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I started writing erotic fiction to name the demons and succubi dancing in my head since adolescence. I continued writing because I liked it, and it provided catharsis for fantasies I would never contemplate acting out. I am more attracted to erotica (whatever the medium) written for or directed toward women (and if it focuses on my own preferred kinks, all the better). That is also, for better or worse, the often way I end up trying to write. I am sure testosterone poisoning shows through, sometimes transparently, but I can’t apologize. If you’re really interested in my personal details, I think you can come up with something much better than I can.

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Topic: Never tolerate the intolerant
Posted: 10 Apr 2014 17:12

All your posts are the same! They all presuppose that you know what every other persons motive is, well I'm sorry but you don't.
Yours have quite the presupposition about me, and it's consistently incorrect. I don't presume to know what everyone else thinks. I know for a fact, however, that many (I never said or assumed all) prop 8 supporters were homophobes. And many (I never said or assumed all) supported it with the express intent of denying rights.

You seem hell bent on calling every single person that opposes your view a bigot
I'm not responsible for your laughable misinterpretation of my position.

Am I a bigot as well just because I can understand the view of others?
No. That was neither said nor implied. I think you're not a particularly good judge of the intent or meaning of others, though.

Topic: Never tolerate the intolerant
Posted: 10 Apr 2014 03:47

Who mentioned fired? Although there does seem to be a prima facie case for constructive dismissal.
I'd love to see someone try. However, Eich wouldn't testify for them because he doesn't agree.

I'm talking about one religious group calling for a boycott. A few more join in and the snowball starts to roll.
Already done. There are several conservative/right winger pushes to do so, and they may have financial impact. It doesn't make them right, and it won't change Eich's decision or Mozilla's behavior which is motivated by their corporate philosophy, not fear of a group. This retaliation movement is based, fundamentally, on bigotry.

Social media also blows the clarion call and before you know it the protest is much bigger than the first.
And it exposes its own ridiculousness as well. You can already find
and others.

What's to be done?
Reverse the resignation?
How can you do that?

You don't reverse jack, because it wasn't wrong, and these jokers are the hypocrites.

Topic: Never tolerate the intolerant
Posted: 09 Apr 2014 19:27

My biggest concern with the whole situation is, that the door has been opened for religious groups to scream discrimination.

They can scream until they're blue in the face, but it'd be for a lie. Eich wasn't fired for his beliefs. He wasn't fired at all.

Topic: Never tolerate the intolerant
Posted: 09 Apr 2014 17:57

The only thing that he supported was the old definition of marriage, which has in place for thousands of years throughout the world.

To say that that was the whole intent of Prop 8 is disingenuous. Prop 8 did not have the sole intent of protecting a religious definition of marriage. Its intent was to deny rights to a segment of the population. And many of its supporters supported it for that specific reason.

Topic: Never tolerate the intolerant
Posted: 09 Apr 2014 05:52

Proposition 8 was about the redefining of marriage and was in fact carried by 52% of the voters in California.
The equality issue was not the primary concern of the pro voters, it was the religious aspect.
I sincerely doubt that. But perhaps you have knowledge not in evidence.

He proved that he was inclusive in all aspects of equality except for the definition of what "marriage" is.
Not really. If he had, he'd still be CEO.

Balancing conflicting beliefs can be problematical.

Topic: Never tolerate the intolerant
Posted: 09 Apr 2014 03:40

Eich was one of the executives that put together the Mozilla Code of Practice that ensures that same sex couples receive equal benefits as married couples.
It seems pretty strange that not one gay or lesbian Mozilla employee has come forward to complain about his attitude or behaviour.

Then he's exhibited two contrary behaviors, because Prop 8 would have denied those self-same benefits. And he still hasn't, to my knowledge withdrawn his support for it or legislation like it. It's his contrary actions I find strange. He could have completely deflected the criticism by saying he no longer supports legislation like prop 8 - even if he'd said out loud and in the open civil unions are fine with him. But he didn't, so he leaves people to conclude hey really aren't for him.
As well, a company isn't just about internal culture. It's about external perception as well, for good or ill.

Topic: Never tolerate the intolerant
Posted: 08 Apr 2014 16:49

Freedom of speech keeps you out of prison. That's pretty much all it does.

It doesn't protect you from the consequences freedom of speech may bring.

Funny how so many people interpret it as, 'Say what you want without having to answer for it.'

Ding! Give the Lady a cigar. (I'll smoke it myself if you don't like 'em)

Topic: Never tolerate the intolerant
Posted: 08 Apr 2014 16:46

So you are fine as long as everyone agrees with you.
I'm also pretty fine if they don't, as long as that disagreement is honest.

You are quite happy to take away free speech and freedom to practice religion as long as I, not you because you already have it, gain the right to marry.
I'm not happy at all when someone attributes to me opinions which I do not have, which you do here. Nowhere have I advocated the abridgment of free speech or freedom of religion.

That strikes me as being very singular society.
It's not singular at all when it's composed of your own straw men.

Marriage is not about equality! It's the legal benefits that go with it that is the issue. If a same sex union had the same legal standing as a marriage then that would satisfy the majority. It is usually religious beliefs that cause the problem with same sex "marriage". People see it as a religious ceremony, in the Catholic Church it is a sacrament.
I agree that the main freedom/rights issue are the legal benefits. The argument over "Marriage" is semantic and tangles in religion unnecessarily. However, there are those on both sides of the rights issue who absolutely do conflate the word as well. My interpretation of Prop 8 and its supporters is exactly that. They were anti gay marriage and against the legal benefits afforded that type of union for gay couples. Show me I'm wrong on that and I'll happily recant that opinion. Show me Eich was anti gay "marriage" but pro civil union and I'll likely change my opinion on the whole chain of events.

Topic: Never tolerate the intolerant
Posted: 08 Apr 2014 15:23

About 30 years ago I had the unearned and thrilling opportunity to work with one of the great scientific minds of the 20th century for two weeks. He told me that a scientist will spend far more time and energy on seeking out information that disproves his or her theories than on information that supports them.

I must assume you are not a scientist.

You assume wrong.

What does Yagan think and say about same sex marriage now? What does Eich say now? My bet is they are not the same.

However, to be clear:
If Yagan hasn't publicly changed his stance, he's a hypocrite. If he has, he's evolved (like many others have) and he has every right to call others out for not evolving. If Eich hasn't changed his stance, he's remained true to himself, and to Mozilla. If he has, good for him.

It's interesting, too, your scientist friend is really half-right. Theories need to be challenged and tested and given as many opportunities as can be found for them to either fail _or_ succeed. That's how they survive, or evolve, or are discarded.

Topic: Never tolerate the intolerant
Posted: 08 Apr 2014 15:19

However I would ask you to read the latest articles by Andrew Sullivan and Conor Friedsdorf, both of whom are pro gay marriage writers.

That'd be easier with a link or two.

"Entrenched" is an interesting descriptor. Yeah. I'm pretty entrenched that against the denial of equal rights in pretty much any form. Maybe there are more important battles. But that doesn't mean this was ignorable.

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@@@@@@@ The restaurant, her choice, was as fine as she'd said it would be, and the play, my choice, was as good as the reviews had promised. Her dress, black and slinky, teased me all evening, with her shoulders and back semi-hidden under a filmy shawl, and the skirt slit up to just there... She had learned that part of me rapidly and well. We had learned each other actually, and surprisingly....

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.

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