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Bio: WHAT to say......... Hit the big 30 last year, i'm here to have my stories read and liked if they get posted.
don't mind chat, as long as it's clean please, I have a full time partner, who dose t...
28 Feb 2013 Love Stories
Quickie Sex
3 4.20 18057

12 Nov 2008 Group Sex
Straight Sex
25 4.09 205093

20 Apr 2012 Mature
1 4.33 25267

03 Oct 2010 Straight Sex
1 5.00 2074

23 Jun 2011 First Time
2 4.62 27716

Bio: I resumed to accept new friends requests. I keep my profile, but I will be inactive here. I am 20+ years old. My father is Swedish, my mother Japanese. My friends call me Lola, but my name is Lotus. I...
10 Nov 2010 Group Sex
5 4.75 28708

25 Mar 2010 Love Stories
1 3.50 1928

22 Mar 2011 Spanking
2 4.85 24055

02 May 2011 Reluctance
1 4.24 36148

Bio: Hi all- My name is Dave Glenn. I write about my disasters with women. Because I'm a High School math teacher, I really can't reveal too much about my identity; I'd get fired. I hope you enjoy reading ...
08 Jan 2011 Fetish
First Time
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.59 41671

Bio: HGV Driver, who loves the freedom that trucking gives with the pleasure of knowing i get home to see my wife every weekend for good food, good alcohol and sex lots of it.
07 Dec 2009 Exhibitionism
First Time
Group Sex
Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
32 4.35 364633

11 Apr 2013 Love Stories
1 5.00 2553

21 Aug 2011 Gay Male
3 4.78 47924

Bio: Retired Navy.
12 Apr 2012 Group Sex
Wife Lovers
6 4.71 40651

29 Jun 2012 Straight Sex
1 4.67 1742

Bio: A 60 year-old Englishman who has always loved the company of, and chatting to, women...and also loved sex. I will only post true stories although the names will be changed.

I'd love to hear f...
11 Jun 2012 Group Sex
Wife Lovers
3 4.65 23883

Bio: I am 27yo and live in Edinburgh,Scotland. I love to chat and meet new people. I usually write about straight sex but havn't written anything for a while, too busy reading other stories. I love to trav...
16 Jun 2009 Masturbation
Straight Sex
4 4.55 15170

Bio: I'm an Infantryman in the U.S. Army, it's been my dream since I was ten to serve. I've been visiting Lushstories for years and finally decided to make a profile, always being a fan for erotic stories....
26 Oct 2012 Love Stories
1 4.79 2577

Bio: Im a guy in my forties now, but just love any sexual story. I have lots of memories from my teens when i was quite sexually active. Love innocent stories and young teens, probably the above that acc...
07 Aug 2008 First Time
1 4.24 17328

Bio: I am a twenty-four year old crossdresser, who enjoys writing, running and web design. I am also happily married to my wife, who supports, proofreads and sometimes offers advice for my writing and extr...
04 Mar 2010 Crossdressing
6 4.25 44886