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Topic How often do you masturbate?
Posted 10 Jul 2014 02:13

As often as needed if companionship is not

Topic What kind of panties do you prefer?
Posted 10 Jul 2014 02:11

For me, it's always the bikini since it fits my bottom and is so comfortable.

Topic How often do you masturbate?
Posted 10 Apr 2014 18:21

As often as I feel the need. If I've been with someone on a particular day and it was sexually satisfying then I don't masturbate at all. If I've not been with someone then I might masturbate to more than one.

Topic What's your favorite story catergorie ?
Posted 09 Mar 2014 16:24

I don't read many but when I do it's always in the lesbian category.

Topic Eating a girl???
Posted 20 Feb 2014 03:53

It gives me the most awesome feeling to feel her body tense and then release all the tension as she erupts in a huge orgasm. To my way of thinking there is nothing more pleasurable than bringing my partner to that ultimate high with my tongue.

Topic What made you try Anal?
Posted 11 Jan 2014 07:28

From giving oral vaginally, it's a natural progression to finger the anal ring and from there to lick it. However, a word of caution, always shower or bath first. Once I tried it , I found that I enjoyed it immensely and that she enjoyed receiving it. I practice it when my partner expresses her like for it.

Topic threesome : which one you prefer FFM/FMM/FFF/MMM ?
Posted 09 Jan 2014 15:50

As a woman who is only attracted other women the answer is obvious. The only one I've ever had was with two other women making it a FFF.

Topic Would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted 04 Jan 2014 08:47

If she liked to watch and then join me then absolutely I would. My ex found it exciting to watch me as I brought myself to an orgasm and she eventually masturbated too. Afterwards, we had a wonderful time in bed staying for an extended period.

Topic what's your thoughts on a large clit
Posted 03 Jan 2014 12:38

I love to see a large clit as that's so exciting to me. I know that she is responding to me in a very special way and it makes me want to please her even more.

Topic have you masturbated at your work place ever
Posted 13 Nov 2013 02:40

I did once and it was because I saw this most beautiful woman walk in and ask for some information. I was stunned by her beauty but also her poise and confidence. I felt a tingling as I watched her talk with another employee. The longer the conversation lasted the more I became needy. I excused myself and went to the bathroom and there in a flight of fantasy imagined us in bed and my pleasuring her. Needless to say, my fingers and thumb did the rest and I had a huge orgasm.

Topic Would you meet someone from Lush in person?
Posted 08 Nov 2013 12:35

I would and have. She turned out to be just what she said she was and we had a delightful time getting t o know each other up close and personal. Too bad we live so far away that frequent visits are rare but I plan to spend a week with her over the holidays. My advice is take a chance, life is too short not to take advantage of an opportunity to meet someone new.

Topic do you like your partner to suck your tits or just caress them?
Posted 30 Sep 2013 15:59

The question was obviously posted by a male. The word used for breasts is a slur and only guys refer to breasts as tits. Secondly, you kiss, lick o suck a nipple not a breast. But to answer the question, I prefer my nipples caressed, licked and sucked in that order.

Topic Full Bush, Trimmed or Fully Shaven or Waxed
Posted 14 Sep 2013 10:22

I am always trimmed. I want to feel like a woman not an adolescent who has not reached puberty. I think hair is so sexy.

Topic Naughtiest place youve had sex
Posted 02 Jun 2013 16:55

In one of my younger and wilder days, I went to a movie with a girlfriend. We were on the back row and the theater was practically empty. She mentioned that she had been feeling rather randy all day and was wet from some naughty thoughts. I had never had sex with her and I asked if she was game for a little fun. She nodded and I kissed her. The movie had started and with the sound and everybody watching the movie and there being so few people there I decided to make her have the orgasm she craved. I had my hand under tee and bra and my other hand between her legs. I asked her to raise her hips and I slipped her panties off. She had on a short skirt that was easily pushed up and I slid down between the seats and proceeded to give her a tongue lashing. She was moaning softly when her orgasm hit and the resulting loud ahhhhhhhhh was heard throughout the theater. I merely stayed down for awhile and continued to lick her. Everybody resumed watching the movie and never saw me. That was the start of a lovely friendship.

Topic Have you ever had sex or performed oral sex in front of others?
Posted 03 Feb 2013 17:11

Yes I have twice. Once when I was in a lesbian club a group of women came in celebrating a birthday of one of them. I was young 21 and they were late 30's and 40's. I have to add that the club is dimly lit except for the bar area and the dance floor. One of the group asked me to dance and while dancing suggested that I give the birthday girl a present. Surprised I asked what could I possibly give her and she said you could give her oral and that she would love it. We went back to the table and the others talked me into it. We were in the back of the room and it was dark and only a few others nearby. She raised her skirt and took off her panties. I dropped to my knees and started kissing her thighs moving quickly upward and giving her a good tongue lashing. While I was doing this the others in the group were touching and caress both of us. She reached orgasm and let out several loud moans and I reached the peak a few seconds later. It was an exciting time for me but doubt I'd do it again.

Topic What Is Your Breast Size, Please?
Posted 01 Jan 2013 05:53

More than ample for the right woman.

Topic Panties or commando?
Posted 23 Oct 2012 18:38

It depends on the time and place and what's on my schedule. If I'm going out with a beautiful woman and have a compelling interest in her then commando rules the day even if it's just wishful thinking. If at work then it's definitely panty time.

Topic Do you like to cuddle after sex???
Posted 14 Oct 2012 09:35

It's a given that cuddling will occur both before and after. Cuddling in the afterglow with both content and satisfied brings wtih it the most wonderful moments you can imagine.

Topic Would you like your partner to pull your panties/thong to one side and make love to you in public
Posted 02 Oct 2012 05:06

I've done it with my partner once in a theater which heightened the experience. It was not crowded and we were on the back row and she was needy so I gave her what she wanted using my tongue. Needless to say, when her orgasm hit she let out a loud sigh and she said some heads turned but I was unseen since I was on my knees behind the seats.

Topic The craziest/sexiest place you have had sex is...
Posted 25 Sep 2012 06:52

While attending a matenee movie and sitting in the back row. My college girlfriend and I became a little bit frisky and there were only a few in attendance and they were a number of rows down. She was wearing a short skirt and place my hand on her upper thigh. I took this as a sign that she wanted me to do more so I knelt on the floor as she removed her panties. She twisted in her seat to give me better access and I gave her oral. When she reached orgasm she let out a loud sigh and she told me later that one lady did turn around and smile.

Topic Ladies, do you like tasting your own pussy juice?
Posted 18 Sep 2012 10:23

I often taste myself after masturbating or even when I kiss my partner who as she pleasured me was covered in my juices and out kiss shared it with me. Yes I do love my taste.

Topic should women be allowed to be topless in public?
Posted 31 Aug 2012 20:33

To deny women equal rights is a crime. If men can go topless than so can women otherwise it's discrimination.

Topic Is girls masturbating still considered taboo?
Posted 27 Aug 2012 03:43

If it is then I'll plead guilty up front. I've yet to meet a woman who does niot masturbate to quell the desires burning inside her. I use 2 fingers and my thumb rubbing my clit which does the trick for me.

Topic Is girls masturbating still considered taboo?
Posted 12 Aug 2012 01:31

Why should this even be a question. Of course it's not and never should have been throughout time. If you feel it's taboo, then take your double standards and join an asexual group in the middle of nowhere. Women have needs as well and don't always have a partner.

Topic Do you like to sleep naked?
Posted 12 Aug 2012 01:27

Yes especially if I have a partner.

Topic Strapless strap-ons
Posted 05 Aug 2012 11:46

They tend to be useless and not used by verry many of us. Give me the good old strapon anytime with a gorgeous ladyb attached and I'm in nirvana. Nothing rivals her on top and her soft body pressed to me.

Topic fingering
Posted 31 Jul 2012 10:00

Why in the world would anyone want to count or even ask such a silly question. Fingering is for pleasure it's not a math problem. When In get there, the journey is complete and my orgasm signifies that. Counting is not on my mind at all.

Topic Boobs - Can you answer honestly?
Posted 15 Jul 2012 16:09

I'm a 34C which is about average these days. I tend to favor a cup size of B or C as anything smaller I don't find attractive and anything larger is just too much.

Topic The 'Girls Getting Off' Survey
Posted 11 Jul 2012 03:30

For me, it's just my imagination and my fingers. I like to think of a particular woman or scene and let my imagination run wild. My eyes closed and pictureing the acts being performed.