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11 Apr 2014 05:50

im gonna be gone for awhile, internship and school during my springbreak, pm here or fb or twit if you need me, comes to my phone happy holidays and break everyone ^o^

06 Apr 2014 13:16

gonna be gone for awhile...may sneak on for bit if i have a signal/net. Spring break is in less then week and i have big internship and some volunteer good everyone

26 Mar 2014 10:34

dream because I can meet you in dreams

19 Mar 2014 11:37

The sleepless nights continue, I want to see you,
my interrupted half-dreaming, ephemeral wish

You took my hand without doubting,
We walked this path together,
We promised, didn’t we?

“No matter how high the walls may be, let’s surpass them together”
Why are you no longer here? I want to see you right now

My heart is closed off, everything frightens me,
How far must I go? I cannot walk any further!

I dream because I can meet you in dreams,
Your after image fades away again,
Yes, like a shooting star

18 Mar 2014 11:10

thinking and wishing for spring...miss the colors

14 Mar 2014 16:38

got a new badge then realized i needed to clean up my friends list. Sorry if i deleted you, but if i dont even remember you, talked to you in 6 months or you havent been on the site in over 300 days....your more then likely gone! you can always try and contact me again bye bye socialite badgey

13 Mar 2014 11:13

Starting adventure with Haineko, catching up on some friends stories cause i fell behind, forgive me

24 Feb 2014 13:38

OMGODS i so cant get used to the timechange....been in US again for months and i still cant seem to get it right...3 timezones i float around. And i have yet to sign into class at the right time yet bawhahhaa bless my professors for putting up with me!

18 Feb 2014 13:07

hope everyone is well

03 Feb 2014 09:53

been uber busy with school and sooooo many of my friends have wrote new try to get to them soon

28 Jan 2014 13:34

okay so updated my bio and well feeling fiesty....jumping around see what ive missed hihi everyone

13 Jan 2014 15:37

sorries i got disconnected earlier today.........was fun but my net had a fit XD

02 Jan 2014 13:15

HELLO my lushie family thankyou for the holiday wishes....if i missed your bday while i was gone for couple weeks i soooooo sorry. Hope everyone is well and happy

21 Dec 2013 12:11

thankyou all for the birthday wishes its great, im legal it was a blast with pandees and sake and lots and lots of..........well you know hahhaha! Miss you all

02 Dec 2013 10:18

i sit and watch snow fall and ponder this....when your once on someones page as a you put them in order as you like and talk?? or do you do it randomly? and when you are moved from someones page should you think they do not care anymore? some i seriously wonder about here.........