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19 Apr 2014 17:46

Long time since I've been on here or posted any stories, Hope all are well and MUCH TO MY DISMAY I see that my stories are being Deleted because Lush No Longer offers Incest Erotica... Sorry to all of you who enjoyed the stories that they are deleting!

Remember, Respond and Show your love to the stories you like, and Keep Reading!


08 Mar 2013 21:56

THANK YOU to all of my readers And all of my Fans! I WOULDN'T BE WHO I AM with out you! I Really Feel BLESSED that all of you read my stories and my erotica! I Love you! God Bless You and PLEASE KEEP READING! It's an ESSENTIAL PART OF LIVING! - I LOVE YOU ALL!


24 Aug 2012 05:55

HEY MY READERS... Keep your eyes peeled for "new stories" from the Desk of BS21! I'm typing old stories that I have wrote and that never made it to Prime Time! Hope you enjoy them all!

15 Mar 2012 16:02

Hello Erotica Lovers, holla @ ya boi!

19 Nov 2011 19:16

You last said "HEY FRIENDS... Please Feel Free to Post on my wall, I like all of the posts I see on other's walls, and I'm JEALOUS!!! LOL

ALSO! I do EDIT... I DO EDIT, for other websites and I don't have a problem being a volunteer editor for this site either! It lets me read more stories and it introduces me to more authors and expands my fan base!


01 Nov 2011 14:49

Please feel free to PM me, It really turns me on to hear all of the sweet comments!

01 Nov 2011 12:03

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of LUSH! I am Blackstallion21! I've been a writer for the past 13 years of my young life and I LOVE hearing feedback on the things that I write! I'm an all purpose writer, and I also ENJOY EDITING for fellow authors!

Tell me a story about you, and get in touch with me! I Love ALL PEOPLE and to me Sex is Sex! (if you know what I mean, get at me!) - Show me love on any story that you read and I'll make sure to get back to you in a proper fashion!

Add me as a friend, and I'm sure we can swap pics and stories all day long!