First Time(1)


Jake and I have an amazing first time

A very descriptive first time between to young teens in love;)

Hi I'm Megan, this is the story of my first time. I will be writing the story in the present tense even though at the time I was 16 and I am now 19. I hope you enjoy! I should give you a little back ground info. I am 5'5 with longish brown hair with light sun highlights. I have chocolate brown eyes and slight freckles. I have a very petite body with nice full hips and a set of 32 B's to match....Read On



Twin obsessions-Part 3

The twin brothers help their sister learn the art of double penetration

Sixteen-year-old Megan jumped when I slide my hands over her hips and wrapped her up in my warm embrace. She snuggled into me. I loved the feel of her petite body against me. The bathroom mirror had already started to fog, I called to my twin, "James! Get your ass over to our girl." Our girl.. I liked the sound of that, so did she I guess as she beamed her beautiful smile up at me. She...Read On


Twin obsessions-Part 2

Twin obsessions-part 2 I woke up with swollen pink eyes, and a stuffy nose. I thought back to yesterday. Oh my god. I had made out and oh my god. I did what I did with my brothers? Would they hate me? What if- a soft knock at my door pulled me from my worry session. I got off my bed and went into the bathroom to quickly clean myself up. "Sage?" "Uhhh. Yepp? I'll be just a minute jake." ...Read On


Twin obsessions- part 1.

Twin obsessions- part 1. I jumped onto one of my older brother's back and told him that I was too tired to walk home. He laughed and before he could speak, I was being pulled of his back. I was too surprised to react though. I wiggled in my attacker's hands just enough to catch the glimpse of the smirk on my other brothers face. "James! Put me down!" I whined. He laughed his deep laugh,...Read On