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Bio: Hello yall, I have been a Type one diabetic for 20 years. I am 20 years old, was born in California but i grew up in Arlington TX. I graduated high school in 2011 and i am currently in collage trying ...
31 Aug 2011 First Time
Straight Sex
5 3.67 15786

Bio: i'm a short, 5 foot 2 and 3/4 inch woman, with dark brown hair that has bits of red highlighted naturally. green eyes framed by long thick lashes (even though I wear glasses on occasion) I have big bo...
07 Sep 2011 Love Poems
5 4.61 19063

Bio: Scarlet, 21, UK. I can't think of anything to say but if you want to know, just ask
27 Oct 2011 Love Poems
5 4.92 15144

Bio: I try to write. doesn't mean I can. So thought I would see what people thought about some of my stuff and then keep doing it if response is positive.
10 Sep 2011 Anal
Straight Sex
5 4.67 34347

Bio: Fantasies, flashbacks and fetishes from a young, and in love couple's journey through a long distance relationship.
26 Sep 2011 Anal
5 4.80 41574

Bio: all my stories are fiction.
I will not respond to pokes.
If you want to talk to me, message me.
And you might want to make that message memorable.
I am a complicated person and I'm ...
31 May 2012 Erotic Poems
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.65 15091

03 Oct 2011 Exhibitionism
First Time
Straight Sex
5 4.55 47741

Bio: Enjoy fantasies and making some of those fantasies come true. Playing with others. I enjoy things a little more on the kinky side and finding playmates who have similar interests. I am currently look...
16 Oct 2011 Oral Sex
Wife Lovers
5 4.80 90476

07 Nov 2011 Love Poems
Straight Sex
5 4.71 10370

Bio: Hi all I'm a bi woman that is finally in touch with her inner sexy.
13 Dec 2011 Bisexual
First Time
Love Poems
5 4.84 9398

Bio: I'm a University grad with a passion for writing, I usually work on poetry and I'm in the middle of writing a novel. However, this site and the genre of stories posted here are something I've not work...
23 Dec 2011 Group Sex
Straight Sex
5 3.85 25493

08 Jan 2012 Quickie Sex
5 4.88 19680

Bio: Sexy, fun, enthusiastic dare devil at your service! Here to chat, read and meet people. My Declaration of Independence: I am involved with someone. I love him and adore him with all of my soul. Don't ...
12 Jan 2012 First Time
Love Poems
5 4.84 7647

20 Jan 2012 Exhibitionism
5 4.64 45557

Bio: I'm a little bit of lots of things, I wanna see and do as much as is possible. Travel the world, meet new people and taste the rainbow! (all the rainbows)
20 Jan 2012 Straight Sex
5 4.79 54672

Bio: Author of Gay Erotic Romance and Writer of Gay Erotica as Gavin E. Black. Find my books on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and all other major online booksellers.
28 Jan 2012 Gay Male
5 4.88 102900

Bio: My GF sits on me, holding me down on the floor. I can't move because she's too strong. It makes me harder than I've ever been. She says, "Awwww poor baby," and I almost cum!
03 Feb 2012 Bisexual
Gay Male
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.61 41798

05 Feb 2012 Lesbian
5 4.73 26080

29 Oct 2011 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.33 26166

Bio: I'm here to meet friends talk and read as well as post....i'm an eclectic pagan also i'm married :3 and i'm NOT into Cyber or ASL! ... P.s. I won't add anyone with out talking to them first ^-^
15 Feb 2012 Love Poems
5 4.77 2565