First Time(1)


Taylor takes my cherry

It all started yesterday...

Around 5:30 I got a call from my coworker,”Can Taylor take your shift tonight?” I was supposed to start in 30 minutes but I didn’t really need the shift as much as him. “Sure but I was already planning on going to work so I will just come by and pick up a sandwich.” Ok a little background info: I work part time at a sandwich shop called Potbelly and at the moment I’m a high school...Read On



Birthday Sex- Part 3

Several weeks had past since Jack and I had sex. Small glances would be passed between us as well as casual conversations but nothing more than that. It turned out that I didn’t need to take a pregnancy test seeing as Mother Nature had visited a couple days after our intimacy. I can honestly say that I missed him. Not necessarily him in bed, although I missed that as well, but more of us...Read On


Birthday Sex- part 2

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“Actually mom, I was just about to get out.” I smile then back up to Jack and whisper “join me”. I get out and walk in with mom then go straight up to my room… I stripped and lay quickly in bed. It was a good 20 minutes until I heard a knock on my door. I suspected he was trying to get his hard on to go away before he got out of the pool so mom wouldn’t see. “Can I come in?” I heard...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Oh how I love you

First story, please critique if at all possible :)

His name was Cory. I didn't know that until after about two weeks of talking with him. I really loved his personality and we really connected. I would see him in the halls and wave trying to be casual even though I had a certain kind of longing for him. It wasn't necessarily a sexual longing; it's just that I wanted to be with him. After about a week of casually seeing each other, I finally...Read On