Eternal Fire Part One

Once lit, some fires are impossible to extinguish.

Suzanne Berkley sheltered underneath the smoking shelter's Perspex canopy and fired up her lighter. The flame touched the tip, and it began to glow red as she gratefully inhaled the smoke and it's associated calming effect. Wispy strands of her dark red hair whipped wildly in the wind as she turned to face her similarly unhealthy companion. "So then Suze, how are your New Years...Read On


Chloe Comes Calling Chapter 3

"It's going to be a hot and sunny day, with high temperatures of thirty two to thirty three degrees in urban areas," came the sober voice from the radio. I clicked it off before they could give out their dire warnings of running the risk of heatstroke, and make sure you always wear sun cream. I picked the right week to take some leave from work, I thought to myself. I looked out the window...Read On

Straight Sex(5)


Lustful Intent

Welcome to The Game

The smell of burning wood enters your nostrils as you open the door. You glance over at the welcoming fireplace, where the logs are cracking, and sparks fly. The room is dimly lit by the guttering flames emanating from candles, which are arranged on bookshelves around the perimeter of the room. You step across the threshold. Your black high heels clack noisily against the bare floorboards,...Read On


Chloe Comes Calling Chapter 4

Chloe walked into the shade at the side of the house. "Are you two coming, or what?" she called. With that she raised her hands, and covered her breasts. I looked down at India, who was still breathing heavily on the sun lounger. "We'll be there in a minute. I think your friend needs to recover," I answered. "I'll be inside. Come and join me. Whenever you're ready, that is..." she...Read On


Chloe Comes Calling Chapter 2

Chloe picked up her phone from the side of the sofa, and unplugged it from the charger. "I have to tell India about this," she said. With her free hand she pulled out the cups of her red bra, and tucked her breasts back in with the other. Her nipples were hard, like small pebbles underneath the lace fabric. The rain beat ever harder against the window, and the room smelled of sex. I...Read On


Perfect Strangers

A chance encounter leads to do much more.

I see you in the late evening returning home from work. You are dressed in a short skirt, heeled shoes, and a thin, strapped top. You reach your front door but drop your keys. As you bend down to pick them up, your skirt rides up and exposes even more of your shapely thighs, and the curve of your tight, pert bum. I remember seeing you a couple of nights ago in a bar. You were sat with a...Read On


Chloe Comes Calling

A quiet Saturday suddenly becomes interesting.

It started out as a typical English spring Saturday. I stood in the kitchen and looked out of the window at the steadily falling rain. The clouds overhead were steel grey, and showed no sign of breaking. The kettle clicked off, jolting me out my reverie. "We're off now, see you later," I heard my wife call from the hallway. "Okay. Have fun," I replied turning to face her as she opened the...Read On