anth9012's Blog Entries

02 Mar 2014 11:16

hey ladies if you want to chat
add me

23 Jan 2014 10:05

Don't mean any offence to anyone, but how do my submissions keep getting turned down due to grammatical errors and such, when i read a bunch of stories with worse mistakes that seemed to be ok to be published 0.o

22 Dec 2013 04:06

who wants to be my dirty little schoolgirl?

22 Dec 2013 04:00

how i wish i was spending this weekend

17 Dec 2013 13:20

finally cleared my friends list of anyone who didnt talk

14 Oct 2013 15:55

to all my friends, sorry if i disappear, laptop struggling to load lush for some fkin reason :L

25 Apr 2013 18:24

most men have a pussy seeking missile in their pants
you just have to hope they dont have a short fuse and a decent aim

25 Apr 2013 18:22

too true

25 Apr 2013 13:18

i wont kick your ass, ill just fuck it

19 Apr 2013 12:32


19 Apr 2013 11:27

franky says it best

18 Apr 2013 01:44

my cats had kittens 4 beautiful ones
mums cats had the snip and keeps trying to take her cone off

14 Apr 2013 13:00

thats it, clearing my friends list, if we dont talk, goodbye

05 Apr 2013 10:36

cant stop listening to this song :L

02 Apr 2013 10:56

love a nice pair of firm tits around my hard cock