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Bio: I am a happily married man with children and grandchildren. I have a passion for good erotica, especially stories involving adventurous wives and couples. I have for the the first time written a coupl...
07 Mar 2013 Love Poems
Wife Lovers
3 4.72 33725

25 Dec 2013 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
Straight Sex
13 4.95 4584

11 Oct 2010 Love Poems
1 5.00 882

06 Jun 2013 Masturbation
1 4.84 13772

Bio: I am an older British guy with a young attitude and a lot of imagination. I like to bring fantasy scenarios to life. I have written my first novel with several chapters plus a few short stories. I hav...
31 Jul 2012 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
Straight Sex
12 4.37 38143

Bio: Here for reading and writing I'm not interested in cyber.
11 Jan 2011 BDSM
2 4.79 21561

10 Mar 2012 Love Poems
3 4.77 1526

04 Mar 2007 Straight Sex
1 3.80 4883

Bio: I do not chat!

GUYS...I don't mind being friends with you but I am not interested in chat or texting with you. I do respond to emails as long as you are a gentleman.

LADIES...Feel fr...
21 Oct 2012 Bisexual
1 5.00 5580

Bio: Start with one of the Sweetest souls, add a child like attitude with s kinky side and add a pinch of a smartass and you get me! I love to sing and draw. Beware talking with me, you'll either like me o...
21 Apr 2013 Love Poems
1 4.00 517

Bio: I love reading and writing erotic stories, especially stories involving MF spanking and bdsm. Otherwise, I am just your everday southern belle that has a successful career, kids, husband and a mortga...
27 Nov 2009 Spanking
2 4.56 77701

Bio: I'd like to think that I was funny, erudite, a good conversationalist, considerate and interesting . . . but there may be some of my acquaintances that may disagree :-)

I'm on the older side ...
18 Mar 2013 Group Sex
2 4.49 7208

Bio: Interested in wife and husband and a male friend enjoying each other, I have been in this threesome and loved it, helps if the males are bi. in my case i was the only bi, but didn't bother my friend ...
09 Jan 2013 First Time
Gay Male
Quickie Sex
Wife Lovers
17 4.25 258496

Bio: My name is Emma and I'm a 21 year old bisexual woman. I made an account here so that I could express myself anonymously with other sex/kink enthusiasts and share stories I wouldn't dare publish anywhe...
27 May 2013 Gay Male
6 4.81 40452

Bio: Its a new year and a new phase for me. It has been quite a while since my last story and much has happened in that time. I am not the little girl that appeared in my previous stories. As you may (or m...
17 Nov 2008 Bisexual
Group Sex
Love Stories
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
7 4.53 60669

Bio: The pleasure of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.
-Dale Carnegie

Hi, I go by Emily around here. I think the Carnegie quote best explains me as an occasional writer and poet....
07 Nov 2013 Erotic Poems
Flash Erotica
Love Poems
Love Stories
Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
12 4.97 43499

18 Apr 2008 Love Stories
1 3.25 2836

Bio: helloo everyone! :D my name is Emily im 18 and im from Portsmouth in England. Im just a pretty average girl, i like football, music, films, going out, my mates.... Im also very shy :( I stubbled acro...
03 Aug 2010 Lesbian
1 4.91 18164

29 Nov 2012 Masturbation
1 4.44 5293

07 Nov 2010 Masturbation
1 4.58 34672