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09 Jun 2011 08:47

Woman kind needs me across the globe, I see that now. I cant be selfish with my skills any longer. I must save the world, and rid it from the scurge of dry and mediocre orgasms. Like smallville, I must now embrace my destiny. If I cant get round to you all, please don't think ill of me, I am only human, although maybe half horse too? well, being sagitarius I guess its understandable.

09 Jun 2011 00:53

contemplating my existence here..

06 Jun 2011 00:39

Making money and lushing are not compatable..lol

02 Jun 2011 02:45

Relationships can teeter precariously on edge of the 'chasm of fairness and need' Threats to end it all are temporary insanities based merely on self pity & protectionism. In the heat of the moment, one nudge can send love tumbling into the silent abyss, forever. Anger is temporary folks. Regret however, is for life.. Remember that all u Lush-mungers out there......especially some...lol ;-) Particularly if you've done it before. Ask urself ...WHY?

01 Jun 2011 07:11

Loving my new mota... enjoying the sun, and all the lovly lushies.. seeings some pple are asleep.. lol

26 May 2011 02:42

A new dawn, a new day, a new life, a new way... and im feeling good. bump.. bumpity bump... bumpity bump.. bum bum.... bumpity bump!.... i stop there lol

25 May 2011 14:30

Workers hands dont mix with i-phones. Unlike a good orgasm, U can lose freinds and not influence people very easily with a flick of a finger. baby cum back!! Mky

25 May 2011 00:02

Reflection... a bit hurt... but I gues I shouldnt be

24 May 2011 04:21

need to nuckle down and work now...

23 May 2011 04:13

So many lush hunnies to play with... missing my lil freind..

20 May 2011 19:57

Missing my freind

20 May 2011 02:41

So many ways to get squirting orgasms... just put up a few pics in my new album "squirt skills" to help u lovly lushies achieve those gushing delights!!!...

19 May 2011 08:00

Dam i love this place sometimes....

19 May 2011 04:01

too much space.....

16 May 2011 23:50

This week, i am mostly thnkn bout my fav squirters