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Bio: I am 18 years old and single. I am stubborn and strong. Dogs are my biggest passion. i love to read and write.
22 Dec 2013 First Time
1 4.50 23719

Bio: I am just a guy who likes to chat and get to know new people. I love the honestly I can have with someone online. Married forever and starting out again.
27 Dec 2010 Exhibitionism
1 4.38 30581

Bio: NC native. Married twice, The second time to a sexual fantasy.
11 Feb 2014 Oral Sex
1 4.20 3486

Bio: I'm 27 years old and I have amazingly vivid fantasies which I'll be writing here. Many of my stories are Uncle and Niece related. Given my high sex drive (which is not always a good thing) writing is ...
29 Dec 2010 Straight Sex
1 4.00 2993

Bio: Im from UK looking for anybody who can bring me out of myself. Im an adaptable versitile kind of guy but need luring out. Im friendly and enjoy meeting people. Im here to experience every aspect this ...
30 Dec 2010 Straight Sex
1 4.00 2469

Bio: Mature lesbian switch
30 Dec 2010 Spanking
1 4.94 22803

31 Dec 2010 First Time
1 4.81 15591

Bio: Love the spanking scene. Prefer to give rather then take. Stories are great, actual spanking a like-minded, fully agreeable female is greater. I've now done both. I love to travel the Northeast, meet ...
31 Dec 2010 Spanking
1 4.73 17433

01 Jan 2011 MILF
1 4.74 148167

Bio: Hey I'm new on lush I'm 23 and I am an engaged man but me and my fiance enjoy getting on here if you are a woman she will swap pics with you but she does not want any men those are her words not mine
02 Jan 2011 Exhibitionism
1 4.60 5666

03 Jan 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.09 4027

Bio: Just a college student who is just going through the roller coaster of life. Trying to enjoy every minute of it. Any stories I write are probably based off fantasies I have had.
05 Jan 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.50 3975

Bio: Just a casual straight guy, interested in good stories and casual chats.
05 Jan 2011 Oral Sex
1 4.60 10490

08 Jan 2011 Group Sex
1 4.56 16005

Bio: Been reading stories here for a few years; finally decided to join so I can post and chat.
12 Jan 2011 Bisexual
1 4.35 21778

13 Jan 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.88 8959

Bio: Been on the site for a while now. Made good friends and had alot of fun so far. Published my first story which has had possitive feedback. Looking to ...
13 Jan 2011 BDSM
1 4.79 4125

Bio: I'm a girl! What you expect, really?! I was here for the stories.. Later on, met some interesting people here.. I'm starting to be picky for everyone I'm going to add. And to remind you, I'm not looki...
14 Jan 2011 Love Poems
1 4.63 1004

Bio: hey my names stevo as my profile name might suggest. i love chatting so feel free to message or pm me if u find me online. i have a wide range of interests and i'm of the opinion that ya have ta try e...
16 Jan 2011 Straight Sex
1 3.80 2885

Bio: MMA fighter, wrestler, improviser, wannabe writer.
17 Jan 2011 MILF
1 4.50 22527