Natalie and Nathan

He couldn't resist watching his sister in the shower, but had no idea where it would go.

I knew it was wrong. I knew more than anything that I shouldn’t have been standing there watching her. There were so many reasons it was wrong. The first and most important was that she was my sister. The second was that she was ten years younger than me. She was only 16, but she had the body of a woman. She was 5’6”, long milky white legs that showed the definition of every muscle in...Read On


Lucid Dreaming

Skyler dreams about an imaginary sister every night, but is she really imaginary??

For as long as I can remember I have had strange dreams. They were all very vivid and realistic. The strangest part of the dreams were that they always had the same girl in them. When I was as young as five years old I dreamed of this girl, her name was Skyla. She was five years old also, and even though I knew better, in the dream she was my sister. I can remember when I was five and I...Read On


My Last Thought Was Jessie: The Ending

My brother, Jessie and I had spent the entire week at home and pretty much naked. We had sex several times every day. I couldn’t help but be worried about our parents coming home. I didn’t know what to expect, because I was sure that my Dad knew what was going on, considering he caught Jessie and I in the pool house in the bed together wrapped in each others arms naked. “You are thinking...Read On


My Christmas Wish

Sara's first Christmas without her whole family proves to be her best....

I had always had a very close knit family. I grew up in a warm home with 2 sisters and 3 brothers. My mom and dad were very happy together and never can I ever remember them fighting. We did everything as a family and we stood up for each other. I had never met another family like my own. We spend every holiday together. I was the second oldest of the children. My brother Justin...Read On


My Last Thought Was Jessie: The Homecoming

I hadn't been back in Florida for more than three days and I was already miserable.  I missed Jessie so bad.  It was like having a part of myself ripped away.  I wondered to myself how I had went this long without realizing how much I really loved him.  My mom had noticed my depression, but when she would ask me about it I refused to talk about it.  Part of me wanted to blame her, because...Read On


My Brothers Return

I was working one night in my fathers book store. I was rarely allowed to work alone because I was only eighteen and the shop was in a rough part of town, but my father was out of town and my mother was at home drunk on the couch, so someone had to come and open the store. I was always the responsible one. I was putting books on the shelf and I heard the bell on the door jingle. I looked...Read On


My Last Thought Was Jessie

     My mother and father separated when my mother was till pregnant with me.  Although she was still very much in love with my father she left him because he had had an affair and gotten another girl pregnant.  My mother told me how he had begged her to stay, but she said she couldn't stand the thoughts of him being with and making a baby with another woman.  She left him and moved...Read On



The Room: The Conclusion

Victoria is taught a lesson for her little trick on Luke and Rebecca.

I didn’t know what the hell I was doing there. Well I knew what I was doing. I was there buying condoms and lubrication. I didn’t know why I was doing it. Why was I going along with Mr. Dante’s plan of revenge? His revenge was directed at Victoria. She was the little bitch that tried to cause me to rape Mr. Dante’s daughter. She and I would play these little role playing games....Read On


The Room

I was standing next to the door of the Hotel lobby.  I was seventeen years old and spending my summer working for my uncle at his luxury hotel resort in Florida.  It wasn't exactly the highlight of a teenage boys life.  Sure there were plenty of girls running around in next to nothing, but they were all rich snobs who where there spending their daddies money and they all looked at me like I...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


He and I

Neither of them knew when they would be together again, so they made the most of the time they had

HIM:     I lay there in the bed beside her, just staring. She was sleeping in her common red cotton bikini cut panties. She had one hand resting just below her naval, the other raised up over her head. One of her legs was laying straight with the other slightly bent, crossed at the ankles. The comforter was carelessly thrown across her, covering only part of one leg and her hip. I...Read On


The Choice

She stood before him, her hands were shaking and she was having trouble controlling her breathing. She had never been in a situation such as this one before, but she chose it. She made this happen. It was what she wanted. With trembling hands she took off her shirt. She felt exposed in a bra and skirt. She could feel him scanning her body. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the...Read On