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I am a openned minded independant bubbly person who cannot spell Or multi task worth a darn. Short (5'3") dorky BBW who loves to laugh.

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North Carolina, United States
Tae Kwon Do, traveling especially to the beach, sci fi
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Stuck on Nora Roberts/J D Robb at the moment
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the Princess Bride is my favortive all time movie just barely edging out the oringinal Star Wars
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I can run from 80's (Duran Duran) to today's alturnative (Distrubed/Linkin Park) all the way to the Supremes or the Beatles
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19 May 2012
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13 Jul 2014 (1 day ago)
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Topic: "3 truths/1 lie" Game
Posted: 28 Jun 2014 16:49

I'll say 2. Seems unlikely.

Try again my friend. It is part of my Tae Kwon Do training for 3rd degree.

Topic: "3 truths/1 lie" Game
Posted: 28 Jun 2014 16:40

Actually 2

Well darn! I loose! You probably have not even read the books.

Topic: "3 truths/1 lie" Game
Posted: 27 Jun 2014 01:02

1. I play the banjo
10. I think the bond novels are better than the films
11. I once sat shotgun in a car where people were fornicating in the back seat. Neither the driver nor I was amused.
100. I've never seen the lion king.

I believe that #3 is the lie... sounds like a punchline to a joke

Mine are...
1) My left breast is bigger than my right
2) I know how to handle a sword
3) I took 8 years of dance classes
4) I know how to juggle

Topic: When you're partner is talking....
Posted: 23 Jun 2014 00:08

I try so hard to listen.. but if we are having a discussion about a hot button topic.. I am waiting to talk.

Topic: have u ever masturbated in a public place before?
Posted: 22 Jun 2014 21:20

In my car while parked at work.

Topic: What's the hardest thing about being in a relationship with you?
Posted: 21 Jun 2014 10:41

I am extremely independent and cynical.
It is also hard to gain my trust. I am once bitten twice shy at this point. So it is difficult just hooking up with me from the very start.
I have a memory like a steel trap.
So do not even think of telling me something that sounds good but is not at the core the truth. I will bust you every time.

Topic: Annoying things that people say
Posted: 18 Jun 2014 22:37

"I am bored"
just makes me crazy. Surely in this day and age you can find a way to entertain yourself.

"How are you?"
On a work call. You could care less how I am and if I really told you, it would not be professional.

Topic: Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted: 18 Jun 2014 22:07

Yes deeply madly in love but distance and timing have not been kind. Part of me thinks maybe one day it will happen and we will get together, but we will be 90 by the time it does.

Topic: What type of...
Posted: 25 May 2014 19:49

Me on top.. giving him the ride of his life.

Topic: Dontcha just love..
Posted: 18 May 2014 22:54

Don't you just love..

The smell of fresh cut grass that you did not have to cut yourself
Root beer floats
The flash of lightening bugs at twilight after a hot summer's day

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Stories Published By bigbubblygurlnc
Rip Tide

No matter what her resolve, her walls crumble at the sound of his voice She would lie to herself that it was just a friendly conversation The mood shifting quickly at times or ebbing and flowing at others The wave of sexuality would always come It would wash over her, but not cleanse Ultimately pulling her under like a rip tide No struggling, it would only make it harder to get out...

Added 01 May 2014 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 436 | 5 Comments

Cherry's Punishment

Cherry heard the click of the shower go on. It took all of her will power to stay on the sofa. Three weeks ago she had caught sight of her daughter's best friend Denise, who was living with them for the summer, lathering up her young eighteen year old athletic body through the slightly ajar bathroom door. She knew at the time she should have turned away but she could not stop herself from...

Added 23 Apr 2014 | Category Lesbian | Votes 13 | Avg Score 5 | Views 17,597 | 7 Comments

Enjoy the Party

Cherry looked across the breakfast table to her husband of seven years and sighed. He was very distinguished with his salt and pepper hair and athletic build. How she wished that he would put his iPad and raisin bagel aside and take her right there on the kitchen table, like he had in the past. She looked around the kitchen and could not see one surface that they had not had sex on or...

Added 21 Apr 2014 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 22 | Avg Score 5 | Views 11,559 | 12 Comments

Young Man Finds Heaven in The Hot Tub

Cherry sighed heavily as she walked into her son's room. This must be the messiest room on the planet that belonged to a 19 year-old boy, she thought. There were clothes everywhere, which she began to toss into a large basket. She was about half way through the clothes and ran out of room in the basket. She went to her room to get her basket to finish up her son's room with as little trouble...

Added 20 Apr 2014 | Category MILF | Votes 36 | Avg Score 4.82 | Views 22,957 | 9 Comments

BBW Needs to Play

The sound of running water drew Cherry from the depths of the deep sleep. She opened one eye and groaned. The sun was not even up yet. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to will herself back to sleep. It was to no avail, especially when the hum of the razor came on. If they were home this would not be a problem, but in small hotel room, there was no escape from the noise of the morning...

Added 03 Nov 2013 | Category Group Sex | Votes 28 | Avg Score 4.65 | Views 5,120 | 12 Comments

BBW Wants to Lick You!

Cherry eased back from the computer, debating the wording of the ad she was about to post. She needed to put the bi in bisexual. Sure she had plenty of experience with men but not nearly enough experience with women. The ad would hopefully take care of her problem. She read the ad one more time. BBW Wants to Lick You! Woman 41...44-38-44 looking for a pussy to lick until you cum. Age, race,...

Added 06 Oct 2013 | Category Group Sex | Votes 23 | Avg Score 4.95 | Views 4,582 | 14 Comments

Security Is On The Job

“Phil, Phil.. Here she comes!” “Dwayne keep your pants on. I got her.” Phil punched a few buttons on the control panel and the bank of screens changed in front of them. The woman in black knee high boots and long black coat, who had been on the far left hand screen was now on the big center screen. Phil pulled out a clipboard and noted down the female visitor, as he did for all visitors to...

Added 13 Jun 2013 | Category Group Sex | Votes 25 | Avg Score 4.78 | Views 5,156 | 14 Comments

BBW Seeking A Cock to Suck

Cherry urges and needs had finally gotten the better of her. She had a deep need to suck a cock, it had been way too long. The bars had too many games going on, she had found. So here she was staring at the Craig's List ad she had created. BBW Seeking A Cock to Suck SWF 41 5ft 3in 44-38-44 looking for well hung male to suck. Please send picture of your hard cock with 'Am I Big Enough' in...

Added 04 Jun 2013 | Category Interracial | Votes 24 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 7,709 | 14 Comments

His Breeding Bitch

Humming quietly to herself, Cherry pulled on a black stocking over her thick thigh. She could not believe Doug, her husband, had gotten them into the most exclusive club in town, Bang. Supposedly only the best food and wine was served. Rumor had it that top notch entertainment was provided as well. The grandfather clock in the hall of the penthouse chimed the hour. The limousine would be...

Added 10 Jun 2012 | Category Group Sex | Votes 34 | Avg Score 4.69 | Views 12,052 | 13 Comments

The Box

Cherry pulled into the garage after a long week at work. Damn, she thought, I forgot to get the mail. She debated whether to be lazy and get it tomorrow or walk back and get it now. Getting it now won out. As she opened the mailbox she was surprised to find a package. I have not ordered anything, she thought. As she pulled out the square brown paper wrapped box that seemed heavy for its size...

Added 19 May 2012 | Category BDSM | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.63 | Views 7,148 | 8 Comments

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Posted: 06 Jul 2014 04:38
If I was in the bathroom with you when you took your 'just out of the shower' pics... I think you might need another shower

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 10:57
Been thinking of me 'n' you...

Posted: 26 Jun 2014 00:26
Posted: 19 Jun 2014 01:02
Been thinking of this ever since your last video... xx

Posted: 16 Jun 2014 22:43
thanks for the ad
Posted: 11 Jun 2014 17:15
Posted: 02 Jun 2014 17:50

Posted: 02 Jun 2014 03:44

Posted: 27 May 2014 13:15
Posted: 26 May 2014 15:54
Posted: 16 May 2014 17:46
id love you to make a mess of me to as long as you clean me up
Posted: 16 May 2014 11:33
look what ive got for you !!!!
Posted: 14 May 2014 03:12
Posted: 29 Apr 2014 04:32
long boring week in the office ahead... may find my mind wandering though...

Posted: 27 Apr 2014 13:27
Posted: 21 Apr 2014 11:01
Posted: 20 Apr 2014 14:13
Posted: 19 Apr 2014 00:42

Posted: 17 Apr 2014 10:20
Posted: 16 Apr 2014 05:22
Reverse cowgirl... yes please

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