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13 Sep 2011 04:14

Hmm.... Hitler had only one ball too

13 Sep 2011 01:58

Having a better week... Some nice lushies out there showing the love...Thanks u know who u are..

07 Sep 2011 04:49

somber mood.

30 Aug 2011 07:34

nice to be back...

19 Aug 2011 02:25

going away for a week... will miss you.

17 Aug 2011 16:54

Holding myself to a discipline that will make us hurt equally. But might be good if we think bigger than ourselves... Agh , this land of lush is so human but, recreative. like lord of the flies, is one of total explosive human instinctiveness, newnes. its a great place, but is also part to some serious relationship issues that for the matter of a server failure, could have massive emotional ramifications. Think about it, we cld lose our dearest freinds in the matter of a data coruption issue. I dont know the answer. We don't know the answer. As social media embedes relationships, our lives become precariously owned by the integrity of the fabric of computing that we created ourselves. Who needs cybernet when we're hanging ourselves by our own batards. A broken heart at the loss of a cyberfreind in moments. Never to be found again if more than just a few things happen by mistake.

12 Aug 2011 01:59

Whilst thinking of my next story.... I pondered..... is there a gap in the market for Alien sex? I guess with all the Japanese comic stuff with monsters fucking girls to oblivion, perhaps there is a market for more sophisticated alien erotica. Agent Scully seduced by smooth skinned 7 foot humanoid with a shape shifting cock.....Or MIB do marsian babe with 2 pussies..shades on. hmmm.. maybe I'm on to something.....errrh.. maybe I'm not!..lol

05 Aug 2011 06:51

Story Mashup

I'm going to write my next story

based on the first 3 things my friends respond to this with...

be as outrageous or abstract as you like....)

04 Aug 2011 04:30

thinkin bout my baby.....

27 Jul 2011 07:09

I luv Lisa

26 Jul 2011 01:15

16 Jun 2011 05:44

I've missed my little friend today...

15 Jun 2011 02:33

I guess the tension is not moving this scene forward....

13 Jun 2011 07:07

OMFG!!!somebody just shoot me now....cumon, lets see how many pap paps I get....

13 Jun 2011 05:47

Starting my new regime...