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Bio: just a young guy that was here before, but had to leave because i was in the hosp. for a long time real sick i am back hoping to find my lost friends, LIfe is a gift and everyone must find a way to he...
05 May 2011 Love Poems
Love Stories
Quickie Sex
16 4.86 20387

01 Dec 2012 Straight Sex
1 5.00 2130

Bio: hi 39 bi gal in western north carolina 5'6" and 226lbs. with shoulder length black hair. married with kids. well it is official now. i am a full fledged slut, and have been told i am a whore as well. ...
09 Feb 2011 Exhibitionism
1 4.29 3814

Bio: I'm 61 and single by choice. I have a job where I travel almost every week to client sites. I write for pleasure although I haven't posted much lately. Maybe I'll post here again but for now I'm still...
13 Jun 2009 Exhibitionism
2 4.79 18985

Bio: 46 years old, i have just started writing erotic stories, my aim is to take the reader into the story
03 May 2008 Straight Sex
1 4.18 3979

31 Dec 2007 Love Stories
1 4.00 2547

14 Feb 2011 Lesbian
6 4.60 81349

Bio: I Like to write and read erotic stories. My first story I wrote in 1997. That story is not on here yet. Please feel free to comment, I'd really like to know what you think and of course any suggestion...
02 May 2010 Straight Sex
1 4.20 2433

Bio: Okay out with the manifesto and in with a new. I am very selective and very dedicated (in particular to one female) of and to my friends. If you like sarcastic and irreverent commentary keep reading...
16 Aug 2010 Love Poems
3 4.61 2760

Bio: Now wait. Stop right there. I mean it!!! Stop!!! If you are here to glean some insight as to who I am? Please! Please!!! Step right on in!!! Do you have your ticket?

For those of you who ...
21 Nov 2009 BDSM
Straight Sex
11 4.56 83609

Bio: Happily married man with a very active mind and libido. Just looking to get to know some special ladies out there who enjoy a man who wants to make sure they have their fun.
25 Oct 2010 Straight Sex
1 4.67 2286

Bio: I haven't joined this site for friends I've joined it to share my stories and pleasure you all with my ideas. All praise and Criticism is welcome as I am new to this and I'd love to know what you guys...
18 Aug 2013 Love Stories
4 4.74 21237

Bio: Just a girl. I am not one that needs to rack up the friends but would rather have just a few that I can talk and relate to. So, please, have a Mind. I may taste it and not be able to forget its fla...
18 Jun 2013 Flash Erotica
4 5.00 9301

02 Mar 2009 Reluctance
Straight Sex
2 3.88 19039

27 Feb 2011 Quickie Sex
2 4.42 8143

Bio: Just a regular guy trying his abilities at writing and writing about something that interests me the most. Hope you enjoy my stories...
29 Dec 2008 Reluctance
Wife Lovers
5 4.80 82972

Bio: I'm an over-educated professional who travels too much for work. I'm really just your basic outdoorsy geeky weirdo. I'm about 6 ft tall and have blond hair and blue eyes. I'm a "long answer" guy, I'...
27 Feb 2010 Bisexual
Love Poems
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
8 4.68 39139

13 Nov 2007 Bisexual
First Time
2 4.00 29487

Bio: I have had a long and crazy sex life. I'm a hard working guy and love all things sexual. I have many interested in many things. Some of my stories will be real some will be complete fiction. You decid...
17 Feb 2014 Hardcore
Oral Sex
7 4.80 29018

09 Mar 2008 BDSM
Love Stories
Straight Sex
5 4.52 31323