill, To lick and suck and chew. “When shall you enter?” she whispers with...Read On


Amazing Dream

A very naughty poem written in a state of intense horniness.

Darling, my darling so very much I need you So much I miss you and so much I love you I haven’t seen you just a few days Your smile warms me with every gaze  I long for your voice and to kiss your tasty lips Hold you close with my hands on your hips Feeling you tremble as we intimately embrace Your head on my chest as you feel my heart race I slowly undress you and marvel at my sight...Read On


Indeed The Need

I can dream about your embrace   Making love until we fall   Torrid, sweet, robust, and vibrant   Oh yes needed after all Erogenous zones all the focus   Ride me like you want to go   Hands are roaming the curves of your body   Sweetness how I love it so   Grinding in pleasure movement faster The place with flow and ebb   So am loving don't want to stop   Forever content to be in your web  ...Read On


My Lust

Your beautiful eyes draw me ever closer Only you and me Your gorgeous smile increases my lust for you Lunging forward, my lips against yours Our tongues dancing... This could go on forever, but is only the beginning Of my adventure of your being  My head begins to move down kissing your lovely neck along the way While I unbutton your blouse, I take it off, and then your silk pink...Read On


The Love We're Making

A poetic work written the morning after mine and Vicki's first night together.

Our lips and tongues embraced You kiss has a honey taste We're both in our suits of birth You're more beautiful then I can believe Our love's strong and we got something to achieve So, turn off the light No holding back, no faking You're all mine tonight Gonna do everything that feels right Let's get to the love making On my bed, we passionately kissing There's not a spot on you I'ma...Read On


Trust In Me

My baby been hurt They would say anything Promises of a relationship and a ring Just to get under her skirt Girl, that ain't my way So I say... Trust in me I'm here by your side Drying your tears (Trust in me, babe) Driving away your fears Want your love to run free I'm your Superman, to my Lois Lane Your sex ain't what I'm trying to gain No Let's Get It On or Sexual Healing This about...Read On


The Crush

An old poem I wrote when I first started pining for my girlfriend, Vicki.

I've been racking my brain Trying to find the words to rightly describe her But for once I can't find the words to "Lovely?" I thought aloud "Stunning?" I said inwardly "Pretty...maybe?" Then the words come and surface "No, she's absolutely beautiful." She blushes when I call her so, which I find very cute Sometimes I've caught myself staring At her divinity so fine...I...Read On


Dance For Me

Come! Do your secret dance for me Here on my finger tips Turn me so hard I throb Just from caressing your wet lips Make your nipples invite my tongue Then beg for my teeth As I spread your legs wide Slipping back your little sheath Pull my face closer Put me under your trance As I gently suck your pulsing clit While she performs her own secret dance Grab wildly at the sheets...Read On


My Cherokee Queen

You're my Cherokee queen... The most beautiful of God's creations I've ever seen I know I love you with all my heart And it would snap if we were to forever part Every moment with you is like Heaven..... Especially when we're in bed...making sweet love As cause one another's orgasms to fly like twin doves You make my day and glorify my night... How? 'Cause one starts and the other ends...Read On


The Question Of Why

Laying in my bed with the ceiling fan's air blowing lightly asking myself.....why? Why when I close my eyes, I see your face Why when I think of you, this strange vibration overtakes me Why do I want you Why do I feel I need you Why do I need the soft tone of your voice in my ear All this WHY on my mind Like.... Why do I want to kiss you Why do I want to caress you Why do I want to part...Read On


A Blues For You-Know-Who

A Blues For You-Know-Who You-Know-Who…you who you are And when I depart tomorrow…my heart gains another scar Memories flood my brain, like when I’d watch you from afar …My eyes liking what they saw, now loving what they see You a bronze skinned cutie- -naw…you’re an angelic beauty Eyes that shine like stars, a smile that makes my soul stir…body like the Akkadian queens ...Read On


Pleasing You

Nestled between your wide spread legs, I kiss your inner thighs while gripping your hips Your pinkish-brown petals pressed against my lips The essence of your wetness greets me Your firm pearl meets my tongue As you moan with lust and deep desire instills upon me I find your ‘spot’ attempting to set your orgasm free Feeling your body tremble…it excites me While watching...Read On


Part Your Lovely Legs

Part your lovely legs and then lay back, Let me in between them at your crack, You love me licking you down there I know, It's a sure way to make your juices flow. Raise your knees and thrust yourself at me, Let me in between them at your pussy, I put my tongue in there to make it glow, You part your legs as far as they will go. I take your button in between my lips, And feel...Read On


You Know Where I Stand

You Know Where I Stand You know where I stand I remember the first time that I ever touched your lips   I have to admit...I thought you were the shit I still do...always will and that's a guarantee I can't tell you all the times I thought of you marrying me   Bearing the child that we might create I even appreciate your stubborn and moody state   It must have been fate...that...Read On


A Poetic Tale: The Beautiful Musician

Soothing sounds of her playing her guitar led meto her Entering her home, her inner sanctum She glared angrily, wondering why and how I made it to her It was the last time I'd see her and we both knew... So I craved this last day to see it with her through In her bedtime attire, she played and inspired this short poetic prize "And I rise In spite of my fear inside... ...Read On


Dripping Lips

Author’sNote : Hey everybody…got this new poetic work to share. I call it “ Dripping Lips ” and I hope you all like it. Dripping Lips Like a butterfly’s gravity she pulls me in Leaving me at the point of no restraint Our bodies intertwined and on fire My mind consumed with desire Luscious soft lips slightly open Breathing gently on my neck Nails running down...Read On



Ecstasy Naked moans infiltrate the air creating luscious passion It was full-pledge fucking pound for pound compassion I was in a flood, May weather Pushing, scratching, biting, and pressing doing anything to hear her throat cry, "Ooh!"   I loved those answers Her legs ajar waiting for me to drink her up She screams my name she says, “Please don't stop,” and I won't because...Read On


A Morning Wake-Up Call

The curtain moves and a warm breeze blows across her brown skin She sleeps so soundly, her breathing even and slow On her back, naked with her hair splayed across the pillow Dreaming her dream, one that I will never know I gently touch her cheek And trail my finger to her breast Do I dare go further? I do, and this is the test... I circle my finger round her nipple She moans and...Read On


The Fantasy of Vicki

A poem I wrote when I was mad crushing on my now girlfriend, Vicki

I notice her from across the way Around the same time every single day I think about the words that I would say To the beautiful young lady on the faithful day I can picture it now leading her to my door Only to lay her down so that I can explore... Her true feeling...and I'm not talking about the ones in her head But the ones that you can only find out in the bed Slowly undoing...Read On


Your Flower Is Mine

Your sweet lower lips spreads uncontrollably wide Shows off their light-brown pinkness to make my wicked face smile Your nectar simmers freely from within Creaming my lips, my tongue and my chin Sweetly you do taste as I lick your smooth flesh Your exciting arousal demands my very best I savor each pouting lip with the most tender of care   As I set my sights on your clit, swollen...Read On


Hot Like Fire

As we sit face to face, looking into each other’s eyes I can see the flame flicker, and the heat begins to rise The music plays softly, and the lights are low As we both brace ourselves for where we are about to go. I can feel your body tremble as I move in close For this is a moment that we’ve wanted so much Our lips meet each other, for a sweet gentle kiss Then the heat rises sending...Read On


Breathing Passion

You stroll into the room, each isolated step a fantasy within itself My eyes fixated on your flesh The way it lifts and retracts with the slightest of motion Glistening curves and a scent that would define erotic torture Your sensuality drips into my pores Lubricating my desire into a frenzied state Our saliva forms into one liquid dispersed throughout our heated bodies My fingers and...Read On



What am I thinking when I think of you? I’m thinking of what it is I want to do To your body with hands and lips To have you quiver and raise your hips To smell your sex and taste your honey To ride your wave and feel you on me I imagine your body beneath mine An image floating in decadent time The slapping of bodies, sweaty and hot The soft feel of your breasts when caught The...Read On


Confessions of a Cunnilinguist

On the bed you lay With your legs parted I must say Your southern lips seem to whisper "It's okay... Come on because I know you want to play" Well that is indeed a fact Quickly to your toes is how my tongue reacts Slowly ascending up your leg's pleasure track And the moist gentle tickles induce an arch in your back Now my tongue is at your flower, front and center My fingers...Read On


Between The Sheets

Between The Sheets   Between the sheets You're no way discreet In fact, you're so fine I can't get you out of my mind So, I jotted this down in the fading light The sting still spreading from your last bite Satin sheets pulled down across bare hips Sun's last rays highlightin' glistenin' lips Fingers circlin' a slippery clit Eyes closin', bottom lip being bit Hard...Read On



Author's Note : Alright...this is something I've been workin' on. My newest poem in long, long while.  I call it, " Irresistible " Hope y'all like it Irresistible Face of an angel...eyes of a goddess Lookin' at this beauty I fantasize of seeing her undress Succulent tongue licking on her luscious lips Makes me wanna feel all down her body from her chest to her hips I don't...Read On


This Truly Was Love

We clasp hands staring into each other's eyes Our lips meet softly & part with a light smack Our faces inch closer again, but now your mouth opens and my tongue floods into it And it feels good...our tongues embraced But not as good as when my tongue and lips travel From your mouth up to your neck From your neck down to your breasts Where with my lips and tongue tease them and...Read On


Vivid Dream

*Writer's Note--I write this for a mind such as mine is plagued by his dreams...recurring dreams My desire is at the highest heights My body hungers to make passionate love There is a throbbing that is not completed The want is overpowering me Though the setting rearranges The dream never changes  In my mind, I am in her-- both body and soul And the act is a trance where my half becomes whole...Read On

Love Stories(3)


The Only Time With Tia

Author’s Note: “After many fictitious stories, I feel I should give the Lush community a small piece of real me. The following story is a real event of a sexual encounter with a dear friend of mine. It was the last week of finals at Gwynedd-Mercy College. Jerrell Smith breathed a sigh of relief as he finished his Psychology final. He only had two more exams left and then he could say he...Read On


Michael and Jayla

Michael & Jayla Michael Shane sat in his living room on a sunny Saturday watching Love & Basketball …or for the most part, he tried to. His attention was divided between the movie and the girl watching it with him. Jayla Evans, the girl he couldn’t get off his mind, the female that invaded his dreams. Jayla was enticing physically. Silk caramel skin, full B cup breasts, and a...Read On


Jerrell and Skye

Jerrell felt like a complete idiot waiting for the bus with his best friends, Skye and Cid. Skye and Cid were lesbians, which Jerrell had no problem with, but the only real problem was that he had fallen for Skye. It was when Cid cheated on Skye and Jerrell was Skye's shoulder to cry on. They almost kissed once, but Jerrell put a stop to it because of Skye being so vulnerable at the time. ...Read On



Ms. April: The Unexpected Cougar

I just knew Ms. April and I would never get together, but she had other ideas. . .

It was nine o' clock on a Friday night as my best friend Malik and I stood in a long line at the Chinese store with seventy-five dollars on an Access Card between us. The store we were at really wasn't a Chinese store, but in the Hood it's a slang term for Asian owned corner stores. "Any idea of what you want, Jay?" Malik asked, playing with the Access Card in his hand. "A...Read On


Zaire and Simone: The Sexy Housemaid

The maid wants a raise and seduces the homeowner's son to get to get it.

Thirty-two year old Simone Walker stood in the kitchen of the Williams' residence not in the greatest of moods. Simone was the Williams' housemaid and at the moment had just finished cleaning up. She let out a moan, sitting down on the living room couch. She'd been cleaning for a good hour, but her mood remained sour. Now, Simone loved her job. The Williams' were great people and their son...Read On


Xavier and His Best Friend's Mom

While his friend Andre sleeps, X gets busy with his mom

"Come on, X. One more game,” Andre pleaded with Xavier after being beaten in the video game Mortal Kombat . Xavier smiled and laughed at his best friend while shaking his head. “No ‘Dre. I’ve beat you three times already,” “That’s ‘because you play it non-stop when I’m not here.” “You’ve got a point there,” Xavier said with a laugh. “Alright one more game, but then I wanna head to...Read On


Tyrell and Ms. Smith

Tyrell goes to a friend's house to hang out and gets something unexected

Tyrell & Ms. Smith After a fifteen minute trek through spring showers Tyrell finally made it to his friend Malik’s house. “I know Malik wants to chill with, but damn,” He said to himself remembering why he was soaking wet. Malik called him earlier asking if he could hang out. The nineteen year old rang the doorbell as the rain pounded harder on the pavement. After a few...Read On

Quickie Sex(2)


Jerrell and Vicki: Christening the Bed

The morning after moving in together, Vicki and I broke in the new bed with our love.

Tuesday; May 29, 2012 My brown eyes opened to my wifey, Vicki’s beautiful face as I woke up on a warm Tuesday morning. I sat up in bed and looked around the room- -my new bedroom. Looking back at my girlfriend a smile morphed on my face because the night before after what seemed like forever…we finally moved in together. My eyes roamed around the room until they found the poster of...Read On


Loving Vicki in the Morning

I decided to start my girlfriend’s Saturday off right…

It was about 9:30 a.m. on a beautiful Saturday morning as I stood in the small kitchen area of my dorm room making breakfast. I was making pancakes for myself and my girlfriend, Vicki. As I cooked I mouthed the words to Share My Life by Kem as it played on my Mp3 player. After making six pancakes (I’d made three for each of us) I put them on plates and drizzled them with hot syrup. Walking...Read On

Straight Sex(27)

Recommended Read

The Pussy Trap

Candace tries to use sex to get her boyfriend, Bryce back.

I met my ex-girlfriend Candace about four months ago. We met at my buddy's birthday party. She was a friend of my buddy's girlfriend. When I first met her I had no intention of hooking up with her or any other female that night. Everyone was socializing and I eyed this chick sitting alone. Never being one to see someone left out, I stepped over to her and found throughout the night that she was...Read On


Music and Lust V: The Final Tour Stop

In New York, the tour ends, but Jaden begins a new chapter in his life.

For Tamar " In The V.I.P " blasted and echoed off the walls as Jaden Dennis was rehearsing the dance number for the song. He wasn't a perfectionist, but he had to get perfect since he would be performing at the Apollo Theatre for the last show of the tour for A&B Records. He was back in New York; he'd lived there since his career stared three years ago. He loved New York, but Philly...Read On


Music and Lust IV: Jaden and the Hot Journalist

In Texas as a part of his tour, Jaden spends his free day with a sexy journalist.

For Tamar "You ready, Jay?" AJ asked her client Jaden Dennis as they sat in a recording studio in Arlington, Texas while getting fitted and had wires placed on them. "Yeah," Jaden replied, looking at his watch and seeing that it was three 'o clock in the afternoon. They were preparing for an interview for Hip Hop Weekly magazine. Hell, they'd been preparing for it since last night...Read On


Music and Lust III: Jaden on Tour

Jaden beds neo-soul diva, Kayla while on tour with her.

Jaden Dennis sighed as he swiped his key-card, unlocking the door of Room 225 at Miami Beach's Delano Hotel. The twenty-one year old R&B star was tired beyond belief as he laid in the room's bed since Miami Beach, Florida was only his fourth stop on a ten-city music tour. His debut solo album " On My Own " was doing well on the charts and the gold record he received from his record company,...Read On


Music and Lust II: Jaden's Homecoming

Jaden comes home to Philly for a concert and reunites with his best friend, Giselle.

A deep sigh left Jaden Dennis' mouth as his plane landed at Philadelphia International Airport . He couldn't hold his smile in even if he tried because he was home. Finally, after almost a year—after eight months he was home . He was there as one of the acts playing at Power House on Sunday, but at the moment, he couldn't care less about all that.  It was Monday, so that meant he had a...Read On


Music and Lust

A young RB star and his manager mix business with pleasure at his album release party.

Twenty-one year old Jaden Dennis stepped out of his chauffeured driven limousine flanked by his security in midtown Atlanta in front of its hottest new establishment, Reign Nightclub. Not even Satan himself could wipe the smile Jaden had on his face because of what awaited him inside the club. Tonight was perhaps the biggest night of his entire life as it was the night of his debut solo...Read On


Pleasing the High Priestess

A house slave bathes and services his High Priestess' carnal needs.

The sun god Ra had risen high enough in the morning sky to light the world and start a new day. The weather was sweltering this day without a hint of a cooling breeze. It was hot, humid and uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Within a few hours however, the heat would get there. It always got there on days like this.  This day was going to ripe with that stifling oppressive heat that could...Read On


Best Friends, Better Lovers

Best friends take their relationship to another level.

Gabrielle sat in her dorm waiting on her best friend Christian to arrive. Gabrielle became best friends pretty quickly with Christian when he came to Temple University a year ago as a sophomore. As a part of his financial aid, he got a work-study job at the I.T building, working alongside her. They got to know each other pretty well during the first few weeks of school as she was training...Read On


A Little Halloween Role Playing

Dressing up as superheroes for a costume party leads a couple to have a heroic romp at home.

I let out a sated sigh as I entered my apartment on a brisk and chilly Wednesday evening, but this was no ordinary Wednesday . It was also my favorite holiday after Christmas, Halloween. I loved Halloween! I know everyone loves Halloween as a child, but it was something I never grew out of. Now, I didn't go trick-or-treating being a grown ass man and all though I still got excited every time...Read On


The Big Booty Manager

A young employee becomes intimate with his new manager.

I'd been working at this department store called Shop-O- Lot about fifteen minutes from my house. The job was cool; however my boss gave me hell like she was sent by the Devil himself. Her name was Deborah Barton. A forty year old, cranky woman with thick glasses and the most ear aching voice. She was a real bitch. I was eighteen at the time (the youngest employee there), so she treated...Read On


Fuckin’ Fantasia

I always wanted Fantasia, but I never thought I’d get a second shot with her.

It was a scorching hot Saturday, at ninety-five degrees. I stood in front of my bedroom mirror, clad in attire I hadn’t wore in a long while; my basketball gear. After weeks serving people donuts and coffee, working at Dunkin’ Donuts , I finally got a day off. My last day off had been a month ago. Now on a hot day like it was, anyone with a brain would have chilled out on their living room...Read On


Out Clubbing with Candace

A night out with friends turns into a night in bed with Candace.

A smile a mile wide appeared across my face. I stood in front of my bedroom mirror at around nine 'o clock in the evening, fully ready to go for a night out. My best friend, Malik, who sat on my bed, let out a sigh of relief as it had taken me about an hour to get ready, while waiting for a ride from our friend Mike. I was never one for the night life of clubbing and partying, but after a lot...Read On


A Soft Night With Sabrina

A soft night leads to the carnal confrontation between Sabrina and I that had to happen.

I stood in front of my bedroom mirror in Timberland boots, ironed blue jeans, a black t-shirt with a cream-colored shirt over it. I'd just gotten my haircut the day before, but gave my head a good brushing. I smiled at my reflection because I looked good. I prided myself on my appearance, but today I had to look extra good. Today was a special day. It was so special that I took off work...Read On


Sexing My Best Friend's Ex

The attraction was always there, but Dayanna was always Malik’s. . .until now.

It was a mild Saturday night in spring. A week of school and work had plagued my friends and I, but it was the weekend and all that stuff was behind us for the moment. We decided to go to Club 27 for a night of fun and it was fun . . . until my best friend, Malik and his girlfriend, Dayanna got us kicked out with their bullshit. Well, actually I should call it Malik's bullshit because it...Read On


Giving a Big Girl Some Lovin'

The old adage goes, Big girls need love too and Micah sorely needed some.

I stood behind the counter at the Dunkin' Donuts at Septa's Olney Transportation Center fulfilling my job requirements as a cashier/server. It was a part-time job that took an application and two interviews to get, but I got it. I loved my job, the pay was great, and the employees were entitled to free donuts (the free donuts were one of the best perks) though at the moment, I didn’t love...Read On


A Night in Eva

Spring Break brings reunions and rekindles old passions.

Spring Break, freshman year, 2010 My watch read four 'o clock. A ten minute ride to the train station followed by an hour long train ride and I was home. Finally . . . after two long months back at college I was home. I was back home in Philadelphia, but was standing at the Wayne Junction train station. My best friend Malik was taking me truly home and thankfully, he was already...Read On


Braving the Storm with Maya

Sparks fly when my friend Maya and I hang out during a harsh snowstorm.

All of the news channels had been warning the city of the heavy snowfall blowing through Pennsylvania with the city of Philadelphia clearly in its path. My neighborhood had been accustomed to receiving the wrath of winter time and we all had excused the news' winter storm warnings having gone through every damn thing that could go wrong during a snow storm. When you live in the Hood, ghetto,...Read On


Into the Prince's Bedchamber

A young Egyptian prince sleeps with a beautiful house slave during a banquet.

The palace dining hall was filled with Egypt's wealthiest, brightest, and most powerful individuals as the country's mighty ruler; Pharaoh Aknadin held a celebratory banquet in honor of his birthday. At his left hand sat his and queen, Tia while at his right hand was his son and successor, prince Karim. It was joyous occasion comprised with various food, drink, and entertainment. The...Read On


Jerrell and Eva on the 4th of July

It's always good to come home to friends, food...and pussy.

Saturday; July 3rd, 2010 "’s good to be home," I said to myself as the family van driven by my brother came to a halt in front of my house. It was eight 'o clock in the evening and as tired as I was, I couldn't help but smile. It’d been three weeks since I laid eyes on my house. Sure three weeks may not seem like that much time, but for a guy whose entire life was the city...Read On


The Flight before the Concert

A young RB star fucks a flight attendant during a flight to New York for a concert.

Jaden Dennis' hazel eyes glared out the window staring at the sunny blue sky. It was an awe inspiring to behold. Only at 35 thousand feet in the air could the afternoon sky look so beautiful. The twenty year old sat in first class on a plane flying to New York where when he dropped down as a part of the breakout R&B group B4L;  he was performing at the world's famous Apollo Theater . ...Read On


Jerrell and Candace: Sexing Study Buddies

A study session for mid-terms became a sex session between me and Candace.

Author’s Note : Giving you all the realness once again with a true story from my junior year of high school. It’s been said that one’s junior year of high school is the most important year of their high school tenure…and it’s true. Eleventh grade is when colleges start looking at your grades, so when I told it by academic advisor, I took it to heart and in fact grade-wise my junior...Read On


Jerrell and Vicki’s Late Night Love Session

When’s the best time for love making? Anytime…..

Author’s Note : Giving you all the realness with a true story about a late night rendezvous I had with my girlfriend, Vicki. Hope you all enjoy it. I sat alone in my dorm room in front of my laptop on a Thursday night working on a paper for Religion class. I was alone due to my roommate Drew having left campus for the Division III NCAA Track Championships at Grinnell College. It was...Read On


Jerrell and Vicki’s Thursday Night Delight

Vicki and I get freaky on Thirsty Thursday

Thursday; December 8 th , 2011 2pac’s Do for Love played in my earphones as I made it back to dorms after class. It was around three ‘o clock. It was Thursday and I knew what that meant; it was Thirsty Thursday . Now…normally I would’ve reveled in the night’s activities, but since I finals were looming I chose not to. I dropped my book bag off in my room and went to see my friends...Read On


Making Love before Making It to Class

Vicki and I have some carnal fun before Psychology class

Author’s Note : Yes, this is another sex romp involving me and my princess, Vicki. The blaring of my alarm clock woke me up at eight-thirty in the morning, but the blaring didn’t last long due to Vicki, who lay on top of me turning it off. We lay together still naked after an intense make out/mutual masturbation session the night before. “Morning Relle,” she said after giving my...Read On


Jerrell and Eva in Baltimore

My friend Eva and I share an intimate moment on our senior class trip.

Author’s Note : Instead of being fictitious, I’ve decided to give you all a true story. This event happened during my last few months of high school. Twenty students of Hope Charter’s senior class sat on a chartered bus headed to Baltimore for an overnight stay. The atmosphere on the bus was one of pure joy. We were all about to graduate high school, which for some of us many said...Read On


Work or Play? Choosing Play

I wanted to start my Sociology paper, my girlfriend, Vicki had other ideas

Author’s Note : They following is a true story of a sex romp between my girlfriend and I that took place earlier this week (November 28, 2011). “A fifteen page paper? Professor Healy really gave us a fifteen page final,” my friend TJ groaned, complaining about our final assignment given by our sociology teacher. It was around two o'clock in the afternoon as I sat in the café for lunch...Read On


The Night of the Homecoming Dance

Author’s Note: The following is a true story of a sexual encounter that occurred on Thursday between me and a good friend of mine, but I changed my friend’s name to protect her. It was Thursday and the night of the Homecoming dance. I stood in front of my mirror after fifteen minute shower in nothing but a towel, my 6’2, 225lb milk chocolate frame reflecting back at me as I brushed my hair. ...Read On



Alley Vampires

Tariq and his protégé, Aaliyah feed and fuck each other in a dark alley.

Standing in a dark alley staring at the full moon, I thought angrily, "Where the fuck is Aaliyah?" It wasn't really anger at her as it was simply anger out of frustration and impatience. I'd been standing there for nearly an hour as the Thirst was threatening to consume my very being. I could barely keep my fangs from coming out. I was so thirsty, but anticipation does make the heart...Read On

Recommended Read

The Night in a Goddess

The Pharaoh prays to the gods and the goddess Bastet answers with carnal intent.

The land of Egypt was smiling. From its lowest slave to the immortal deities that watched over all. Yes . . . even the gods of Egypt were smiling. The gods' presence could be felt all over the land, but nowhere greater than in the palace of the Pharaoh itself as a new king was crowned. Karim; son of the former Pharaoh Aknadin and queen Tia now sat in the great dining hall on the throne that...Read On


A Loving Night during the End of Days

In the end times of Darkness, love is our Light

The night blows strong gusts of wind at my living room window as my light brown eyes peer through it. It's eleven 'o clock and I'm standing on patrol with a shotgun in my hand. I'm peering at my neighborhood, a neighborhood that wasn't the best growing up, but looking out at it now ; growing up in it was a cake walk. My eyes look towards the heavens and I see fire. Shaking my head, I look...Read On


Into the Nephilim's Light

He would use his angelic light to strengthen her mortal spirit.....

"Why are you such a pussy, Ishmael?" Micah asked his younger brother suddenly as they walked together in the darkness of night. Ishmael smiled at the question, "First off, where'd that come from and how'd I become a pussy all of the sudden?" "'Cause you still haven't told her have you?" At his brother's words, Ishmael stopped dead in his tracks. He knew were Micah was going with his...Read On


Trayvon and Nakia: Vampire Desires

Trayvon enjoys a night of feeding and fucking with his fellow vampire, Nakia.

Forget what you think you know...vampires- -the hominus nocturna exist, but they're not like what you've been given of them in books and movies. Yes...they do drink blood, but they're not bloodthirsty monsters. They don't kill just for the hell of it. Yes...they're beautiful beings (in their own way), but they don't sparkle in the sun due to it. They don't even go out into sunlight...because...Read On



Physical Therapy

What happens when a therapist and client confront their carnal feelings for the other?

Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and verbal and non-verbal communication along with restricted or repetitive behaviors. The most common three recognized disorders in the autism spectrum are acute autism, Asperger syndrome ( AS ), and Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified ( PDD-NOS ). It was five 'o clock on...Read On


Falling For My Brother’s Wife

Bestselling author, Isaiah gets real close with his brother's wife, Tia.

I'm fucked up...I know this. I'm lying here in a sweaty, sexually sated heap with a married woman. To make matters just a little bit worse, the woman I just made love to is none other than my sister-in-law, Tia. Yes ...I just admitted to you all that I fucked my brother's wife, but before y'all start condemning my actions please hear me out first. This isn't a case of a jealous younger...Read On



The Surprise between Sasha’s Thighs

Derrick discovers his old crush isn’t what he expected, but she's still his crush regardless. . .

It was a sunny Friday afternoon as I sat at the dining room table of my apartment, behind my laptop with a bowl of dry Cheerios to my left and a glass of orange juice to my right, I typed away, working on my last paper of the week. You’d figure that after four years of college, I’d never want to write another paper again and you’d be right if the desire for a Master’s degree hadn’t called...Read On