Love Stories(2)


Where mistakes may take you Part 2

Katie and Lucy develop their relationship.

Now the kiss had confused Katie. She wasn’t a lesbian, she wasn’t even bisexual, but she could notice a women’s beauty and therefore appreciate it. Admittedly, she had formed a slight crush on Lucy during the short time she had known her, but that doesn’t mean she could go from being as straight as ruler to being either lesbian or bisexual... Could it? Katie entered her squalid...Read On


Where mistakes may take you - Part One

How simple mistakes can bring two people so close.

“I hate public transport. I hate shopping, especiallyChristmas shopping. Heck, I HATE CHRISTMAS!” Katie shouted as she exited the bus into pouring rain with bags of Christmas shopping in each hand. “Why did I sell my car? Why? I’m a fucking idiot that’s why.” She huffed and sighed heavily before snuggling into her scarf and shuffling the mile walk to her house. ******** “Oh well I...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


My Boss, Myself and I

In an attempt to set up my boss with a co-worker, his affection turns elsewhere.

Sitting on my desk, swaying my legs, I was conjuring another one of my ‘cupid attacks’ on two colleagues. I was quite good at it, having set up four couples and one of them getting engaged within the year. It was something that thrilled me but also depressed me as I was cupid for everyone else, but if only cupid would shoot an arrow in my ass… Woe is me . My own lack of a love life...Read On



Professor 'One Night Stand'

Who knew a guy from the bar could be of such importance?

The musky scent of whiskey and cigars clung to his heavy breath as Jolie encased his tongue in another one of her ravenous kisses. The bar was crowded and people were in their own worlds; minding their own business as this sex deprived couple created their own world too.  The man began to slur in his heavily intoxicated state, “Can we take this somewhere a little more…quite?” Jolie...Read On