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06 Oct 2012 Exhibitionism
3 4.87 30710

Bio: I am Australian and my home town is Darwin. Soon after graduating I came to work here in Indonesia at a small university in central Java where I teach English to students who are hoping to continue th...
21 Mar 2011 Bisexual
First Time
3 4.86 22258

25 Mar 2011 Interracial
Straight Sex
3 4.70 34818

Bio: The imagination is a beautiful thing. Even better when there's reality to it. ;-)
25 Mar 2011 BDSM
Love Poems
Oral Sex
3 4.46 7446

Bio: Hello, my name Is Charlie, I'm 22 years old and Live in Canada, and yes contrary to popular beilef we don't live in igloos. I found Lush when I looking for a more subtle outlet of erotic passion and I...
27 Mar 2011 Fetish
3 4.74 14547

Bio: So I'm one of the luckiest guys ever: I'm awesome, successful, well-rounded, world traveled, and quite probably a genius (or maybe just crazy!), but one of the best experiences of my life has been ope...
31 Mar 2011 Novels
Straight Sex
3 4.51 19424

Bio: I am a travel writer of the different sort, a surly sod in search of the alternative offers that you come across when on the road. You will usually find me, lost, a stranger in a strange land, over my...
15 Apr 2014 Masturbation
Straight Sex
3 4.90 6335

Bio: Naughty by choice
Nice by nature
Horny by desire

RP remains a fave,
Friends are forever, users go
09 Apr 2011 Interracial
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
3 4.67 17071

Bio: I've got a very open sexuality and I believe it's about the person, personality and looks, not the gender. I love writing realistic stories about what has happened to me, and every story where I have ...
12 Apr 2011 First Time
Oral Sex
3 4.71 74457

06 Oct 2008 Crossdressing
1 4.34 8508

Bio: I DO NOT cyber! Please don't ask! I will NOT send you pictures or come to meet you! I'm not looking to be your sub or your Domme. I won't comment on your 'dick pics' so please don't ask. Please don't ...
24 Apr 2011 BDSM
First Time
Straight Sex
3 4.75 13735

Bio: Slave ,very much owned . All tangled up in his ropes and loving it! Warning I am not here to get you off that is what the stories are for, I don't talk dirty with others without asking masters permiss...
08 May 2011 Interracial
3 4.91 11208

Bio: On lush to read and write stories, make some friends and have lots of laughs! I don't chat much and only with friends if I do, so please do not just open a chat window, as I will ignore it. Please don...
12 May 2011 Love Stories
Straight Sex
3 4.87 6977

13 May 2011 Gay Male
3 4.78 51232

Bio: i am new and i am here four the girls no men and no boys i am 5.6 117 34b GUYS I AM BI BUT I LIKE GIRLS MORE SO PLEASE DON'T SEND FRIEND REQUESTS ALL THE TIME IT GETS REALLY ANNOYING! But girls a...
17 May 2011 Love Poems
3 5.00 2254

Bio: Confused and confusing. I am married, but am very bi-sexual. Am usually more interested in meeting and chatting with girls rather then guys. Yes, my husband knows about my sexuality, and my sexual ...
21 May 2011 Bisexual
Love Poems
3 4.88 5890

Bio: I am a 19 year old woman. I am very much into BDSM and Im going to post most of my unfulfilled fantasies here.
21 May 2011 Group Sex
2 4.73 21172

22 May 2011 BDSM
Straight Sex
3 4.81 14208

Bio: I was on here a while back, under a different name but had to leave because things weren't working out the way I had hoped they would. I am here to read and submit stories and spend some time chattin...
27 Dec 2010 Crossdressing
3 4.81 57798

Bio: Aspiring writer and photographer and fan of all things erotic.

Kinky, geeky, bi-curious switch.

I'm an Englishman and a gentleman, but don't let that fool you; I still have the desi...
01 Sep 2013 First Time
Quickie Sex
3 4.51 22257