aaannn's Blog Entries

27 Mar 2014 22:40

First submission in over a year (again, idk why it takes so long for me to just sit down and write) just completed. Now to just back and wait for the approved/denied message. Couldn't been a good comp entry if i cut out about a thousand words

23 Dec 2013 02:53

Well i guess that's what i get for being a slut...guess i have another relationship!

27 Oct 2013 18:29

I think I'm ready to be a slut again. I need to really get back into just mingling instead of sitting at home thinking about old shit

27 Oct 2013 00:51

I'm working on two different stories! gasp It's almost like I'm trying to get back into all of this

28 Sep 2013 11:35

I guess I got awarded with commentator a few days ago? lol Alrighty then.

BTW, sorry, but still no new stories at the moment

15 Jan 2013 08:05

For those who haven't read it and want to read it, here you go:

08 Jan 2013 16:44

Yay!!! It was approved and it'll be on the front page in about an hour I forgot how thrilling it is to write and have it approved

07 Jan 2013 22:49

Finally submitted my first story in over a year!

03 Jan 2013 18:13

Hmmm. Strange.

29 Nov 2012 22:16

As far as I know, all sites that received my messages were cooperative. Awesome

12 Oct 2012 15:31

I don't understand why people send me a friend request, then don't talk to me or anything of the sort, then send out messages saying they're just gonna delete me or those whom they don't talk to....
I mean, it's your prerogative, but wtf?

01 Sep 2012 23:32

I'm not saying I'm depressed, but I am not content.

03 Feb 2012 00:39

I love seeing my work after I mark someone up-- especially if they love it. It's like I've given myself a trail to lick xD

14 Jan 2012 22:50

So tired of people who flirt with me. Most days, they just piss me off and don't know how to actually compliment someone without resulting to physical shit. If you don't know what I look like, then don't call me sexy, beautiful, pretty, or hot. Thanks

07 Jan 2012 04:43

I hate it when people think they know me through my writing and then act shocked when i turn out to be different