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Bio: Hm...what can I say about myself? I like to write and I'm a tease. That's all that needs to be said. Lol.
29 Jan 2010 Taboo
2 4.90 31283

Bio: Background in performing arts.
24 Apr 2013 Crossdressing
Straight Sex
11 4.62 56123

13 Jun 2011 Lesbian
Quickie Sex
3 4.45 40251

Bio: My avatar is a painting by one of my favorite surrealist artists named Renee Magritte, which is entitled "The Pleasure Principle." I thought that the glowing head represented this concept very well. E...
28 Oct 2013 Group Sex
Love Poems
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
9 4.73 46325

Bio: Hellman, Writer, Fighter, lover, Scholar, Entrepreneur, Deviant and general all round mischievous person.
29 May 2011 Love Poems
3 5.00 1501

Bio: Update 2/26/14

I am a 64 year old happily married male. My wife and I both enjoy reading the stories. I chose the screen name and avatar as it fits me the best. I am a true romantic at hear...
23 Dec 2013 Love Poems
2 4.92 1542

Bio: so, someone recommended i fill out this thing a bit, so here goes nothing. i am a Sagittarius, though i don't live my life by those limits. i can't draw for crap but i love doing it anyway. finishing ...
16 May 2012 BDSM
1 4.50 1662

20 Jan 2012 Exhibitionism
5 4.64 42247

15 Apr 2011 Love Stories
1 4.33 559

Bio: Please go on over an "Like" my Author Page on Facebook - Kahlia
30 Jan 2013 Supernatural
1 4.91 6207

Bio: Hello, Lush.

My name is Victoria and I'd be pleased to meet any of you. For several months now I've enjoyed this wonderful community for its stories, for its writing opportunities, and to so...
26 Sep 2013 Anal
College Sex
Erotic Poems
First Time
Flash Erotica
Gay Male
Love Poems
Oral Sex
15 4.90 73637

07 Apr 2013 Lesbian
1 4.47 12540

Bio: Am a sexy yet celibate nun who is turned on by the brain. If you make me laugh the path to my sweet spot will be that much me the rolling stones said it best..i'm just waiting on a friend....
18 Nov 2013 Love Poems
17 4.58 7260

Bio: I'm warming up to the social side of this site. Not quite sure I'm ready to meet with anyone in real life, but willing to chat, possibly cyber. Guys and girls can both hit me up
28 Mar 2012 Lesbian
Oral Sex
2 4.88 9920

Bio: Hello, how is your day going? My day is going fine, thank you. Who am I, you might ask? I'm probably a lot like you, for a start. I'm a dreamer, a lover, a fighter, and a writer. I'm a man of intense ...
23 Dec 2009 Group Sex
9 4.67 152235

Bio: Hi, i'm married, bicurious and my wife doesn't know i'm on this site. I like being slightly submissive and like women to tell me to explore their body, i'm cum hungry so love to eat my cum form a woma...
13 May 2013 Masturbation
Oral Sex
2 4.65 26149

Bio: I am a feisty Goddess who loves to seduce and entice men and women through the written word. I cannot be tamed, so don't even try. My master is Gentwithhandcuffs and no other...
25 May 2013 Group Sex
1 4.88 5744

Bio: Former athlete, now professional business man. Successful, fun, adventurous!
07 Jun 2011 Incest
1 4.38 34196

Bio: I'm young, outgoing and a massive tease. Some people love it, others hate it; but if you're here then that's because you love it.
15 Mar 2013 Oral Sex
1 4.40 2174

Bio: I love a woman who appreciates how sexy our minds could be. Words can be very powerful when used correctly and with good imagination. To me good sex involves mental stimulation as well as physical s...
07 Oct 2011 Exhibitionism
First Time
6 4.38 39137