Group Sex(1)


More Office Shenanigans

[Author's note: This is a continuation of another story (linked below). The plot isn't complicated by any means, but it might make more sense if you read the other one first] The week following our romp in Colleen's office was an interesting one. Aside from some sly looks between Katie and I, and the occasional quiet reference to that evening, not much came of it right away. Colleen was...Read On



The Group Effort

Mark deals with the aftermath of the sleepover

“Mark, I think I know what you were up to the other night,” Laura said. Mark’s heart plunked into his stomach, and he tried to sound as nonchalant as possible. “O-oh? What’s that?” “Well, you seem to be awfully friendly with Gail.” “No, we jus-” “Let me finish, Mark. I know we were all drunk and being a bit silly, but I think you might have been taking advantage of that by...Read On



Helping Kelli

Will helps his female coworker live out a fantasy

A couple weeks ago, I found myself on a rather interesting business trip. The long and short of it is that I ended up walking in...accidentally, mind you...on one of my coworkers masturbating. But, a little background before I get to the good stuff. My name is Will, and my aforementioned coworker is Kelli. I'm 33, in the neighborhood of five foot nine, perfectly average looking, with my...Read On


Coffee Shop Orgasm

A young woman tries something new...

[Author’s note: This is a short one that occurred to me as I was sitting in a coffee shop. I tried for a “less is more” approach…no idea if it worked or not. If the feedback is mostly positive, I’ll see about continuing it.] It was a scorching hot day, slightly humid, but mostly just plain old hot. Barely a cloud in the sky, and every surface in the city radiated waves of heat. Wanting...Read On


Wine Bar Date

A woman risks discovery to please her friend

Miranda walked down the street in a daze, trying to ignore the lingering moisture between her legs. After her surprising, yet incredibly rewarding experience at the coffee shop, she could hardly wait for dinner later with the mysterious Heather. Even if nothing sexual happened, she still wanted to know more about the woman who was brazen enough to take control of a complete stranger in...Read On



Judy, From Church

Mark learns that his mom's friend Judy has a bit of a domineering side

Wham! Mark’s Econ II textbook bounced off the wall and fell in a heap on the floor. "Mark, what the heck was that?" his mom, Laura, called from down the hall. "Nothing!" he yelled back. A moment later, she poked her head into his room. "Nothing?" she asked, pointing at the used textbook lying at her feet. "Sorry mom...just sick of this dumb class." She glared at...Read On


The Van Ride

Judy continues to dominate her friend's son, this time in public

The dinner was quiet and normal. Judy and Mark’s mother Laura carried on an animated conversation, just as she normally did, about bosses, talking about upcoming church events...the usual. Mark made sure to sit in the opposite corner of the booth from Judy and mostly kept to himself, while still smiling and nodding at all the right times. After arriving home for the night, Mark...Read On


Showing Off

Judy compells her friend Gail to participate in her games

After the Book Wagon, life once again returned to normal - school, work, sleep, eat, rinse, repeat. There was one key difference however. Every moment Mark was at home was fraught with a sort of erotically dangerous tension. Not only did he almost constantly think about his experiences with Judy and have to hide erections practically every time they were in the same room, he also had to...Read On


The Sleepover

An unexpected power outage means Mark gets to spend the night snuggled up with his mom's friends

By the end of summer, Judy's house was fixed, and much to Mark's mixed relief and disappointment, she was able to move home. Not long after, he was once again up to his eyeballs in schoolwork as summer session ended and he was back to a full class load. He was also surprised and delighted to find himself with a girlfriend, a shy and somewhat prudish girl named Nora, by the end of September....Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Delayed Flight

A weather delayed flight leads to an impromptu encounter

The airport was bustling at six o'clock on a Tuesday evening. Snow was beginning to blanket the area, and while flights were still coming and going, visibility was rapidly deteriorating. Please clear my flight , I thought. Pleeeeeease.  I wanted to go home. My gate was already packed with people. I pulled up a piece of floor and sat against the window, facing a short row of seats....Read On



Botched Presentation to the Boss

Two underlings decide to make the office a better place by fucking their boss

[Author’s note: This is my first go at writing erotic fiction, and I have no idea how it will be received. On top of that, my writing skills are a bit rusty these days. It’s roughly based on a recurring fantasy of mine, but the people involved are fictional. If at least a few people enjoy it, then I’m happy.] The idea to seduce my boss first came up on a dreary Thursday evening. It wasn't...Read On