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27 Mar 2014 10:18

Jessica and her daddy part 2 is up, only a short one!

25 Mar 2014 18:02

Just sent "Jessica and her Daddy - part 2" off for verification. Hope everyone likes it when it goes up and will rate and comment! Sorry it took so long everyone. But as I have said, once my laptop is fixed I will be writing more! I do NOT appreciate nasty messages! Thanks love Ellie xxxxxxxxx

12 Jan 2014 17:03

I want to explore my bi sexual side, any girls wanna chat? Inbox me please

12 Jan 2014 16:57

Hey who's horny tonight?

17 Nov 2013 13:02

Someone Inbox me

16 Nov 2013 11:44

Just submitted a new story waiting for publishing!

16 Nov 2013 07:53

Please rate and comment my new picture and story! I take story and picture requests! Xx

16 Nov 2013 06:05

If I could have wish id wish I could make some close friends on here, who I could really talk to and who would support my writing

16 Nov 2013 05:52

New story is up! Any thoughts? Would be grateful if my friends could rate and comment! Any praise or criticism greatly appreciated. Xxxxxxxxxxx

15 Nov 2013 15:10

Any pic or story requests? Inbox or wall post me New story still waiting to be published!! Anyone like the new picture? any feedback on both the new story (coming shortly I hope) and the new picture I've uploaded would be greatly appreciated!! Love to all xxxxxxxxxx

15 Nov 2013 08:29

New story waiting to be published and I've just uploaded a new picture... Let me know what people want a picture of next as this one was a request xxxxxxxxx hugs&kisses!

29 Oct 2013 16:38

I'm back bitches

22 Sep 2012 12:43

Rate&comment my new story please eveyone?

13 Sep 2012 14:17

30 Aug 2012 14:03

Hi everyone! Sorry I've not written anything new for a while. I Have A LOT going on right now PROMISE i'll get writing sooon