Molly Needs her Sister's Help

My sister was feeling so anxious and I knew I would do anything to help her. Anything.

My older sister Molly just came home from college for a two week visit. Last fall when she left for school, I immediately took over her room. Right after that Dad turned my old bedroom into his office. I was so happy to move into her bigger room (and bigger bed), but now that Molly was home, we were sharing that bedroom. I was worried it would feel crowded but it's been really fun. I guess...Read On


Mystical Tea (part two)

Two sisters sneak away on a camping trip and they share a cup of unusual tea.

Page said, "This is so cute. I forgot how much I love this!” "I loved it too." We both laughed. The love I felt for Page was boundless. Then she slid the towel down my back toward my bottom. Feeling her touching me down there was so heartwarming. I let out a mournful little "Ohhh." Page heard the emotion in my voice and stopped with the towel. She asked, "Shelly? What?" "It's my...Read On


Mystical Tea (Part One)

Two sisters sneak away on a camping trip and they share a cup of unusual tea.

My sister, Page, and I were sitting together in the shade of a tall red cliff system. We were both comfortable sitting on the sand, and it was hot. It wouldn't be too much to say it was one of the most beautiful places in the world. The deserts of southern Utah are so grand and so strange; it was like visiting a hidden spot from God's deepest imagination. My sister had a tiny camp stove...Read On



Alone with my Friend Claire (part two)

I spend the night alone in a hotel with Claire after our church group bus gets stopped in a storm.

Alone with my Friend Claire (part two) by Addie Q This is a continuation from part one. * * * Claire asked, "Is it okay if we watch just a little bit more?" I nervously replied, "I guess so." And then Claire looked at me, and smiled in a way that seemed so encouraging, and then she slowly picked up the clicker and pressed play. Suddenly, the once frozen image came alive,...Read On


Alone with my Friend Claire

My friend and I stay in a hotel room alone, and she convinces me to watch a movie

The bus was just creeping along, it was snowing like crazy and the roads were super slippery. Claire and I were sitting alone, way in the back of the bus, trying to stay warm. There was a heater vent back there, but it didn't help much. All the boys on the trip were sitting a few rows ahead of us, and they were making a lot of noise. Claire looked me and whispered, "Tammy, I'm so glad...Read On


My Young Friend Seems So Very Shy (part two)

The second half of the story, where we fall in love.

________________________________________ My Young Friend Seems So Very Shy (part two) by addieq ________________________________________ beginning of the second of two parts ________________________________________ Kristy stayed so still, at this point I was on the couch facing her, I was sitting on my knees leaning forward with my tongue wet against...Read On


My Young Friend Seems So Very Shy (part one)

A true story on how I fell in love with a shy young girl

My Young Friend Seems So Very Shy (part one) by addieq ___________________________________ part one of two parts ___________________________________ When I write my stories, I am concerned with one an only one thing - trying to create a mood of tenderness and longing. I think that sometimes I probably over do it, but these feelings are so important to me. When...Read On