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Masquerade Ball

Can A Mystery Man Change My Mind?

“Do you really think you won’t be going to the ball?” My friend Isabella asks me, as we dress for class. We live in the same apartment and have for the last two years. She’s my best friend, and I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s been there for me, through good times and bad. Of course, I've done the same for her. “I really don’t know, Izzy. I mean it’s not been that long since...Read On

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Natural Beauty Part 2 - The Date

Ellen’s date with Bob does not go quite as planned...

After a few months of chatting online with Bob, Ellen had agreed to meet him for dinner, followed by a night out. Not having dated since her husband, Ken, passed away, she was rather nervous about it and had used just about every beauty tip in the book to get herself looking good... **** Ellen caught herself admiring the tight little ass of the young Italian waiter, as she followed...Read On

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I Want to Watch You Wank

I've been waiting for you. What do I want to see you do?

This story only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. I'm waiting for you to come online. Literally. I'm sat here in my underwear, in the chilly room whilst I wait for the heating to kick in. It's made my nipples hard and huge, and they ache with cold and anticipation. You like that, don't you? My hard nipples, straining through the sheer cups of...Read On

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Bedtime Story for My Pet (#2)

More instructions for good little girl submissives to listen to in bed.

This is the second recording that was originally created for a pet of mine who lived far away. Like the first it's an interactive fantasy meant to allow the listener to imagine touching and being touched and being told what to do and say. The response to the first one was quite positive, so I hope everyone will enjoy this as well. Feedback is always welcome....Read On

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Annual Meeting

Andrea loves her husband and devotes herself to helping him succeed

"Darling, I'm just going to run to the ladies’ room." "But," Winston stammered, "but you'll miss my speech." "I've heard it, remember?" Andrea said with a smile, collecting her clutch purse and pushing back from the table. I can almost recite it myself, she thought, recalling the hours they’d spent together rehearsing, writing and making changes. Forty minutes, she thought as...Read On

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My pleasure toy

I love to use my toy

I love to use my...Read On

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One Hand In My Knickers

This is a transcript of a message from a lass to her lover, when she needs a quick fiddle at work.

This story only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. Message begins: "Where are you? I need you to answer. ... Pick up? ... Please? Oh, come on! I need you. I'm so hot, and I've got one hand in my knickers right now. I'm in the toilets, and I'll have to be quiet if anybody comes in. Pick up, dammit! Mmm... Oh, lad, where the fuck are...Read On

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Dark eyes

A very condensed version of how M'Lady and I came together

My eyes look across the floor to see you there, lips of black velvet and alabaster skin. Your sparkling green eyes a window to your soul, what chance have I with a beauty like you. Dancing time and again with those less perfect, wishing my fear would let me invite you to the floor. Then a touch on my arm and a turn of my head, you stand there, an invite in your smile. The thoughts...Read On

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First Time

The first time with my virgin girl

The first time with my virgin girl, I've been waiting so long and after a wonderful evening my wait is finally...Read On

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Vibrators Are For Pussies!

Sometimes you just have to do things the old fashioned way...

"Open your legs," his growl echoed through the tinny speakers. "Show me that hot, sticky cunt of yours... No, of MINE!" I obediently lifted my bare ass and parted my thighs. His eyes widened and his lips formed a silent ‘O’ as I tilted the laptop lid down, webcam making my pussy fill his screen. "Oh, there's a good fucking girl," he cooed. "Now, spread those juicy lips for me, show...Read On

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Job Well Done

Gina gives her team a party, and they show how partying is really done!

"Hey, boss," Lance interrupted as she watched her group mingling and celebrating. "Just wanted to say thanks, for all this." 'Boss' was how they all addressed her, even Lance, although she knew they referred to her as Gina behind her back. She didn’t like 'Ms. Thornton' because it irritated her, a constant reminder her of her failed marriage and the fact that she'd been alone these fifteen...Read On

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The Interview

A slut fucks for the job

This is part one of...Read On

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The Untimely Death Of Viagra Victor (Aged 92)

A very silly ditty inspired by the superior work of Lush's Daisy Shylass!

Put down the kettle, Ethel, the blue pill is kicking in, Throw on your sexy bloomers and pour us both a gin. I feel a stirring in my slacks as wrinkled flesh engorges, The diamond doll is working, and you my dear are gorgeous... Take out your curlers, Ethel, and struggle into bed, Take out your teeth as well old girl, we'll try a little head. To start, lean on your zimmer frame, I'll take...Read On

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The Library Crawl

Patti follows her Master's orders in the Public Library

I must be crazy , Patti thought to herself. She didn't look crazy. In fact, she looked the opposite of crazy, if there was such a thing, although it was true she didn't look the way she normally did. At the moment, to the casual observer Patti might easily be mistaken for a librarian: her dark hair was pulled up into a bun on top of her head, and she had on glasses and no make-up, and...Read On

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Editor's Pick

Midnight Dreams And Filthy Little Secrets

Midnight dreams are often the filthiest.

I lay in my marriage bed last night. My beloved breathing deeply beside me; his slow, even breaths a constant reminder of his trust, and I dreamt of you. Dreamt of your fingertips owning my soul. Dreamt of your hands; hard and rough, digging into the softness of my flesh. Controlling, demanding... My body aches, and my small breasts heave; the tips swollen and hard, desperately...Read On