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Bio: Just an average guy with an above average love of kinkyness who came across lush accidentally and found out that it was a place to explore and learn. We all have our reasons for joining And for me It...
14 Dec 2010 Lesbian
Love Poems
3 4.75 8004

16 Dec 2010 Anal
3 4.55 23991

20 Dec 2010 First Time
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
3 4.67 28248

Bio: I enjoy writing gay stories and also straight stories too. I am bi-sexual myself, love rough stories, first time and toys. As well as a bit of interracial. I enjoy writing stories so please let me kno...
31 Dec 2010 Gay Male
3 4.28 72807

30 Jan 2014 Mature
3 4.91 20746

Bio: I love music and sport! That's pretty much all you need to know about me! I'm 20, average height, skinny but with a bit of muscle, got long blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm pretty friendly and will cha...
09 Jan 2011 Crossdressing
Gay Male
Straight Sex
3 4.57 46372

Bio: Hey im a newbie to all this, but i'm enjoying it soo much!! Im an average kinda girl and only want fun out of life. Im so busy right now looking for jobs but whenever i have free time i come on here f...
10 Jan 2011 First Time
Oral Sex
3 4.73 52657

Bio: Boyz - Let's be clear: I am not interested in you! I like girls. Don't waste your time tracking me down. Don't take it personally, it's just the facts, ok???

lightly shy but always inter...
10 Jan 2011 Lesbian
3 4.78 11958

14 Jan 2011 Incest
Straight Sex
3 4.83 41308

14 Jan 2011 BDSM
3 4.26 16775

Bio: I am a newly minted cougar having the time of my life fucking as many young men as I can get my hands on.
16 Jan 2011 MILF
Straight Sex
3 3.89 42467

Bio: i'm really in and out of here, write when I get inspired.

I would like to try and write a story for every category, just to explore writting styles and what comes out of me (No punn intended...
29 Nov 2011 Anal
Group Sex
5 4.83 53758

30 Jan 2011 BDSM
Oral Sex
3 4.70 71933

Bio: I am a happily married, very bisexual girl. Good thing my husband likes to watch!
30 Jan 2011 Group Sex
Oral Sex
3 4.74 57790

Bio: Hello everyone. I am Harley. I love to flirt. It is who I am. I have my weaknesses but that is for you to decide. I love talking and making friends. I write stories that come to mind. Just fantasies. ...
03 Feb 2011 Love Poems
Straight Sex
3 4.77 15996

05 Feb 2011 Love Poems
3 5.00 2514

Bio: Hello gals, I'm just an old party lady. I'm very independent and wish to keep it that way! Gentlemen and I use the term loosely...Please have the decency to respect what I am about to say. "NO MEN PLE...
16 Feb 2011 Anal
Group Sex
Love Poems
3 4.67 14511

Bio: I am discovering a new sexual world in Trinidad and Tobago. I will love to meet anyone visiting Trinidad and Tobago who is discreet and disease free. He must know how to treat a lady and how to hold ...
19 Feb 2011 Anal
Quickie Sex
Straight Sex
3 4.77 48482

Bio: Hi my name is Joe. I'm on here to write stories, make friends and have fun. I don't have a lot of time to spend on the site due to work commitments, but if you send me a message I will reply to it. I ...
15 Jun 2013 Bisexual
Gay Male
3 4.87 25872

Bio: Hey! A message saying hey I'll appreciate more than a chat request; with my computer I forget I have those windows open and appear really rude, which I promise I'm not ...
06 Mar 2011 Love Poems
Straight Sex
3 4.80 9586