My Sexual Awaking II Breakfast With Liz

Thank you, Rick for your help and your input

My Sexual Awakening II, Breakfast With Liz As we pull up in the driveway, you notice how nervous I am. Even though Liz and I have talked and played many times on the computer, this is our first meeting. “Relax sweetheart,” you tell me. “Everything is going to be just fine. Mom will love you. Hell she already does.” We step out of the car. I see the curtains move. I know she is watching...Read On



Fay Learns Her lesson-A New Chapter begins

Mom and son start a new chapter in their lives

Part 11 – Fay Learns Her lesson-A New Chapter begins Thankfully I got home before Jay. I undressed and slipped into the shower to be fresh for my Sir when he got home. I looked forward to seeing Jay this evening but also dreaded the punishment I knew I deserved. Sitting naked on the couch, I just finished my third glass of wine when I heard Jay’s car stop in the drive. I moved...Read On


My Son Jay - part 10, getting ready for a new start

mom has a little fun on her last day at the old job

It was still early evening when Jay and I returned home. Jay ran to the door of the Escalade opening it, offering his hand to help me out. Careful not to make our neighbors aware of our new relationship, I took Jay’s arm and he escorted me inside. Once the door closed Jay pulled me to him, embracing me in a loving hug, kissing me with a lover’s passion, murmuring how much he loves me and...Read On


My Son Jay part 9 - Life After Pop's

Pop's makes sure we are taken care of

A couple weeks passed and Jay and I only grew closer. It was nice having someone in my life; in my bed, a man I had literally loved his entire life. There were still some growing pains getting used to Jay being my Sir rather than just my son, but I was doing pretty good. I hadn’t had to spend much time in Dad’s thinking closet lately and the stripes from Dad’s cane, delivered by Jay to remind...Read On


My Son Jay Part 8 - The Commitment

One should never test the patience or love of her Sir

A big Thank You to Sir Ryder, for his help and his guidance in bringing this story to life. I couldnt have done it without him. Saturday morning I woke, I was in bed alone wondering where Jay was and when did he get up. Then I glanced over at the clock, it was almost noon , of course Jay was up. My head hurt and my stomach felt like it had done somersaults all night. The events of the...Read On


Dee and Me

When little sister calls, big sister is there to take her in

The ringing phone shook me from my daydreams, when I answered it, I was met with a very tearful, very distraught younger sister. Her husband has done it again, he got drunk and laid into her. I told her to pack up the kids and come on over right away before he could do worse. With in a half hour, she on my step ringing the doorbell. Dee is the youngest in our family, Mom had 9 of...Read On


My Son Jay - part 7 Jay takes charge

Pops passes and Jay has to take a stand

My night was filled with lovely dreams, dreams of Jay taking control. Did we really do what I think we did yesterday? My body screamed as I tried to move, erasing any doubt about what took place yesterday. I felt Jay in bed beside me, his legs on mine and his arm around me. As I tried to move he mumbled in his sleep and pulled me closer. I looked at Jay lying beside me thinking, ‘the young...Read On


My Son Jay part 6 the transition continues

Jay finally finds out what its like to have a slut of his own

The next morning I felt beside me and again dad was up first. The smell of fresh coffee wafted up the stairs filling my nostrils. My feet now on the floor, I instinctively reached for my robe but then remembered what dad had said. I staggered down the stairs my eyes still foggy and unfocused. Dad was watching some Sunday morning news show sitting in his favorite chair I had bought especially...Read On


My son Jay, Part 5 - The transition begins

Jay gets his first glimpse at his mommy slut

Thank You Sir Ryder Your ideas are invaluable The unmistakable sounds of Jay trotting down the stairs echoed thru the house. Sir instructed his slut to sit in the chair; at first sitting with her legs crossed like a proper lady, but with the dress so short crossing my legs exposed my thighs and curvature of my ass. The thigh highs barely came to the bottom of the dress when standing, but...Read On


My Son Jay: Part 4 Preparing for training

This weekend Jay starts to train to replace Pops

Due to length part 4 is being posted to build for the upcoming chapter Thank You to Sir Ryder for His input The next morning I woke to the smell of coffee brewing and bacon frying. Jay was still asleep. Oh my god, what had I done? A rush of guilt flowed over me. I knew I had done what I had to do, but I couldn’t help this feeling. I slipped out of bed careful not to wake Jay. I walked softly...Read On


In Mother's Arms

A failing marriage, his mother's love, takes Rob where he never thought he would go.

I got off work early today, and I didn’t want to go home and face the fight with my wife again. My thoughts wander to the morning fight, it's always the same thing with her: I don’t make enough money, I never take her anywhere, we have nothing, God how do I make her happy. I try, I work seven days a week, I can’t possibly work 24 hours a day, to give her everything she wants. How long has it...Read On


My Son Jay - Our first night together

couldnt get what I seen Jay doing out of my mind

“Mom…?” “What are you doing?” “Why are you here? And why are you naked, what the hell is going on?” My mind raced looking for answers. Answers that would put his mind at ease; I reached for him and pulled my Son close to me, brushing the hair from his face. “Shhhh”, I whispered. “It’s going to be alright.” I explained how his Grandfather, my Sir had sent me to his bed as a punishment...Read On


My Son Jay, part two The Revelation

Jay learns the truth about his Mom and Pops

His fingers still pinching my nipples, his hands curled into fists, I heard him curse softly under his breath. My body was being wracked by shudders of want and need. And now I am shaking with fear. How do I explain to my son of 17, that his grandfather is my Dom, and that I am his more than willing submissive? That this man, who raised me, has brought my life back together, and given me...Read On


My Son Jay - part one

Even mothers have secrets

This is a multi-part story, written in collaboration with my friend, my mentor, Sir Ryder. Without his input and guidance I never would have been able to get this story off the ground. Thank you, Sir Ryder. Today when my son come home from school he was distraught and angry; I have never seen a young man so angry. He is a typical teenager, he is 17 years old and moody, often frustrated,...Read On


My Lover, My Son - The Big Surprise

My lover, my son, revisited. Rick has a big surprise in store for his mother

To celebrate our third month anniversary, I picture, a quiet champagne dinner with candle light, soft music, maybe even a little dancing. Since its a beautiful warm Friday night maybe even a walk down by the river. I hear Rick's car in the driveway. I hurry to the door to greet him. He comes in the door and puts his arms around me, his kisses are filled with passion , he holds me close...Read On


Dancing on the patio

Our quiet dinner on the patio turns very steamy

Rick is making dinner tonight on the BBQ, he loves to grill and knows I love it when he does the cooking. I light the lantern for the center piece of the table and light the garden candles around the deck. He is happily singing to himself over the food that smells so tantalizing, my stomach rumbles, I cant wait. He plates our dinner and brings it to the table, his eyes meet mine and he...Read On


I'm a lucky girl

I found love in my dad's arms

Dad and I talked all evening, he asked me why I was so sad today when I showed up on his doorstep.  I told him of the fight that Mom and I had the day before and how she said that I was fat and lazy, and nobody would want me. Your 17 now and can decide where you want to be, why don't you just go live with your Dad, you deserve each other. I asked him why she hated me so bad, she always...Read On


My Lover My Son the final chapter

Our last day of vacation, we do a little sightseeing

 I woke up this morning, my heart a little heavy. Our perfect week was quickly drawing to a close, tomorrow we would be going home. I was saddened knowing that we would be going back to the life we have lived so long. I roll over and look into the face of the handsome man still sleeping beside me, I kiss his cheek and get up and head to the shower. I want to surprise Rick with a nice...Read On


My Lover, My Son II

after the nap, clean up can be fun

As I awake, I feel his breath caressing the back of my neck. It makes me shiver a little. His hand, warm on my breast, I realize, yes this man lying behind me has become my lover in every sense of that beautiful word … at least for this week. My mind returns to yesterday to the feel of his hand on my leg in the car and how it thrilled me to know that he wanted me as badly as I wanted him....Read On


My Lover, My Son

a week away turns mother and son into lovers

Since his divorce, my son has been so busy at work that he hasn't had a lot of time to go out and meet anyone, so he spends a lot of time with me. I absolutely adore him, he is everything I could hope to have in a man, except that he is my son. We had been talking about taking some time just to get away somewhere, some place quiet so he could get away from his job and just relax. We rented...Read On



My unknown lover

phone sex is an adventure, with a peeking partner

The incessant ringing of the phone pulls me from the shower, I pick it up, and after saying hello, I stop and listen close. That deep southern drawl pulls me in again. “You may not believe this,” he says, “But I can see you, I know exactly where and how your standing. You’re standing with your hand on your hip, trying to look out the window without getting too close. Wondering if you will...Read On


I love to tease

Teasing is so much fun...

As you come in the door, I come around the corner, dressed in an oversized shirt, and a pair of satin panties. You look at me and smile. You take me in your arms and pull me close, and gently kiss me, your lips soft and sweet. Our tongues meet and we explore each others' mouths. I grab your hand and pull you into the room. I take off your shirt, and undo your pants, letting them drop to...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Once upon a Saturday

What happens to girls who take a motorbike ride by themselves.

It's Saturday afternoon and I decide I need a little R&R, get out and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and Rick my boyfriend, he has issues today and I'm just not ready to deal with them right now. I'm just gonna hop on my motorbike and see where the highway takes me first ride of the season. If I go 2 hours out and 2 hours back home, I should still have time to get ready...Read On

Straight Sex(6)


Fun on a lazy afternoon

Sex should be fun

When I hear your car in the driveway, I come to the door to greet you, as I always do. Today something is wrong, you're moving slow and carefully like you are in a great deal of pain. “What's wrong?” I ask, “What did you do?” You just look at me and shake your head. “Yeah, ok, so I ask a lot of stupid questions.” I said, “but that's only because I failed the home study course in mind...Read On


The meeting part 5 - My Adventures With Harvey

Mornings, my favorite time of day for making love

 I stretch and feel the man lying next to me. I open my eyes and look at the sleeping face of this gentle man. My arm tightens around him a little, not wanting to disturb his slumber, he is tired, we had a full day yesterday. He took me on a very romantic balloon ride, then for a carriage ride through Central Park. Harvey treated me like I was a princess all day, then still had to drive the...Read On


The meeting part 4- Our adventure continues

Fantasies do come true.

Oh my, my pussy hasn't been so pleasured in a long, long time. I don't know where he finds his strength, but Harvey managed to satisfy my urgent demands for his body. I wanted him to hold me and never let me go, this strong yet gentle being was driving me to heights I have never experienced before. He kept telling me how sexy and beautiful I was, everything a girl likes to hear. After...Read On


The Meeting - Part 2

we are making the dream come true

The cool evening air raises goosebumps on both of us, as we stand together enjoying the gentle sway of the boat and the water lapping at its sides. Off in the distance, we can hear music playing and can see the sparks from the campfires along the distant shores. I feel his arms go around my waist as he pulls me into him. We stand together looking at the moonlight reflecting off the water, I...Read On


Dream Lover

it seemed so real, how could it be a dream

I see you standing there on the beach, looking so straight and tall in your surfing gear. Yes you are a handsome specimen. Your hair all wet and windblown, your back straight. I see you smiling at me your hand raised in a wave of greeting. Oh my, you take my breath away. I turn to remove my clothing. I feel you come up behind me and put your arms around me, I feel your breath then your lips...Read On


My Sexual Awakening

this is my first story, BIG thank you to Chefgiovanni and Ricksmomliz for their inspiration and help

My Sexual Awakening I open my eyes this morning and I look at your sweet face as you sleep, I smile and stretch. I have this desire to wake you and arouse you like you were last night. Your gorgeous cock was so hard, so big, and fit perfectly inside my pussy. You have touched me like no other man. I resist the temptation for now. Instead, I slide out from under the covers and head into...Read On