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Bio: A couple who research and write erotic stories, research is definitely the fun part!
07 Jun 2013 Straight Sex
3 5.00 6541

Bio: My partner and I love reading erotic stories and we wrote one on here together via e-mails before we actually got together.

We have both started looking into the swinging scene recently and...
11 Jun 2009 Bisexual
First Time
Straight Sex
3 4.04 20614

06 Jun 2009 Trans
3 4.74 57570

14 Sep 2011 Fetish
3 4.69 21945

Bio: Im a loving pet to the most wonderful Master, Keeper32.
30 Nov 2013 BDSM
Quickie Sex
3 4.78 11184

17 Jun 2013 Love Poems
3 4.73 1794

05 Nov 2011 Mature
Straight Sex
3 4.70 15270

30 Oct 2013 Crossdressing
3 3.79 16443

Bio: I'm Ari, short for Arianne; on the outside I'm a normal nineteen year old, but get to know me and I'm the curvacious epitome of seductive delight.

I'm blunt, unforgiving, sometimes hard to ha...
02 Jul 2013 Lesbian
Straight Sex
3 4.86 33526

Bio: I have been enjoying erotic stories for years now and have always wanted to do some writing. I figure this way I get to use my creative side and others get to enjoy my stories. Although the girls in t...
03 Jul 2013 Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
3 4.69 14935

Bio: Hey! I'm louise, I'm 19, from the UK & I'm a personal trainer & proffesional dancer! I'm easy going! Up for a laugh and joke and a bit of a flirt
09 Jul 2013 First Time
Straight Sex
3 4.28 12789

Bio: A perfect fantasy is nice, but there's nothing like non-fiction to hit the mark for me, so I write about that! So if you come across me and like the same - say hi!
26 Jun 2009 First Time
Gay Male
3 4.57 77593

Bio: Pretty horny guy ( I masterbate every day) and have sex once or twice a week with wife. I enjoy being nude and sometimes enjoy alittle exhibitionism at times for sexual pleasure. Very open minded.
18 Jul 2013 Exhibitionism
First Time
3 3.77 38601

Bio: I create wire sculpture, write stories and poetry, and enjoy cooking gourmet meals for friends. I keep fit by swimming, biking and ballroom dancing, I'm a strong lead. I've just recently relocated fro...
06 May 2012 BDSM
3 4.76 26563

Bio: I'm 33 and single.
New to this sort of thing, but enjoying reading and writing the stories on here and grateful for all feedback.
The stories I have written so far have been based on experienc...
28 Jul 2013 Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
3 4.76 16323

29 Jul 2013 First Time
Group Sex
3 4.48 31577

30 Jul 2013 Novels
Straight Sex
3 4.53 10421

31 Jul 2013 Interracial
3 4.50 11592

Bio: My name is Madison and I enjoy long walks to my pantry.
06 Aug 2013 Group Sex
Quickie Sex
3 4.84 44546

Bio: There's not a whole lot to tell about myself, middle class, married with children, operate business out of my home with my wife, and in my spare time, I write erotic stories. My wife does not know tha...
07 Aug 2013 Lesbian
Oral Sex
3 4.82 16868