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This list shows all members that have published stories on Lush, with a username beginning with the letter T.

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18 Dec 2013 Exhibitionism
Straight Sex
2 4.69 13701

22 Oct 2013 Cuckold
3 4.46 20356

Bio: I'm 18 and this is my other side , hence the name. It's kinda like a darker and dirtier side. In real life I'm a good girl, good at school, kind and caring but I have a side that I don't show. A side ...
25 Dec 2012 Straight Sex
1 4.72 13802

13 Feb 2012 Love Stories
1 4.80 2132

15 Mar 2008 Mature
Straight Sex
3 4.27 130290

19 Jul 2014 Love Poems
2 5.00 428

Bio: Retired, early 50s.
10 Jul 2010 MILF
1 4.45 19216

12 Aug 2008 Straight Sex
1 4.56 4739

19 Mar 2009 Straight Sex
1 4.75 9366

Bio: Amy's eyes were watering from the huge strapon that was impaling her pussy. Her cum was on the floor below and she knew later she would have to lick it off the laminated wood. She could feel Jenny's t...
01 Sep 2013 Anal
8 4.06 75591

Bio: I enjoy writing and just got back into it. I've been interested in sex since I can remember and I love communities like this so feel free to add me! Looking to meet people of both sexes and explore my...
19 Aug 2012 Anal
Group Sex
Straight Sex
8 4.14 30019

Bio: I like erotica. I always have. I am not a person who can watch porn, it does nothing for me. Erotica however, stimulates not only my body but my mind and I love it. I joined this site so that I could ...
20 Nov 2013 Taboo
1 4.96 10461

10 Jan 2011 Exhibitionism
First Time
4 4.09 55104

21 Mar 2009 Wife Lovers
1 4.13 24052

25 Sep 2011 Love Stories
Straight Sex
2 4.70 7467

Bio: Hmm, about me.. always a tricky one to fill out, nothing like a first impression. Let's see, I'm your average 22 year old English guy, currently at university studying computer science. I'd say I'm th...
28 Apr 2010 First Time
2 4.78 30026

Bio: READ MY BIO FIRST I DO NOT CHAT UNLESS YOU ARE A FRIEND. Before you ask, because everyone does, I am 5'3" curvy and have 36DD breasts. I like to flirt and yes my husband knows that I am on lush. No, h...
18 Dec 2013 Taboo
Wife Lovers
7 4.74 93860

Bio: I am looking for women to share sexy fantasies and chat. I am dominant and like to take charge, however I really enjoy role playing so nothing much is out of bounds for me. I have a vivid imaginati...
07 Jul 2010 First Time
1 4.13 10744

Bio: I'm cold- hearted and evil.
Far as I can tell I'm the youngest one around.
I'm not looking for extra attention, I just wanna blend in and be a shy part of this.
I love reading and writing....
30 Aug 2012 Straight Sex
1 4.43 2684

Bio: I'm a firm believer in Common Sense. Use it. Don't abuse it.

DO NOT expect me to write a typical romantic love story. It's not my style. I'm a walking, talking contradiction. I'm outrageous a...
19 Jul 2011 Anal
Group Sex
Quickie Sex
12 4.88 143261