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100 % female .. The good, the bad and not so ugly.
I'm an incorrigible flirt, an insatiable sex fiend, with exhibitionist tendencies. I change my avatar all the time.. Why? Because I'm delightfully complex.. Well, that what he said I'm fun loving, don't try to break my stride
I'm genuine, almost to a fault. I prefer my friends to be at least somewhat genuine here.
Ya know.. real people.. With real personalities.
Not just cock, pussy, fuck, suck .. If that's you.. Beat feet !!
I Love funny, clever, unpretentious, imaginative and sexy people who shine and sparkle with life and love.
Faulted, imperfect, lovely humans on some path are welcome ..I'll whistle and kick cans with you along the way.
If you've got drama I don't give a shit.. Really I don't, Sorry (not) hehe
I don't give two shits about winning a popularity contest, pleasing the masses, or censoring myself.
What you see is what you get.. Take it or leave it.. I don't like to be pushed.. Do it and I will slip into the abyss.. Capiche ??
To put it very sweetly, I don't give a fuck about rules, the written ones and the really dumb unwritten ones.
If you're anal retentive, go squeeze your ass cheeks elsewhere. I'm here to have FUN !

* More than anything else here, I'm lovin this man. *

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful ~ Mae West

Relationship Status:
In a Relationship with jeremiahbull
Pleasing Jeremiah. Keeping him happy and satisfied in the sweetest ways.
Laughing, kissing, sharing moments with loved ones, being silly, music, dancing, flowers, summertime, the beach, art galleries, writing poems, drawing, red wine, and an occasional bong rip.
I am a romantic creature and take great pleasure in sensual intimacy
Favorite Authors:
Shel Silverstein..he's so silly
Pablo Neruda.. God, he sizzles
Favorite Movies:
Favorite all time ~ Wizard of Oz.. I can say the whole movie and sing all the songs and even do the lollipop dance

I rarely watch anything newer than 1940s movies... My favorite genre is 1940s noir... Double Indemnity, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Key Largo, The killers. I love Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and WC Fields. I also love old Italian Films.. My Faves.. Marriage Italian Style, The Bicycle, La Strada & Nights of Cabriria
Favorite Music:
I have over 12,000 songs in my iTunes.. Can we say music freak.
Music that makes me feel something, yummy stuff that makes me wanna dance naked and hump walls.
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29 Jan 2013
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Topic: Roses are Red
Posted: 29 Jun 2014 20:56

Roses will die
And sometimes love does too
It can be a fast death
Or grueling slow

You can hold on
Maybe it'll change
You can let go
Walk away from the pain

Do the right thing
Or do what you want
Will the grass be any greener?
Or just the same ol' sod

People will talk
They always do
I thought things were good
Shows how much you knew

Cus we all have our secrets
That live behind doors
We all have our desires
Sometimes we want more

Topic: Roses are Red
Posted: 24 Jun 2014 05:11

Roses are white
I have to wake up at night
I drink coffee in bed
In hopes that I might
Crawl out of bed
And turn on the light

Topic: Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted: 24 Jun 2014 05:05

Follow the yellow brick road

Topic: Picnic fun
Posted: 24 Jun 2014 05:02

King Kong munky2 (JB) naka

Topic: What's the hardest thing about being in a relationship with you?
Posted: 24 Jun 2014 00:11

LOL...personally I would move intelligence up to 2 and cooking to 3!

I'm tempted to start a thread that for people to rank themselves.

oh, and the hardest thing about being in a relationship with me is probably putting up with my curiosity and questions.

I love your beautiful mind.. And your curiosity and questions mesh well with my secret desire to be the center of the universe.. Even if it's just your universe

Topic: What's the hardest thing about being in a relationship with you?
Posted: 22 Jun 2014 12:05

I want sex too often for most women... Don't get me wrong... I'm loving, attentative, sweet, give great massages, make good money, generous, caring.... blah... blah... blah....

I also love orally pleasuring my partner and pampering them but at the end of the day.... I like sex so much that I tend to wear my partners out....

Don't laugh... It's almost a curse... If I were rich I'd keep several women and just travel between them and do my best to keep them all happy... Now THAT would be heaven... ;)

If you aren't blessed/cursed with an overactive sex drive I don't expect you to understand and no... It's not a brag... I've been that way all my life and it's cost me some good relationships. :(

You and I have the same curse/blessing

The hardest thing about being in a relationship with me is..

I dispise mundane tasks.. paying bills, grinding coffee beans, folding clothes, peeling carrots.. I've been known to whine and moan, hoping someone will notice and rescue me from dying of boredom.
I'm oblivious to the irritation I cause, Im like that kid you'd like to ring by tne neck, but then they do something sweet and you forgive them, only to have them make you crazy again tomorrow.

Topic: has anyone ever gotten the lap band?
Posted: 21 Jun 2014 16:10

No but I'm due for a lap dance

violent1 beat_deadhorse jerkit

Topic: Poetry challenge: Use the last line first
Posted: 20 Jun 2014 23:50

She struck a naughty pose,
Then peeked over at him,
He was watching her closely
With the most wicked of grins.

She cared not for the crowd,
She had only one need,
So she fell to the floor,
And crawled to him on knees.

Topic: Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted: 20 Jun 2014 22:05

Song said, Baby I'm Yours

Topic: Roses are Red
Posted: 20 Jun 2014 21:58

Roses are red
You're demanding some head
Bossy, as usual
But always the slow poke, I'm already in bed

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Dive Into The Deep

His arms are stretched out, Fingers spread apart, Deep inside he feels it, He's opened up his heart. He smiles because she wants him, She makes him walk on air, He fesses up his heart, Throwing all good sense into the air. He's lost in all her laughter, He's tangled in her hair, Caught up in her essence, A lesser man would be scared. But no, not he... A pirate he will be......

Added 23 Jul 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 385 | 8 Comments


I'm like a butterfly. Swirling in your lovely warmth. Your imagination is the magic dust That lifts me off the earth. Your loving adoration is the color of my wings, Bright and vivid as the blooming flowers of spring. The mystery and complexity of my design, Are born from the curiosity of your wonderful mind. Fragile and soft in your tender care, Wild and free in the summer breeze. I'm...

Added 22 Jul 2014 | Category Love Poems | Votes 11 | Avg Score 5 | Views 213 | 9 Comments

Look Into The Mirror

She sat in the dark, Waiting by a window, Longing for him, Lost in lonely  sorrow. She hears The key in the lock, The creak of the door, The step of his walk. Her breath quickens; Awaiting his touch, The sound of his breath, The heat of his voice. He is standing behind her, She feels his breath. He waits for her. Waiting For her breath to fall into sync. With each breath, ...

Added 19 Jul 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 17 | Avg Score 5 | Views 412 | 19 Comments


It starts off all so sweet, First I'm on my knees, Looking up at you  With eyes so full need. My mouth is salivating wet, My hands tied behind my back. Your cock standing hard erect, Awaits my throat to wreck. But still, I start off sweet. My pussys's wet from all my need, Dripping juices on the carpet, My eyes look up at you with greed. My nose is nuzzled in your balls. I...

Added 17 Jul 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 11 | Avg Score 5 | Views 637 | 8 Comments

What's Wrong and What's Write

I write what I write, I write just to spite, 'Cus it's my release, And sometimes I'm a fright. I write things for him. I write about sin. Some sex and some lust, And the shit between. I write about love, And I write about me, Exposing myself, For the critics to teehee. I don't care what you think. Maybe you think that I stink. I probably do.. Sometimes I write when I drink. ...

Added 30 Jun 2014 | Category Love Poems | Votes 16 | Avg Score 5 | Views 373 | 16 Comments

Take off your mask

All things are possible in the realm of our fantasies, We can be authentic in every way, Opened up to all possibilities, As egos slip away. Take off your mask, The one you wear each day. Remove your steel facade, Let self conscience fall away. Be 100 percent, Be 1000 percent, Be bold in everything in everything you do, As you undress from all pretense. You are not the judge, ...

Added 29 Jun 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 14 | Avg Score 5 | Views 428 | 14 Comments


I am ferocious. Fucker, I am fierce. What you see is what you get, Can I be more clear? Baby, I'm explosive, I will blow your mind. What I'll do with my mouth, Well.. It's not the average kind. I got my box of tricks, You'd think I'd had a pimp, But no, it's all self taught, I'm just in the game to win. I've got you by the balls, Got you by your curlies. You're dreamin' of...

Added 19 Jun 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 15 | Avg Score 5 | Views 345 | 12 Comments


I fit just perfect, Wrapped up in his arms. I sit just perfect,  Flaunting all of my charms. Then a look comes into his eyes  And my toes start to wiggle. His blues so intense, That I start to giggle. Then through my lashes, My eyes peak at his. Boldness creeps in, With a wicked girl grin. He wants me to reveal, Every curve and dip. From the nape of my neck, To the length of...

Added 17 Jun 2014 | Category Love Poems | Votes 17 | Avg Score 5 | Views 314 | 14 Comments

I am his

Listening to your voice, My eyes watch your mouth, While my fingers touch your face, And I plan my next kiss. My lips brush your skin, A moan trembles me throughout, As your voice caresses my heart, Softly, a whimper escapes my mouth. Soft hairs scratch my tongue, Tracing hearts upon your neck, I linger on your pulse, dreamy, Intoxicated on your scent Follow my whisper in your ear,...

Added 16 Jun 2014 | Category Love Poems | Votes 15 | Avg Score 5 | Views 629 | 13 Comments


What is it.. About the moon..  To look above, She makes you swoon. She is so hypnotic, Mystery and unknown beauty. In some ancient language, She speaks of an eternity. Lovers share that same moon, Some nights tears are shed, Crying for the sun, To erase the memory of why we bled. Others lie embraced, Grasping at the light, Touching that eternity, That's only felt...

Added 15 Jun 2014 | Category Love Poems | Votes 14 | Avg Score 5 | Views 367 | 13 Comments

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Hola! Chiquita!

Posted: 13 Jul 2014 17:13
Dianna and I both thank you for taking the time to read Crimson Skies
We appreciate the support.

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Where have you been? Trinket is gone and now you. Today is my birthday.
No cake for you!

Posted: 11 Jul 2014 00:42
Now who cannot love him... Have a great weekend...

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Thank you for writing your amazing poem...you rock!!

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To ....

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You're latest poem is amazing...hugs...xx. I love your strength and don't care what others think attitude...love it...
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