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08 Mar 2013 21:56

THANK YOU to all of my readers And all of my Fans! I WOULDN'T BE WHO I AM with out you! I Really Feel BLESSED that all of you read my stories and my erotica! I Love you! God Bless You and PLEASE KEEP READING! It's an ESSENTIAL PART OF LIVING! - I LOVE YOU ALL!


24 Aug 2012 05:55

HEY MY READERS... Keep your eyes peeled for "new stories" from the Desk of BS21! I'm typing old stories that I have wrote and that never made it to Prime Time! Hope you enjoy them all!

15 Mar 2012 16:02

Hello Erotica Lovers, holla @ ya boi!

19 Nov 2011 19:16

You last said "HEY FRIENDS... Please Feel Free to Post on my wall, I like all of the posts I see on other's walls, and I'm JEALOUS!!! LOL

ALSO! I do EDIT... I DO EDIT, for other websites and I don't have a problem being a volunteer editor for this site either! It lets me read more stories and it introduces me to more authors and expands my fan base!


01 Nov 2011 14:49

Please feel free to PM me, It really turns me on to hear all of the sweet comments!

01 Nov 2011 12:03

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of LUSH! I am Blackstallion21! I've been a writer for the past 13 years of my young life and I LOVE hearing feedback on the things that I write! I'm an all purpose writer, and I also ENJOY EDITING for fellow authors!

Tell me a story about you, and get in touch with me! I Love ALL PEOPLE and to me Sex is Sex! (if you know what I mean, get at me!) - Show me love on any story that you read and I'll make sure to get back to you in a proper fashion!

Add me as a friend, and I'm sure we can swap pics and stories all day long!