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12 Nov 2011 Mature
1 4.76 14956

Bio: Hi I'm Alex I'm 20 I live in southampton which is'nt the best place to live but not the worst either.
Been on lush for awhie now and have meet loads of great people but theres always from me more ...
13 Nov 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.00 5683

29 Sep 2013 First Time
1 4.87 9499

Bio: I am a bi-curious, married, 21 year old father. I love writing erotic stories and talking to other people who share my same interests. If you have an idea for a story please send me your idea and I wo...
26 Jan 2013 Quickie Sex
1 3.50 2629

Bio: I am a pagan, and follower of the old ways. I follow the path of light, and magick, pleasure and joy unbridled. I am a unrepentant hedonist and always shall that is who I am.
21 Jul 2013 Supernatural
1 4.00 2827

03 Nov 2012 Bisexual
1 4.21 5215

20 Jan 2013 Straight Sex
1 4.71 2265

Bio: i was meaning to get around to writing one of these for a while, umm well, i like to be dominated, talking dirty to me always works, and a surprise or two wouldnt hurt hehe ...
20 Nov 2011 Oral Sex
1 4.53 13948

Bio: Julie Jensen is a wife and mother who has been in a sexually liberated marriage for many years. With her husband's encouragement she has experienced many exciting erotic situations over the years and ...
10 Mar 2009 Wife Lovers
1 4.27 53197

Bio: I'm very outgoing, like to party. I have a jacoozi and it has provided me with a lot of juicy sexy stuff that I can share with those interested. I am also as blind as a bat and have learned that if ...
23 Nov 2011 Straight Sex
1 4.33 2069

Bio: I am 29, enjoy writing but refuse to make a career out of it, My family is my life. Anything else you need only ask
23 Nov 2011 Group Sex
1 4.86 5357

24 Nov 2011 Love Poems
1 5.00 410

Bio: I love reading the stories on Lush and have written a few myself. These days I'm mainly on here to chat and am happy to do so with girls and guys. Please get to know me before you PM me or add me as...
27 Nov 2011 Lesbian
1 4.81 7893

27 Nov 2011 Taboo
1 4.14 12758

Bio: I'm divorced ....YIPPEE...and I'm still learning the concept of living MY life on MY terms...YEEHAA!!!!
27 Nov 2011 Oral Sex
1 4.57 2986

Bio: Writing has always been a passion of mine and I enjoy the stories and authors here a great deal. I am a sweet Southern gal who enjoys the fine art of seduction and takes pleasure in all things sensual...
30 Nov 2011 Love Poems
1 4.80 1440

01 Dec 2011 Gay Male
1 4.85 13481

Bio: Married guy here. Very normal, professional type and discreet. All is happy at home, but the Mrs. just isn't a sexual person, hence my being here. Into all sorts of things (nothing gross or painful...
01 Dec 2011 Bisexual
1 4.68 16177

Bio: !!! NO GUYS !!! I am tired of being hit on by guys all the time and no, I do not want to private with the guys. I am really into girls. My new friend Lisa told me about this site, and I love it an...
03 Dec 2011 Lesbian
1 4.70 5230

Bio: Oh wow, I've always hated having to do these, but here we go! I like to write poetry, you might see some lovey-dovey stuff. I'm a closet romantic (haha!) but also like to read erotica.
21 Oct 2012 Love Poems
1 4.25 311