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Topic Talk dirty???
Posted 24 May 2014 06:48

Ohhhh yesssss. The dirtier he talks the nastier I get.

I'm just the same. The sex is always better when talking dirty is included

Topic How slutty are you?
Posted 24 May 2014 05:23

81% I love cock what can I say Embarassed

Topic What made you try Anal?
Posted 24 May 2014 05:12

Never really thought about it until while I was fucking my ex boyfriend and he started talking dirty and told me he wanted to fill my ass and the way he said it drove me wild. As soon as he started fucking my ass I felt an almighty orgasm building and that when I came I was hooked.

Topic how eaasily do you get wet
Posted 24 May 2014 05:08

Really easy, especially if I hear the right word while being touched in a horny way. My fella knows exactly how to get my juices flowing.

Topic The craziest/sexiest place you have had sex is...
Posted 28 Sep 2012 02:54

a full pub car park twice
in a bus stop on a main road at rush hour.
childs play area
love giving my man head while he is driving
on the reception desk at work.

Topic Do you like getting your butt squeezed or spanked by your partner?
Posted 28 Sep 2012 02:45

love having my ass grabbed and squeezed.

Topic Hey ladies what kind of facial hair do you prefer?
Posted 28 Sep 2012 02:44

clean shaven all over. but a bit of stubble is also sexy.

Topic What is your favorite color pantie and bra
Posted 28 Sep 2012 02:42

i love a few.

deep blue

all in lace

Topic So ladies do you like cum?
Posted 28 Sep 2012 02:40

its not my favourite but shooting it all over me and in my muth satisfies my man then why not.

Topic Anal or pussy?
Posted 28 Sep 2012 02:32

both at the same time

Topic Describe yourself in one word
Posted 28 Sep 2012 02:29


Topic Your past self
Posted 28 Sep 2012 02:25

i would go back to when i was about 14 and tell myself that to become what i wanted i have to work my hardest and choose my friends wisely instead of letting the people i considered friends from then on walk all over me.
i would tell myself that i shouldnt have called him that da and arranged to meet up and have my dignity taken.
i would have told myself to egnore all the male attention and aim for better things in life and a career.

Topic What really turns you on?
Posted 28 Sep 2012 02:19

having my man walk into the room or wake me up with his hard cock in his hand, sexy cum to bed eyes. and watching him strip infront of me and showing me his toned and inked body Drool

Topic Is girls masturbating still considered taboo?
Posted 28 Sep 2012 02:16

i dont think soo. growing up i was aware of it and most of my gf's admitted they did but there were a few that said its not for them. but i am always at dont see anything wrong with it.

Topic Do you have a Dirty Mind?
Posted 28 Sep 2012 02:11

i like to think i have a wild and dirty imagination.