My Sweet Rachael

Taking a chance yields an encounter that changes a young woman's life

I met Rachael at a nightclub in downtown Savannah, on a beautiful mid-summers night. I remember the night well, because it was the night I took a chance and made a decision that ultimately changed my life. She was an utterly captivating and extremely cute woman. I was immediately attracted to her and for the life of me I couldn’t stop starring at her. I loved the way she moved about the room....Read On



The Pageant

An unusual end-of-summer beauty pageant spices up a young man's relationship

I was happy to finally get a job, a decent job, at Sweeney, Burke, and Garcia, a law firm in Savannah, my hometown of about 25 years. The economy was still hurting and I was days away from making a decision to move to another city, so I was grateful for the opportunity that came my way to remain in my beloved city. I was hired as a temporary executive assistant for one of their...Read On


The Birth of Amber Lynn

A man plays dressup and realizes it has been the missing ingredient in his sex life

I had been dating Suzanne for about two months. She was a gorgeous woman I met while working as a computer technician at Aritech Computing. A successful sales consultant for the company, she made them a lot of money through all her sales. One look at Suzanne, and men would open their wallets to buy whatever new gadget or software she touted as being new and improved. As such, she in turn made...Read On


A Night Out with Suzanne

Young man decides to support his new girlfriend's fetish and finds out a lot about who he really is

I hadn’t seen Suzanne in 15 years. She was a member at the country club where my father had worked and, despite living in separate towns, we saw each other every summer. We enjoyed each other’s company and we spent most of our days playing tennis and swimming at the pool. When I graduated from college and went into the Army, the thoughts of Suzanne were just faraway memories. Then,...Read On