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05 Apr 2014 03:21

Back up by request. I'm glad you like my legs. This is what I wear to work.

30 Mar 2014 03:38

Swinger Travel You all were asking about my cruise.

Hedonism - Swingers Break * April 5 - 12, 2014

Hedonism - Swingers Break * April 5 - 12, 2014
Beat back those winter blues with a swinger vacation to the Caribbean.

The clothing optional resort has 24/7 playrooms, skinny dipping, romantic gourmet dining, unlimited cocktails and so much more...

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Celebrity Century * May 3 - 10, 2014

Celebrity Century * May 3 - 10, 2014 Hundreds of couples will be departing Los Angeles on this clothing optional adult only lifestyle vacation for a cruise of a lifetime.

The 8 day/7 night itinerary includes stops in Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada before returning to Port of Los Angeles.

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06 Aug 2013 15:05

By request again. I'm putting up the large one.

27 Jul 2013 05:19

You all asked for a larger view. Here it is.

21 Jul 2013 07:09

New vid up. I wanted you all so much after you got me excited last night that I did this and wanted to post it so you could see how much you get me going. I did myself really hard getting off, thinking of everything you all wrote to me.

14 Jul 2013 08:52

Found another cruise pic and I'm so happy that three of you came to visit me. As I promised when you were here. You all are posted with my pics but no faces. I hope you enjoyed the southern hospitality.

05 Jul 2013 07:30

Two new vids up.

08 Jun 2013 17:16

Two new vids up. comments please.

01 Jun 2013 20:48

As I've told you before, all my stories are true.

01 Jun 2013 20:45

They're here, gotta go. This will be fun.

01 Jun 2013 20:13

Sitting in the farm house, waiting for everyone to show up. Naked, with a blindfold on my head. I won't see anyone. I love showing off, and not seeing who's doing me. They'll be coming for me in a while.

30 May 2013 20:58

My God last weeks party was a surprise. Lots of you know the details. So many of what I love.

24 May 2013 05:12

New vibrator vids posted. Done for the pleasure of you here and some friends that love to watch.

28 Apr 2013 10:55

Just posted new bj vid. He bet me I couldn't swallow all his cum. You can see I won that bet.

27 Apr 2013 13:30

Fun at the hospital last night. New vid. Just ask for the details.