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29 Jul 2012 Oral Sex
2 4.84 12456

Bio: Hi I'm a 57 year old married male. I happened upon this site and instantly fell in love with it. I enjoy reading all the different stories. I love the chat rooms and enjoy talking with both men and wo...
30 Jul 2012 Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
2 4.75 9404

Bio: Small town girl, went to a State College up North, moved to MD after I got out of school because there was supposed to be a job for me here. sigh that didn't pan out, so I'm doing the same thin...
31 Jul 2012 Exhibitionism
2 4.61 7671

02 Aug 2012 Exhibitionism
Oral Sex
2 4.25 5343

02 Aug 2012 Incest
Wife Lovers
2 4.91 18020

26 Aug 2013 Anal
2 4.81 26371

Bio: 30 year old female from the United States. I was writing erotica before I was even having sex, and then took a break from it for a long time, I'm glad I found this site to help me explore that writing...
05 Aug 2012 Incest
2 4.64 9253

Bio: I moved from England last year to Australia to become an au pair for the year. My stories are based on real events with bits added in. Hope you enjoy.
27 Jan 2014 Masturbation
Oral Sex
2 4.81 9453

Bio: I love it rough. The things that are beyond acceptable excite me. Forbidden is my favourite word and I like writing about it. My stories are a way to ease my dark, hidden side. Nothing is better than ...
07 Aug 2012 Incest
2 4.92 38413

Bio: I am in my 20s and enjoy both writing and reading erotica. Sexually I am submissive and enjoy seeing my fiancee play with other men. I myself am bisexual and occasionally get involved with my fiance...
08 Aug 2012 Gay Male
Oral Sex
2 4.42 12370

Bio: Gentlemanly handsome successful older man, with a highly sensual and sexual frame of mind coupled with a healthy sex drive (no little blue pills required :-) I love and enjoy the company of my wife, ...
12 Aug 2012 Incest
Straight Sex
2 4.92 7924

27 Mar 2013 Gay Male
2 4.55 12845

Bio: Engaged and pregnant. Best two months of my life so far.
14 Aug 2012 Group Sex
2 4.59 16678

14 Aug 2012 Gay Male
2 4.61 17837

Bio: Hi I'm Abrach, hoping to publish some work and chat to some like minded folk. Be gentile with me please as I am kind of new to this. lol! If you want to know anything else just ask!
15 Aug 2012 Taboo
2 4.82 34295

15 Aug 2012 First Time
Love Stories
2 4.30 5362

Bio: I am interested in men.... Don't mind age, but mature is appreciated. No need to approach me for a quick fix. I am old fashioned enough to love a good chat and a cuddle too. Between the foreplay and ...
16 Aug 2012 Love Poems
2 4.82 1135

18 Aug 2012 Reluctance
Straight Sex
2 4.53 8748

Bio: Have a vivid imagination so I thought I'd put it to use! Not written since I was at school but always came top of the class. Mind you now't like this
23 Aug 2012 Wife Lovers
2 4.71 9041

25 Aug 2012 Hardcore
2 4.30 33925