The Box

Cherry's Lover brings one of her fantasies to life.

Cherry pulled into the garage after a long week at work. Damn, she thought, I forgot to get the mail. She debated whether to be lazy and get it tomorrow or walk back and get it now. Getting it now won out. As she opened the mailbox she was surprised to find a package. I have not ordered anything, she thought. As she pulled out the square brown paper wrapped box that seemed heavy for its size...Read On

Group Sex(4)


BBW Needs to Play

Two big girls and one hotel room lead to threesome fun

The sound of running water drew Cherry from the depths of the deep sleep. She opened one eye and groaned. The sun was not even up yet. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to will herself back to sleep. It was to no avail, especially when the hum of the razor came on. If they were home this would not be a problem, but in small hotel room, there was no escape from the noise of the morning...Read On


BBW Wants to Lick You!

Based on a true event

Cherry eased back from the computer, debating the wording of the ad she was about to post. She needed to put the bi in bisexual. Sure she had plenty of experience with men but not nearly enough experience with women. The ad would hopefully take care of her problem. She read the ad one more time. BBW Wants to Lick You! Woman 41...44-38-44 looking for a pussy to lick until you cum. Age, race,...Read On


Security Is On The Job

A security shift that Phil and Dwayne will never forget, because it is all caught on camera

“Phil, Phil.. Here she comes!” “Dwayne keep your pants on. I got her.” Phil punched a few buttons on the control panel and the bank of screens changed in front of them. The woman in black knee high boots and long black coat, who had been on the far left hand screen was now on the big center screen. Phil pulled out a clipboard and noted down the female visitor, as he did for all visitors to...Read On


His Breeding Bitch

Cherry gets into the most exclusive club in town and one of her fantasies comes true.

Humming quietly to herself, Cherry pulled on a black stocking over her thick thigh. She could not believe Doug, her husband, had gotten them into the most exclusive club in town, Bang. Supposedly only the best food and wine was served. Rumor had it that top notch entertainment was provided as well. The grandfather clock in the hall of the penthouse chimed the hour. The limousine would be...Read On



Enjoy the Party

Costume party with a twist

Cherry looked across the breakfast table to her husband of seven years and sighed. He was very distinguished with his salt and pepper hair and athletic build. How she wished that he would put his iPad and raisin bagel aside and take her right there on the kitchen table, like he had in the past. She looked around the kitchen and could not see one surface that they had not had sex on or...Read On


Son Finds Heaven in The Hot Tub

Son seduces his Mom in a hot tub

Cherry sighed heavily as she walked into her son's room. This must be the messiest room on the planet that belonged to a 19 year-old boy, she thought. There were clothes everywhere, which she began to toss into a large basket. She was about half way through the clothes and ran out of room in the basket. Choice time, go start laundry or move on to the mountains of paper everywhere. Cherry...Read On


Mommie's Punishment

Mommie catches her daughter in the shower and it opens a whole new world.

Mommie heard the click of the shower go on. It took all of her will power to stay on the sofa. Three weeks ago she had caught sight of her daughter lathering up her young 18 year old athletic body through the slightly ajar bathroom door. She knew at the time she should have turned away but she could not stop herself from staring and comparing. Her daughter at 5'7" was 3 inches taller. Both...Read On



BBW Seeking A Cock to Suck

Cherry had the urge to feel a hard cock in her mouth

Cherry urges and needs had finally gotten the better of her. She had a deep need to suck a cock, it had been way too long. The bars had too many games going on, she had found. So here she was staring at the Craig's List ad she had created. BBW Seeking A Cock to Suck SWF 41 5ft 3in 44-38-44 looking for well hung male to suck. Please send picture of your hard cock with 'Am I Big Enough' in...Read On