The Country Club - Chapter 3

Unknown to her, Sue will have her first anal experience.

*Friday Morning* Waking up I find that Irene's side of the bed is empty. As I turn, Jodie wishes me a good morning. She said that Irene was downstairs making breakfast. Taking her in my arms, I pull her close, softly kissing her forehead. I wish her a good morning as my kisses find their way down her nose to her lips. As we kiss, our tongues meet, entwined in that familiar dance...Read On



The Girl Scout Master Part 2

It has been a week since my first visit with Elin Johannessen, my daughter's Scout Master. I'm dropping Annika off at a neighbors for the weekend. I tell her I'll pick her up on Monday, kiss her on the cheek and leave. I do not want to be late and receive another punishment. I rang the door bell and my Mistress, Elin answered the door with nothing on but a smile. "Nice to see you...Read On


The Girl Scout Master

The day I met my mistress.

My wife and I moved from Finland to the United States two years ago. Last year she passed away after a long battle with cancer. My daughter Annika and I are slowly adjusting to life without her though it is difficult. Thanks to the friends we have made it has become a little easier. Annika has many new friends and is involved with the Girl Scouts. On this one particular day Annika and I...Read On



Becoming More Than Friends

Roxie and Monica discover their bisexuality.

Hi my name is Roxie, I am five feet seven inches tall. My long blonde hair compliments my blue eyes.  My friend, Monica is five feet five inches tall. Her hair is a darker blonde than mine. She has blue eyes that I swear, sparkle all the time.  We have been best friends since junior high school. Graduating from high school, we went to different colleges. I went to school in Arizona,...Read On



A Cyber Affair

Todd's cyber affair takes a surprising twist.

Dinner is over, I ask my wife if she wants any help cleaning up. "No sweetie, you go ahead," as she clears the table. I go to the study to get my iPad then retire to the living room. I go online, log into a website called Lushstories where one can read, write erotic stories. This is where I met my cyber lover who is not on yet, so I continue working on my story. My wife soon joins...Read On

College Sex(1)


First Love - Part 2

Denise continues my sex lesson and a love affair begins.

My "first time" was with Denise, who I met during my first year of college at the Homecoming Dance. She was a junior on the swim team and editor of the school paper. She wore a gray plaid skirt, white long sleeve shirt with a burgundy bow. At five feet four inches tall with shoulder length blond hair, she looked stunning. As we danced to a slow number on the crowded dance floor,...Read On

Erotic Poems(4)


Her Pleasure - Part 3

She surprises her lover by acting out his dream.

She cuffs her bare chested lover to the chair, Backs away letting down her hair, Removing her top so she is bare. She reaches down to undo her pants, Stroking her hand over her sex, She lets out a sigh and then takes a glance. She sees her lover moving his hips, As he takes his tongue, licking his,  She sways her firm, slim little hips. Her lover moans out at the sight, Her nipples...Read On


Her Pleasure - Part 2

Her lover experiences being bound.

He is bound to the bed by her chains, She tells him it is his turn, And there will be no pain. He is blindfolded and left, In the dark and silent room, For what seems like hours. She sits silently,  Waiting and watching, Her lover's reaction. He waits in anticipation, For what he desires, His tongue on her clit, Moving down her slit. He moans out, At the thought of licking, ...Read On


Her Pleasure

She wonders if this is real or not.

She awaits her lover bound by her chains,  In the dark and silent room,  For hours and hours. In anticipation for what she desires, His tongue on her clit. She lets out a moan,  As she pulls at her chains. She imagines his tongue, Licking her slit. She lets out a groan, As her head tilts back. Feeling his tongue,  Lick each swollen lip. Moaning and groaning, She pulls on her chains. ...Read On


Blue Lips

An unexpected bonus at work.

The girl with the blue lips, Loves to suck my dick. She would lick and suck, Though she would not fuck. She sucked and licked my very stiff prick,  Then into her mouth went the head of my dick. Down and down her mouth went, Her tongue swirling round and round, All the way down. I felt my head touch the back of her throat, Her sucking and licking made me moan. She slid her mouth back...Read On

First Time(1)


First love

The day I lost my virginity.

I met Denise during my first year of college at the Homecoming dance. She is a junior who is on the swim team and editor of the school paper. She wore a gray plaid skirt, white long sleeve shirt with a burgundy bow. At five feet four inches tall with shoulder length blond hair, she looked stunning. I walked over, introduced myself and asked her if she would like to dance. Taking my hand,...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)


Last Night - The Beach

Claire surprises her husband.

After thirty years of marriage, our sex life was still amazing. On Friday, Claire told me she wanted to go to the beach in the late afternoon. I could tell she had something special planned. When we arrived, there were only a few people there. After laying out our blanket and setting the cooler on one end, we went for a swim. The water was cool for a hot summer day and felt refreshing. ...Read On

Group Sex(2)


The Country Club - Chapter 2

Sean is looking forward to dinner with Jodie and Irene.

Thursday Morning As I drove to the course I thought about the events from yesterday on the course and last night. My thoughts soon turned to the dinner tonight at Irene's. Jodie had been very convincing in the bag room. Arriving at the course with forty minutes to spare, I went to the bag room to get Sue's clubs. Upon entering, there was Jodie making sure Irene's clubs were clean....Read On


A Day on The River

Open minded to new experiences

It was late Friday night by the time I got home from work. I thought about calling Maggie but decided to wait until morning and went to take a shower. With the warm water soothing my tired body, I closed my eyes and began thinking of her. As I washed my upper body, the familiar feelings of arousal were getting stronger the more I thought of Maggie being with me at this moment. As my hands...Read On



Office Sex

My first interracial experience.

My boss had been flirting with me for the last month. She would find any excuse to brush up against me, make subtle hints and give me suggestive looks. It did not matter to Samantha that I was married it only made her more determined to seduce me. She was very persistent and after two months it was time for me to confront her and put this to an end. One day I decided to go to her office...Read On

Love Poems(4)


Coming to You

The eventual meeting of two online friends.

One day I will be coming to you. I will travel the thousands of miles that separate us. To finally meet you in person after all the online chatting. To sit under the stars and moon on the beach. I will be coming to you. We shall spend the time talking as we become at ease with each other. I will be coming to you. Sharing laughter and tears. I will be coming to you. No matter...Read On


I Wish

A friendship in jeopardy

I wish I could hold you in my arms. To have you hear me say "I'm sorry." I wish I could take back what I did. As you did nothing to deserve being treated in that way. I wish I could go back in time. To change what I did. I think of you everyday, all day. I think of you every night, all night. All I ask is that you think about giving me another chance. Without you I am...Read On


The Night Sky

I see you in the night sky.

When I look up at the night sky and look at the moon I see you. I see you when I see the brightest star. Smiling at me, making me feel warm inside. The Night Sky. Bringing a smile to my face and lifting my spirits. A shooting star streaks by and I know it is you. Showing me the direction I must must follow. The Night Sky. I see moon beams stream down from the sky. As I look...Read On


Moonlight Love

A night in the moonlight.

A cool gentle breeze awoke me in the darkness of the night. The moonlight illuminated the room bathing you in it's glory. Allowing me to see with every breath you took the gentle motion of your breasts. My eyes followed the curve of your body pausing to take in your beauty. As my finger ever so gently followed the curve of your breast as not to wake you there was a pause. The softness...Read On

Love Stories(4)


The Crush - The Friendship - The Final Farewell

The crush that lead to a wonderful friendship.

*The Crush* The first time I met you, a feeling never experienced before came over me. It did not take long to realize that it was called the crush. You were much older than I. A woman whose knowledge and travels were willingly shared with me. I was fortunate enough to spend every weekday from late August to early June with you. Everyday when it was time for me to leave, I came up...Read On


A Chance Meeting

A long lost love found once again.

I was taking my usual walk in the park on a warm spring day. It was late afternoon when I saw her walking toward me. It was Rachel, whom I lost contact with ten years ago. As we approached one another, she recognized me. "Jim, you haven't changed." She said as she kissed me on the cheek. I told her she had not changed either as I kissed her on the cheek in return. Before I could finish...Read On


My First Love - Maggie

A chance meeting that led to love.

I first saw Maggie on the train going downtown. She sat across from me as I read the paper. I glanced at her when I thought she was not looking. She was stunning with short red hair, t-shirt and jeans, which molded perfectly to her body. What really attracted me to her were her green eyes. During the ride, I kept glancing at her by looking at her reflection in the window. With five stops...Read On



A much anticipated meeting

I remember the day well as it was minus forty below with the wind chill and there was a blizzard outside. Schools and businesses shut down. Therefore, I grabbed a bottle of scotch, poured myself a drink, and sat in the chair with my laptop. I did a search for erotic literature. After going through several sites, I found one that looked promising. The name of the site was "Lushstories." I read...Read On



Happy Birthday Part 2

A beautiful way to spend the morning.

This is the sequel to "Happy Birthday." The next morning I was up early preparing breakfast for us and another special treat for you. Fortunately, I finished before you got up allowing me to bring it to you. As I enter the bedroom I stop and take in the the stunning sight before me. You have propped yourself up with pillows and are looking out the window. The bed sheet slowly slips...Read On


Happy Birthday

A birthday to remember.

I have a limousine coming to pick you up today, your birthday and whisk you to me. Upon entering my home, you hear soft music in the background and the only light comes from candles throughout the house. I greet you at the door wearing an extra long dress shirt and nothing else. Telling you it's time to take this to the next level as I take you to the guest bedroom.  There you see a package...Read On



The Country Club - Chapter 1

Sean's summer vacation took an unexpected turn.

Being a caddy had its benefits. There was free golf on Monday's as the course was not open to members. At the end of the season was the caddy tournament. Then there was Mrs. Emerson. She is the defending women's club champion. Some of the male along with a few female members had tried to seduce her on occasion. She took their advances in stride, politely telling them she was happily married....Read On



Camping Trip - Chapter 4

April's first lesbian experience. The girls arrive in Yellowstone.

*Wednesday Evening*   After dinner we went back to the hotel. Taking the elevator up to our floor, Beth pressed me against the wall as she kissed me. Kissing her back, my hands grabbed her firm arse cheeks. I pulled her to me as our kiss became more passionate. When the doors opened, an elderly couple where waiting to enter. We broke our kiss, and they smiled as we exited holding hands....Read On


Camping Trip - Chapter 3

April willingly gives herself to Beth as they begin their trip.

*Wednesday Morning* The alarm went off at three a.m. We woke up in each other's arms, sharing a quick kiss. "Good morning April." "Good morning Beth." We got up and Beth went to her room to get ready for our day of traveling. I decided to wear a pair of beige shorts with a white thong. I put on a yellow polo shirt without a bra. After applying my make up, I put my hair in a French twist....Read On


Camping Trip - Chapter 2

The seduction of April continues while preparing for the trip.

*Tuesday Morning*   The sunbeams filtered into the room waking me from a restful sleep. As I lay there, my thoughts drifted to dinner with Beth. Asking myself, was it the alcohol that encouraged her to flirt with me or was she aware of what she was doing? I was unsure of the answer. Sitting up, I unsnapped my garters. My hands traveled down my leg removing the nylons one at a time....Read On


Camping Trip - Chapter 1

April celebrates her new job with her friend Beth.

I just graduated from college with a kindergarten to twelfth grade physical education degree. The pressure was on to find a job before the next school year. I had been to nine interviews all in the Chicago suburbs with no luck. They all told me that I was what they were looking for except I lacked experience. I asked in the last interview, "How do I get experience if you do not hire me?" ...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


First Shave

Joan and Dana have a surprise John.

The morning sunlight softly fills the room as I begin to stir. Joan (my wife) with our neighbor Dana completely exhausted me last night in the shower. I was just beginning to wake when I felt a hand stroking my cock. Another hand fondling my balls. Opening my eyes, I saw Dana's mouth slowly take in the head of my cock. Joan swirled her tongue over my balls. Dana slowly engulfed my cock...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


A Christmas Eve Visit

Little did Todd know that this was a turning point in his life.

It was a very long day at work followed by an impromptu office party on Christmas Eve. I arrived home at ten forty-five pm. I hate this time of year as it was five years ago my wife, Erin passed away. The house felt cold and empty just as it has everyday since. Upon entering, I plugged in all the Christmas lights throughout the house. I made sure that the decorations and the tree were up...Read On



The Girl Scout Master - Part 3

Eric gets his first real spanking.

After we came, I held Tracy in my arms kissing her neck. She turned her head and we shared a deep passionate kiss. Mistress Elin stood, walked over and said it was time to go and continue in the bedroom. She kissed us both as she cuffed our hands in front of us. With the chains in her hand, she led us to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom still aglow in candlelight, Mistress Elin led me over...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Online Romance and More Part 2

Phone sex leads to discussion and setting up a time to finally meet.

Friday Night Julie and I both had very busy schedules the next week and did not have an opportunity to talk on the phone or on the dating website we met on. I arrive home at a decent hour and change into a t-shirt and athletic shorts. I go to the kitchen and prepare some egg rolls, egg foo young and fried rice. Once I finish and clean the dishes I get a glass, and my favorite cigars,...Read On


Online Romance and More

Chance meeting develops into romance.

Saturday I met Julie on a dating website four months ago and we hit it off so well that we eventually exchanged phone numbers and photos of each other. We have been talking on the phone every day for the last three months. There has been discussion of meeting, though we live on opposite coasts. I have offered to pay for her flight and she is considering it. Until then we continue...Read On



The Death of Love

A visit from the Grim Reaper.

One cold autumn evening there was a heavy knocking at the door which reverberated throughout the house. Rising from my chair, the sound shook my entire body as the air became bitter cold in an instant. The walk to the door seemed like an eternity as the sound became louder and more frequent with the walls and floor now visibly vibrating with each knock on the door. The sound continued...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


The Shower

John is in for a big surprise.

The sun was blazing down on us as we finished up in the garden. It was already ninety degrees at ten in the morning. My wife, at age fifty, looked just as hot as when she was twenty. Her white crop top and cut offs looked as though they were painted on. Her sweat covered skin glistened in the sunlight as her 34C-cup breasts swayed with every move. She had pinned up her long black hair. I...Read On