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Topic pics in your profile
Posted 25 Feb 2012 20:14

A girl friend that is a professional photographer too mine

Topic what do you guys do with it?
Posted 20 Feb 2012 05:49

Must of the time I like to watch a guy with his cock going down his leg. It is so obvious especially if he is very big. I love to watch him struggle with it. Of course I would not dare do anything that would make him even harder.

Topic which day of the year brings the most sex?
Posted 17 Feb 2012 06:51

Weekends----- Every weekend

Topic footwear
Posted 15 Feb 2012 06:44

Heels or boots with heals

Topic Do you like being "pushed"?
Posted 15 Feb 2012 06:41

As long as it is a gentle urging it is fine. I don't like having a big cock rammed down my throat. I can deep throat most guys but at my pace not his.

Topic does watching your man cum turn you on?
Posted 15 Feb 2012 06:38

Making my lover cum is what really turns me on

Topic why do you like cum????
Posted 13 Feb 2012 06:34

I think it is one of those acquired tastes, and I have certainly acquired it. It also assures me that I have satisfied my lover and that makes me feel good.

Topic have you or would you ever do ass to mouth like in the movies
Posted 11 Feb 2012 07:22

Never have , Never will

Topic Girls, what is your favorite cock size?
Posted 02 Feb 2012 05:28

For me 7-8 inches is perfect. I MUST stay very hard the entire time.

Oh yea fat ones are better thn skinney ones

Topic Cock sucking
Posted 22 Jan 2012 17:35

I love sucking cock. it really turns me on. Then I like to follow it up with a good fuck

Topic does watching your man cum turn you on?
Posted 21 Jan 2012 04:27

I love to hear him groan and watch his cock surge and pulse. The eruption iis awsome.

Topic Guys that cum a lot
Posted 17 Jan 2012 04:14

When I give oral some guys just seem to cum and cum as many as 6 or seven times others just a dribble or two.

I find it a turn on when they cum a lot.

How do you gals feel about it?

Topic Oral Sex - Better to Give or Receive?
Posted 17 Jan 2012 04:05

Better to give than receive.

Topic Is there such a thing as too big?
Posted 14 Jan 2012 04:46

Absolutely , some are just too big for me. I don't go to bed with a ruler but. I would say anything over 7-8 inches is too big and hurts.

PS A lot of guys say their cock is a couple of inches larger than it actually is.

Topic would you ever pee on your bloke????
Posted 10 Dec 2011 03:45

No and I don't want him pissing on me either. I cant imagine making love to someone covered in urine YUCK,did I say ABSOLUTELY NO!!!

Topic Would you meet someone from Lush?
Posted 10 Dec 2011 03:41

I would have no problem meeting a woman from Lush for Lunch, but not for sex. For a guy it would have to have to someone I have known for a while, exchanged pictures with, lots of phone calls, then PERHAPS I would meet him in a public place.

Topic Do you squirt EVERY time?
Posted 07 Dec 2011 03:39

Once in A while especially if I have not had it for while or if I'm extra extra hot.

Topic Would you ever want to watch your partner fuck another woman?
Posted 07 Dec 2011 03:37

NO !!!! of should I say Hell no!!!

Topic Rough, or Easy?
Posted 07 Dec 2011 03:35

Most of the time I like it easy, but rough under the right circumstances can be a rel turn on.

Topic do you go for older guys?
Posted 07 Dec 2011 03:33

Definitely. I find them more kind loving and thoughtful and much more generous. Generally they are better lovers. I also think that they do not cum a fast.

Topic Do women dislike or resent the use of the slang "Cunt"?
Posted 07 Dec 2011 03:30

Not one of my favorite words< I would never use it. Perhaps it is okay in the heat of the moment but other than that NO!

Topic What's your favourite place to masturbate?
Posted 01 Dec 2011 03:22

Between my legs! Sorry I could not resistl

Topic "hi baby im hard for u wanna taste me..." as a pick up line
Posted 01 Dec 2011 03:20

Tell him to go away!!!

Topic Can you feel it.
Posted 20 Nov 2011 17:26

Oh. God yes. It feels so wonderful. I feel every shot!

Topic how many of you women do webcam sex with male lush members
Posted 18 Nov 2011 04:23

I have been asked frequently but have never done it and probably never will.

Topic How often do you go pantyless?
Posted 17 Nov 2011 13:18

Probably about once a week, usually under a skirt

Topic who honestly likes to give blow jobs
Posted 15 Nov 2011 03:08

I love iit, the power and control. When his cock starts to pulse and twitch just before he cums it is so awesome. Then if we fuck later he does not climax as fast uum love that too.

Topic Screamers
Posted 14 Nov 2011 16:32

I find it is more what you say or scream than how loud it is.

Topic small cocks
Posted 14 Nov 2011 16:29

My favorite would be about 7 inches, I'm not really into very small or excessively large cocks

Topic Do other women find men in thong bikinis sexy... what do you think of this?
Posted 12 Nov 2011 03:50

The suit awensmom posted is hot but I would prefer no pubic hair be showing. The cream stick thing is kust way uver the top and a turn off for me.