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Mother, teacher, & writer.

I've left this so short for so long that I felt it was time to update this. I'm a mother first and foremost. My son is the most importing person in my life and the greatest thing I've ever done. He's an adult and makes me proud every day.

I'm a teacher. This is my profession & my job title. I can teach elementary up to 8th grade, or English up to high school. I have my BA & my MA so I'm a bit educated. But even with all this education, I still make some silly mistakes in my writing. As I tell my kids, it just proves I'm still human.

I'm a writer. I've been writing off and on since I was a teenager. It took the encouragement of a dear friend to find the courage to share my stories. I honestly never thought I was any good or that anyone would like my writing, except my friends. I'm pleased that I was so wrong about this.

I have often said I write what I would like to read. I work hard to produce quality writing pieces, which is why there are so often gaps with my posting. I'd rather take my time and post a quality piece of writing than rush and post a piece of crap.

I also try to not be a "one-trick pony". By this I mean, I try to not have predictable stories, though I will admit, sometimes I don't always succeed. I have been told I like my happy endings, and all I can say is, "What girl doesn't?"

One last thing. I don't mind some naughty chats here on Lush, sexy emails, or pics on my profile (if you've seen the comments some have left, you'll know why I say that), but don't ever for one moment think that I will be leaving my husband or jeopardizing my marriage to meet you in the real world. I'm a private person and keep certain details of my real life private. If I feel comfortable enough to share with you, please respect this.

Nymph Writer
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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Reading, writing, teaching, helping other writers improve their craft when I can.
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The Sleeping Beauty Chronicles, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed, Anything he Wants
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Anne Rice, EL James, J.K. Rowling
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Ever After, SOB, Bells are Ringing
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Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, The Blacklist, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chief, Project Runway
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80's, pop, rock, some country
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01 Aug 2012
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Topic: Who is YOUR favorite author on Lush?
Posted: 28 Jul 2014 17:18

I have come to the conclusion that in order to get on this list I need more than 7 stories

I have 29 stories and 1 poem with 9 RRs and in 5 pages not one person mentioned me. crybaby I don't think it's the number of stories you've posted... it's who is taking the time to write on this blog. The closest I got was the kind person who said, "all the mods." Still not the same but hey... at least it was the closest I got.

Myself, this is not a complete list by any means

Misfit (no longer a member but I loved all his work)
Stephanie (the Irish cunt who didn't even think to mention me but whatever!)

I will probably either edit this list or just make a new post to add any names I might have missed.

Topic: Fifty shades of Grey
Posted: 28 Jul 2014 09:28

Being someone who had loved this genre for years thanks to Anne Rice & her Sleeping Beauty Chronicles (not for the faint of heart) I did read these as well. I liked the first book and was pissed with the ending. I knew I had to read book two which of course forces you to read book three.

My primary complaint is how shitty Christian Grey behaves. In book one it made sense but by book three he's still a petulant child for all practical purposes, and Ana is a spineless wimp.

Was the sex hot? Yes. But it was so unrealistic too.

Was the story enjoyable for me? Mostly yes. But it seemed these were two almost perfect people. Christian is smart, wealthy, and a sex fiend. Ana could cook, cut hair, and was very book smart, but had no spine to Christian. And when she did, it blows up in her face (so to speak.) And why the fuck is she still treated like a child by so many people in her life. That bugged the shit out of me as well. For those who have read it, you know what I'm talking about.

I hate reading about spineless women. I understand she was naive, but still spineless is uncalled for.

I did like the way the series ended, but I do wish it showed Ana with more spine.

As for the movie, I will not see it the theater. I might rent it, but I kinda doubt it.

And to be honest, I've read better BDSM themed stories here on Lush... but that's my opinion.

Topic: My Writing Goal For...
Posted: 25 Jul 2014 09:06

My goals are simple... Author 50, EP, maybe win a Lush contest, and Ominum badge.

Truly, my ultimate goal is to take my work and publish them so I get paid. I'd love to retire on my writing royalties.

Topic: Can I get an interview with you?
Posted: 24 Jul 2014 12:01

Introduce the title of your story: The Microbrew
Genre/Category: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Provide the link: http://www.lushstories.com/stories/fantasy-scifi/the-microbrew.aspx

1. What first inspired you to write this particular story?
Two things.
1. I read a good, short, sci-fi story that sparked an idea in my own mind (and I'm sorry to say the story title escapes me at the moment as I read so many stories.)
2. I hadn't done a sci-fi story for Lush and the idea I had would not only work, but I felt strongly it would be a fun story to write.

2. How did you come up with these characters?
I love strong female characters, and being a teacher, writing stories about teachers is always fun. Like with many of my stories, there are some ties to my real-life. I try to not repeat my character names which is why having access to Google helps (I search names if I'm stuck.) Phoebe is a lot like me in many ways. She often feels like the "fifth-wheel" in a group situation so if or when anyone pays any attention to her, it's often a surprise.
Zylen just fit with the genre and if you've read the story, his name fits the character. I got lucky with his sister's name, Zyana, it's just was the perfect complement.

3. How does it differ from some of your other stories?
My female lead is older than most, and is more "real" than a few of my other ladies. I've always said my characters are flawed, and here again, that is a common thread. But this one has elements I've never tried before and to my shock, it worked. I'm really happy I took this chance.

4. What was the most challenging thing about writing this piece?
The science-fiction/fantasy elements. Keeping it relevant to the story, without getting to... "far out". The other was the title. The working title I had wasn't right, and I knew it. However, I always have at least one other person read my work before I submit to catch my errors & he suggested the title.

5. Anything else you want to tell us about it?
I'm beyond thrilled and flattered that his too earned an RR. I had intended this to be a one-shot deal, but the feedback I've gotten already tells me I need to rethink that and continue the story. After all, we haven't met Zylen's parents yet.... hehehehe kekekegay

Topic: Does the latest Lush contest feel a bit forced, or is it just me?
Posted: 24 Jul 2014 10:02

No. As I said, in the actual quote you used, it wasn't. I was just surpised that everyone seemed to react as though I was insulting the site and the contest which I wasn't.

Me personally, I don't think you were insulting the site in the least. You raised a good and fair point. I actually in a way agree with you, but I'm also most likely going to enter. That is my choice. I hope you know that not everyone thinks so negatively of your thoughts.

Topic: say yes if you own a dildo,and hell yes if more than one dildo
Posted: 23 Jul 2014 20:11

Hell yes! As of today!!!

Topic: Does the latest Lush contest feel a bit forced, or is it just me?
Posted: 23 Jul 2014 15:08

not every contest is for everyone ...

Since my becoming a member almost 2 years ago, I have entered some of the contests but not all. If the theme doesn't work for me as a writer, then I pass. Of course I'd love to win, but as of yet I haven't had that luck because there are just too damn many amazing writers here on Lush.

There have been contests in the past that were "Sponsored" by a company (the Spice it Up that Lelo sponsored comes to mind) and no one really had an issue. But really, how many people know about the Lush store? This was just a way to get people to look at it, and of course, at some point, buy stuff.

... Metilda hit it right on the head. it's not cheap to keep Lush running as smoothly as it has been since we added all those servers, so yes, we would kind of like to make people aware that we have an onsite store.

Not everyone has a "Love Store" in their town (no, I did not make that name up) or feel comfortable going into an adult store for toys and such. The nice part is this store supports a site we all enjoy.

Considering how many story contests this site holds every year (more than any story site that I know of), if one story contest doesn't appeal to you, then wait for the next one.

I'm not attacking anyone here. I quoted Sprite because I agreed with what she said. The thoughts shared here have been reasonable.

Besides... the less of you all who enter... the better my chances are to win. L46 Lfunny (please know I'm totally fucking kidding!)

Topic: The Story Moderators Here on Lush
Posted: 23 Jul 2014 09:51

If anyone needed to see this today, it was me... thank you so much Banes.

Topic: Girls, do u like sleeping naked? What do u usually wear to bed?
Posted: 21 Jul 2014 17:27

I'm sure I answered this before, but I do like to sleep naked after my husband and I have made love. Normally, I do wear shorts & a tank top. But here lately, with the 100+ degree days and 80+ degree nights... sleeping naked is happening more & more often.

Topic: Announcing our "Toy With Me" Story Competition, $400 Adult Store Credits up for grabs
Posted: 21 Jul 2014 08:57

Look, not trying to be a dick....

But how do you have your story all planned out just a few hours after the announcement? It's just been a few hours.

Is this the first you've heard of this comp and you already have a story all planned out? That's pretty impressive. Would like to know that process.

Really, you can't come with a story idea in a few hours? What's wrong with you?. Hell, I get an idea within a matter of minutes, it's just the time I take to hammer it out that makes the real difference. Some authors can plan out a story with in a few hours, but writing might take a bit longer. She didn't say she had it written, just planned. BIG DIFFERENCE.

I'm with Sprite on this one dude, you're being a dick, dick. [smili e=ke

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Thank you for writing.

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Hope the weekend was enjoyable.

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Have a wonderful weekend~~!

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Thanks for reading and commenting on The Dark Room. Your comments mean a lot.

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