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Topic Guys what do you like more shave pussy or not?
Posted 19 Mar 2014 13:32

Shaved. If not, trimmed. Landing strips are always nice.

Topic Pepsi or Coke
Posted 14 Mar 2014 14:19

Grew up near the home of Pepsi (New Bern, NC). Pepsi.

Topic Where on Earth are you from? (Location, not heritage)
Posted 04 Mar 2014 12:16

born in Eastern NC, lived in DC, Wilmington, and Charlotte, now living in foothills of NC, USA.

Topic Which is your favorite boobs size
Posted 19 Jan 2014 09:00

All of them!!!

Posted 13 Sep 2013 15:01

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Have a great one.

Topic Describe yourself in one word
Posted 05 Aug 2013 07:56


Topic Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
Posted 02 Aug 2013 15:07

We were at a fourth of July party with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Does Jimmy Carter count?

Topic who is your favourite porn star?
Posted 02 Jun 2013 07:47

Lisa Ann and Danny D!!!

Topic The 7 Letter Game
Posted 29 May 2013 13:55


Topic I'm looking for a story I started reading.... Help pls
Posted 18 May 2013 13:34

Type Neighbours (British spelling) or Neighbors (American spelling) in search box. Could add any other info that you can remember. Good luck

Topic What new story categories would you like added to Lush?
Posted 18 May 2013 05:33

How about college stories or DILF or shemales!!!

Topic Guys ONLY - what's your favourite category?
Posted 13 May 2013 15:18

I would go with: Incest, Anal, MILF, and Bisexual!!!

Topic have you ever been to a nude or clothing opitional beach, location and will you return?
Posted 13 May 2013 09:27

You bet. St Maarten while on a Windjammer cruise.

Topic If you COULD suck your own dick....?
Posted 12 May 2013 06:24

I can!!!

Topic Who is the sexiest "Weather Babe" on TV?
Posted 26 Mar 2013 05:20

Has to be Univision"s Jackie Guerrido!!!

Topic Would you fuck a sexy Shemale?
Posted 19 Mar 2013 17:36

you bet i would!!!

Topic Happy Birthday to Buz! :)
Posted 15 Jan 2013 13:51

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Topic How to get an old friend to notice me
Posted 05 Jan 2013 10:47

double date!!!

Topic Oral Sex - Better to Give or Receive?
Posted 28 Dec 2012 09:24

Hard question!!! It's better to give than receive.

Topic Guys only please: What would you do if a woman you didn't know came up and started kissing you o
Posted 24 Dec 2012 14:46

Kiss her back and thank her!!! Maybe buy her a drink.

Topic Would you lick her pussy after you came in?
Posted 22 Dec 2012 06:00

Yes I would!!!

Topic Do you like to cuddle after sex???
Posted 20 Dec 2012 13:27

It's the only way, unless it's quicky!!!

Topic What did you have for lunch?
Posted 19 Dec 2012 13:03

Fried bologna sandwich!!!

Topic How BIG is your cock for guys and how BIG are your tits for women?
Posted 28 Nov 2012 13:24

7 1/4 inches, uncut; 6 inch girth!!!

Topic strap on
Posted 21 Oct 2012 10:22

If I can do her ass, she should be able to do mine!!!

Topic Shaving...Two Way Street?
Posted 20 Oct 2012 07:01

I don't like hair in my mouth and neither should she. I keep the balls and shaft shaved and the pubs trimmed.

Topic What was your first vehicle you owned?
Posted 30 Jul 2012 15:19

1971 Chevy Nova, OD Green, paid $3,000.00, new. Payments were $48.00 a month.

Topic Would you lick her pussy after you came in?
Posted 25 Jul 2012 15:19

Of course, dessert!!!

Topic what do you wear to bed
Posted 25 Jul 2012 07:10

a smile