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02 Aug 2012 Exhibitionism
Oral Sex
2 4.25 5353

Bio: Hi I'm Amber. I'm a tall brunette who likes to have fun! All the stories i write are fiction, and I use this site mainly as a way to exploit my fantasies as well as for pleasure. Talk to me anytime if...
04 Feb 2013 First Time
3 4.45 34129

Bio: I'm a 26 year old female submissive collared by a male dominant that I am very lucky to have. I have been with my Master for almost a year now. While we do not yet live together, our relationship is m...
22 Jun 2010 BDSM
1 5.00 3660

Bio: My friends told me about Lush.
I love read exotic stories, It looks like I came to the right place!
Now if I can only find my friends! lol
25 Sep 2013 Love Poems
2 5.00 935

Bio: Corn chips, coffee, mangoes, Mary Ann, little restaurants with bad atmosphere and spicy food, the smell of old books, mountains, roller coasters, craft beer, and a certain cheap hotel on the Pacific c...
15 Dec 2013 Exhibitionism
First Time
11 4.85 47218

25 Dec 2009 Exhibitionism
4 4.51 79200

Bio: Dont we all hate that part?

Any question... just ask.. but nothing about my phone number or where i live
20 Nov 2012 Straight Sex
1 4.81 4104

Bio: I am here to read and write erotica. Please don't waste time, yours or mine, asking me to chat or be your friend. My husband would not understand and I will never do anything to mess up my relations...
28 May 2011 Group Sex
1 4.80 3495

Bio: 55 years old, looking for discreet sexy NSA fun with like minded people (singles & couples). I'm clean and ready for anything. I love giving and receiving oral, and am always up for new adventures!!! ...
15 Dec 2012 Wife Lovers
1 4.86 6877

Bio: Always eager to discuss ideas for new stories with others.

Also, I love when people tell me when they love my writing; I can honestly say it inspires me to write more!
03 Dec 2012 Love Stories
4 4.79 7333

Bio: Hi Friends, I am Amitabh Sinha from Mumbai. Working as a professor . You all can call me Amit.
16 Jan 2009 Mature
1 4.33 6097

Bio: Hey, i'm amy.

if you wanna chat, write me a message.

i also have yahoo if anyones interested.

if you dont have a picture its almost positive i wont accept your friend ...
22 Sep 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.50 7175

Bio: Did 8 years in military, getting a degree in human services, and i dont believe love has a set gender, for a person is not a sum of their parts but the sum of their heart.

Collars- I do not g...
13 May 2011 BDSM
1 4.75 3610

02 Jun 2008 Group Sex
Straight Sex
3 4.52 25478

07 Apr 2013 Oral Sex
1 4.67 4463

Bio: *First of all: If you want to be friends, at least try to be civilized and send me a message instead of just inviting me. Seriously, if I don't get to know you, you might as well leave me alone.*...
07 Feb 2012 Straight Sex
3 4.97 9558

Bio: Hello I'm Amy. I'm a bit of a closet freak and enjoy sex very much. I am a submissive with a Master. My Master has allowed me to write, share stories and enjoy this site.
23 Jul 2012 Oral Sex
1 4.43 3054

Bio: Im a bisexual with 36DD breasts. I love chatting with both sexes especially older men. Im an artist, very creative and i love to read/write erotic stories. Im always posting new pictures (yes they ar...
11 Jul 2012 Lesbian
Straight Sex
3 4.62 35466

Bio: my negatives:
impatient and possessive
my positives:
to be found out by the ones that are not put off by my negatives...

Somehow I have a talent to pick assholes
19 Nov 2013 Love Poems
2 4.76 803

Bio: Please note: Though in Welcome Back the character is depicted as seventeen-years-old the writers of this story are both of age. Thanks!
13 Jan 2010 Quickie Sex
1 4.80 5038