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21 Feb 2014 Gay Male
2 4.75 6140

Bio: I'm a fun loving and friendly person who loves everything about Lush. I keep my details private but do share them and my photo with friends. I do not accept friend requests unless we have talked first...
06 Feb 2012 Love Poems
2 4.88 3009

28 Apr 2013 Fantasy & Sci-Fi
2 4.86 3088

Bio: Hi my names WildANGEL and i am a poetess ,i love to write sensual love poems and I AM STRAIGHT,
04 Apr 2014 Love Poems
2 5.00 607

Bio: Friendly guy who likes to share some of his fantasies here.
Also an inexperienced bi with a fascination for transgender women.
04 Jul 2013 Bisexual
2 4.77 13156

Bio: Hi, I'm a 60 year old guy who has always had a fascination with erotica. Now i have written several stories, (some published). I also recently discovered I'm bi but because I'm married to a very strai...
21 Jan 2011 BDSM
Group Sex
2 4.67 11147

Bio: I love reading erotic stories and writing them too. Am open and friendly and like to talk about most anything. Chatting gives me ideas to write stories and hope to be charged here. Love role play and ...
23 Jan 2014 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
2 5.00 793

Bio: Hi. I joined Lush over two years ago, after reading stories for several months before that. I am a bit of a literary voyeur wanting to read your stories and fantasies. I am especially enthralled by s...
15 Nov 2011 Wife Lovers
2 4.95 11728

Bio: My2Cents: I am here mostly for the stories and to make FRIENDS! I am not here looking for a GF or BF for that matter (strange emails, don't ask).

However I do enjoy stimulating conversati...
07 Nov 2011 Reluctance
Straight Sex
2 4.41 12688

Bio: Hey there, I'm Laura-Leigh. I'm 24-yrs-old.

If sending me a request, please say something half-way decent and why you want to add me. Men, please understand that if I don't accept you it is n...
16 Dec 2013 First Time
Straight Sex
2 4.94 5185

Bio: Sister-brother love is the sweetest kind of love. My brother gave me my first intimate experience and ever since I have harbored an abiding fascination with other adults, like me, who have made love t...
09 Dec 2011 Supernatural
2 4.80 3550

Bio: Hi there I am fairly new to the Lush scene but I am really enjoying it so far. I have just finished my first piece of work titled 'Brittany Stevens Office Slut Part 1' which I hope you all find nice a...
23 May 2012 Hardcore
2 4.77 31013

Bio: An amateur erotica writer and hopelessly romantic at heart. Here for friendship, fun. Rarely cybing, and that too only with women. I chat on lush and usually get candid pretty soon too, the only excep...
19 Sep 2012 Lesbian
Love Poems
2 4.71 6555

Bio: Pantyhose wearing bi guy. I've been wearing pantyhose for years, more recently discovered my bi side.
25 Jan 2014 Gay Male
2 4.69 15280

Bio: my negatives:
impatient and possessive
my positives:
to be found out by the ones that are not put off by my negatives...

Somehow I have a talent to pick assholes
19 Nov 2013 Love Poems
2 4.73 940

Bio: I'm owned by DiamondPearl
15 Jan 2012 Fetish
2 4.47 15292

Bio: HEY I'm a fun, lovable and big-assed 19 year old. I'm in an open relationship and we both sleep around. My father is a wealthy lawyer and he makes sure...
21 Mar 2012 Exhibitionism
2 4.40 16959

14 Jan 2013 Cuckold
2 4.95 18515

Bio: Been here awhile and really enjoy the company of my lush friends.. I am just a regular guy who enjoys sex and fun with the opposite sex. My duties at work leave little time for much of a social life a...
02 Mar 2011 Group Sex
Straight Sex
2 4.71 10095

Bio: I am just here to read and comment on the stories. I enjoy the friends I've made here. I have found my muse again and will try to finish my poems and stories.
02 Oct 2012 Love Poems
2 4.79 1125