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Bio: I'm a college student, writer (usually of Fantasy and Science Fiction), and an avid audiophile.
27 Feb 2011 Masturbation
1 4.80 7215

Bio: my name is Jack 23, and just on here for a bit of fun and to read some sexy stories! particuarly enjoy exhibitionism and group sex stories, as well as MILF/Mature, Masturbation and first time. take a ...
10 May 2011 Mature
Oral Sex
2 4.52 18515

18 Apr 2013 Gay Male
1 4.48 9330

Bio: In a relationship with my lovely partner J and love meeting new friends with similar interests. We do go to adult clubs and have met some lovely people there and had some very enjoyable experiences so...
28 Jan 2008 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
5 4.55 52684

Bio: I'm 61 years old and thoroughly enjoying this site. There are some god stories on here, which can really get the juices running. There are also some really nice people who I have had the fortune of c...
13 Feb 2011 Mature
1 4.78 7326

30 Oct 2012 Gay Male
4 4.41 84291

Bio: I've always been a reader, and in the last couple of years I've found I enjoy writing. I have published five e-books under the name Eve McFadden via Republica Press, and also a short story via Yellow ...
14 Oct 2011 Lesbian
Love Stories
Straight Sex
95 4.88 189956

29 Jun 2014 College Sex
1 4.17 8115

Bio: I’m just your ever day exclusive hi end escort, catering to only the very wealthy, no one else can afford me
28 Aug 2008 BDSM
Straight Sex
2 4.41 23280

Bio: I'm a shy, insular sort of person, easily affected emotionally. I love a good blub at the movies - if the ending warrants it. Some music also does it for me ('Dido's Lament' at anyone's funeral). I...
03 Sep 2013 Bisexual
Straight Sex
12 4.47 46103

06 May 2008 Spanking
Wife Lovers
2 3.01 29632

19 May 2013 MILF
1 4.63 10568

Bio: Taking a break.... off to Summer holidays

Hello I'm Peri and I'm here for stories and girls, especially authors. But whatever happens here, remains here. For me it is not a place to develop friendship for real life. I cannot talk on phone or text, neither I'll add anyone on facebook, exchange email address etc. I'm a straight forward girl and admire feminine beauty and sensuality. I'm average looking, 5-8 tall and body figure of 33-24-34....
18 Nov 2011 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
6 4.82 4467

Bio: I work in a technical field but find I need the release thru erotica. I heartily enjoy reading many different categories here, depending on my feelings at the time.

Well, I have now begun wr...
31 Dec 2010 Anal
Flash Erotica
22 4.55 194920

Bio: I enjoy logging on to the chat rooms and seeing all the banter passing back and forth among those present. But I'm more interested in one on one conversations without having to wade through all the ot...
12 Sep 2013 Lesbian
Straight Sex
4 4.54 12232

Bio: Hi all I'm a bi woman that is finally in touch with her inner sexy.
13 Dec 2011 Bisexual
First Time
Love Poems
5 4.84 9409

Bio: Hi I am a Married woman not interested in adding any male friends just females thanks!. The main reason i have joined this site is to get some feedback on my stories. Also because i enjoy reading erot...
04 Nov 2011 Masturbation
1 4.69 3663

Bio: Well, I'm not good with introductions, but here goes...I'm 19 years old in college, taking up fashion Design, 5'7 in height and approximately 125 pounds. I have chocolate brown, sliky hair that reache...
29 May 2010 Taboo
1 4.83 9674

Bio: My favorite classes in school were always those where I could express myself creatively. Writing came naturally anyway so when eventually my fantasies became my storylines, an erotica writer was born....
08 Mar 2014 Erotic Poems
Oral Sex
6 4.87 31789

Bio: If it weren't for my Lush friends, I'd feel pretty friendless right now. Thank you.
08 Oct 2011 Group Sex
1 4.25 6583