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Bio: I feel Ive been a bad girl for not properly filling in my details for such a long time (maybe you can fill me in later ;) As some of you may know I come from Aus and my name is Niki. As you may have n...
21 Jul 2010 Group Sex
5 4.83 60400

09 Jul 2009 BDSM
Erotic Poems
Straight Sex
5 3.91 15202

Bio: Well I'm nineteen and in first year university. I was adopted and my parents divorced a few months ago so now I'm living with my Mom. I was a virgin until I was eighteen, but finally lost it a few m...
04 Mar 2012 First Time
Love Poems
Love Stories
5 4.94 53030

Bio: Thanks for stopping by. I'm tall 6 foot 2 with an average build some people say I’m good looking so it’s for you to decide if I am or not. Sorry I don’t like men so if that’s what you are looking for...
30 May 2011 Anal
Group Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.56 28524

Bio: hey everyone, i am 21 years old and have been using lush for about a year now. Usually only come on to read the stories but im thinking about getting into a little writing too. Idk yet though haha wel...
26 Oct 2012 Exhibitionism
Group Sex
5 4.62 17218

Bio: Hi I'm Katie.

I like reading the stories here and have written some myself.

I'm quite happy chatting, but will not cyber at all.

I don't accept random friend requests. I lik...
05 Oct 2013 Lesbian
5 4.94 46598

Bio: I was here in an earlier incarnation - barebear4u. I am back lighter than I was and separated from my wife as she learned of my sexual history - I have been a hedonist all my life and have had many ...
07 Dec 2013 Bisexual
First Time
Oral Sex
Straight Sex
5 4.64 33777

Bio: A little time for fun and advice on writing is what brought me here to Lush. Some good friends and interesting fun have kept me here. But its not all fun and games kids. Watch out for those wolves ...
29 Jul 2013 Bisexual
Love Poems
Love Stories
Wife Lovers
5 4.89 14527

22 May 2014 Wife Lovers
5 4.91 25001

Bio: Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. I am a sexual being which is what led me to Lush. I was reading some cheesy Cosmo article and this site was mentioned in it. Naturally I had to check it out to se...
04 Mar 2014 Flash Erotica
Love Poems
Love Stories
Straight Sex
5 4.90 11536

Bio: **Don't bother to ask me to cyber you or dominate you! I will not comply with those requests! Please do not ask me for a private chat, or whisper me. Get to know me FIRST!**
I am a native ...
05 Oct 2007 College Sex
Love Poems
5 4.84 45365

Bio: I Am Legend.

Nah, I'm not as cool as Will Smith.

As Jay McInerney once said of Kurt Vonnegut, I am a "satirist with a heart, a moralist with a whoopee cushion, a cynic who wants to...
17 Jun 2013 Flash Erotica
Quickie Sex
5 4.94 20575

Bio: I'm a mature guy with tastes that seem to be evolving from pedestrian to fairly sophisticated, but along with that is a growing love for the sensual aspects of life. I'm slowing down to enjoy the eve...
07 Nov 2011 Anal
Oral Sex
Quickie Sex
5 4.84 38967

Bio: Just an everyday gal! Also learning to write so any criticism (as long as its constructive!) will be welcome as well as any advice. Many thanks
22 May 2009 Love Poems
Straight Sex
5 4.68 25493

Bio: I'm an orally obsessed, happily married slut wife, and I just can't get enough cum. Luckily Mark, my husband of 28 years, is a voyeur who loves to watch me have sex with other men and women.
14 Apr 2014 Wife Lovers
5 4.73 47958

Bio: UPDATE!: All of my loves out there! I am going to read your stories and poems, I promise! I'm still catching up on story moderating work and real life stuff, ha. Je t'aime pour toujours!! (I...
15 Jul 2012 Erotic Poems
Love Poems
5 4.96 2245

Bio: Most of my stories are based on true facts in my life, with names changed and a little embellishment. I'm an incurable romantic, so my stories will reflect that. I'm an outdoor kinda guy, I am most a...
19 Feb 2007 First Time
Straight Sex
4 4.55 43113

Bio: Owner of engineering company that sells equipment both in the US and overseas.
22 Mar 2007 First Time
4 4.53 97789

Bio: I am a male in my late 50s and enjoy writing all kinds of erotic stories from m/f, family, age play, and bi stories. I will add more later.
29 Apr 2007 Bisexual
First Time
Group Sex
4 4.78 74868

26 Jun 2007 Straight Sex
Wife Lovers
4 4.06 189098